Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Holographic Universe Through my Eyes

Sean Kennedy
January 30th, 2012

The Holographic Universe Through My Eyes

The universe is a quite an easy thing to understand if one just look to connect the small pieces of the puzzle within the confines of our Mother Earth.  The creation of the Earth is much like  the creation of the Universe itself you build upon something.  As you can see when things get sucked through black holes, the negative matter of that particular particle is expelled within the depths of this said black hole never to be seen again, as the other positive matter of this said particle is emitted as radiation.  But does there leave something else to be desired? Understanding black holes is quite possibly the answer to fully understanding the final secrets of the universe or infinite-verse. 

                After reading several books on cosmology and astrophysics, and looking within a telescope you get to witness first hand what your absorbing from the pages upon pages of astrophysics.  I have no degree in astronomy nor physics, but after i opened the first page of the book, Brief History Of Time by Stephen Hawkings, I’ve taken a keen eye and quick rationalization to understand how our universe works.  At the moment of the Big Bang, that black hole we were talking about before ripped space time, leaving our universe shooting through a white hole on the other side.  White as you know on the light spectrum is the hottest, and tells us that the light is coming towards you.  At such high temperatures though, matter is all the quarks and particles in the 3 generations or families of particles in the known universe, and they can be interchangeable at all time as they smash together.  Eventually matter and light separated.  So over time in our universe, let’s say 100,000 years after background radiation lost its entropy or uniformity leaving a scattered universe to occur.  Obviously the weak force caused for this to occur because the baryons and leptons were brought together causing what seems like an Elegant Universe like Brian Greene has said it to be.  Once this happened, all particles began to form elements such as deuterium.  This led to the formation of hydrogen, which in turn gave us our stars.  These stars,  at the end of their day, compress in on its extremely concentrated gravity, explode leaving the galaxy with a huge fireworks show which we call a supernova and if stars are massive enough cause a gamma ray burst and subsequently a black hole.  The condensed matter within the star create new matter like carbon, iron, and oxygen that led to the creation of new galaxies, stars, planets, and life as we can see here on Earth.  We sit along the bubble we call our universe at 4.5 billion years from this black hole singularity that began our known universe.  Some of these new stars explode leaving these same black holes that created the universe we live in.  I believe that our universe is connected to a huge internet like web across an infinite amount of universes that are all connected.  Finding this ability to create energy powerful enough to create this black hole, and being able to manipulate this holographic space-time will be the greatest discovery in the history of mankind, but we have to do it in space because space time has very little energy making it much easier than doing it on Earth, and much safer I must say or hope.  We have learn to control each side of the wormhole like structure for if we can not fully understand it, it could lead to unwelcomed results. But what does it take to find this grand particle and theory that will show the fundamental truth of our ability to connect the dots of our cosmic evolutionary background?

                Look at the universe like how your eyes work.  The light from the things you see goes into your brain as an electronic pulse along the nervous system, and is reflected back to your eyes as information in the form of light and what seems to be a delayed holographic image of what your eye is looking at, while the cones, rods, and lens within the eye help enhance that image to what you see very clearly.  Our universe is a holographic projection if you really think about it, and you can see that within the human eye.  It’s a two dimensional image that gets projected back out in what we perceive as three dimensions.  At the most microscopic level, things aren't as we perceive though, but there are a proven eleven dimensions.  At the smallest known length, known as the Plank length, matter is made of one dimensional strings that, but the size of these string is 10 to the negative 32 meters, where quantum flunctuations occur.  These vibrations give everything that we see its mass. These flunctuations are inversely proportional to one another according to its spin and vibration.   

                This holographic web and string theory show the greatest depiction of the universe we live in where everything is one in the same at the most fundamental level which is proven in the confines of black hole as well as in quantum mechanics.  Electrons do work in an accurate and steady flow always knowing where the next will be within its orbit, so they are in coordination with its fellow electron, so electrons follow this elegant flow of sub-atomic particles.  Why do humans have the ability to be thinking of the same thing at the same time without even speaking of it? This happens all too often with certain people i hang out with.  At the beginning of time, every particle or quark of matter was one in the same, so by going through a black hole space time breaks, and the matter is absorded and reflected as a holograph through matter and radiation(light) just like our eye. Could this be the key to going into a new universe connected by a infinite-verse, leaving a steady flow of energy and holographic information along this everlasting evolution of space, time, and matter. 

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