Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What is your mental picture like?

When I close my eyes at night, I try to picture many things in my mind.  Sometimes I visualize old memories, people, places, and sometimes I vision the future even though I really don't know what it will look like.  Sometimes it makes me wonder about the capabilities of the human brain and eyes.  Is it possible that even without sight or eyes, people can still picture images of a world they once knew?  Could it be possible, that our brain stores electronic information of the past, present, and future that we can all access at any given time if we used our brains more?  They say we only use 10% of our brains, and idea in itself has fueled me to dig deeper into many topics that most people would never even dream about.  Is it true that light and matter are stored through electronic information that we cannot see?  It seems to me that this quite the possibility.

              Unfortunately, I’ll never be able to prove it because the one thing that gets me excited in life is Math, yet I am left to support myself in learning it because people do not hold true to their promises.  Someday in the future though, someone will come along and show me the light to the world of advanced mathematics for it’s quite simply the change in place along the time and space axis or X&Y.  Understanding something is one thing, but applying it is another world within itself, a world I cannot wait to break through to because there are cracks and openings even at the smallest level you just have to find them. 

My View On Time

Whenever I think about time, I think about the theory of relativity.  As you go faster, time slows down.  According to Einstein, only at the speed of light will time stop.  This is an interesting topic in my opinion.  To go to the speed of light you need to be massless for the faster you go to the speed of light, the more energy you will need to go that much faster(holographs are massless information, think Star Trek and Star Wars shit Is going to get weird from here on out).  Time though, is something that none of us can take back.  I tried to turn in my senior research paper 6 months early, but my advisor said that I must go to the class even though I wanted to give the money and the paper to whoever I should.  My argument for that topic is this, money and credits are something that can be given at any time, but time is priceless.  At this point in time, time is something that we cannot take back. 

 I personally have an obsession with living.  Living longer is something that I have wanted to do.  Ask my mother how many times I’ve said I want to live to this exact number, 239.  I have no idea why I chose that number, but ever since I was a young boy that number has stuck in my head.  I came to the realization that the only way to live that long is to speed up life.  We need to let computers and the laws of nature to speed up the world around us.  If you want to live longer, let’s speed up the travel on Earth, so in essence time goes slower.  I have a way of doing this by completely changing everything we are used to.  Unfortunately, this time around I refuse to post anything on the internet because I am tired of people hacking my blog page for no reason.  Information and knowledge is the way of the world in my opinion and should be free, but when people go out their way to corrupt your property even in the virtual world, then I find a serious issue in the law.  I think it is quite interesting that every one of my scientific blogs or ideas immediately hits the television.  I talked about space vacations on my blog and my visions of a future, and then I look on ON DEMAND, and there is a new documentary on space vacations.  I watch Through the Worm Hole on the science channel, and see my ideas of Proving God are talked about, and then I learn about my theory on holograms or PIXELS on the same program after I proved it months ago, but people delete my conclusions so no one could see it.  I hope its mere coincidence that this happening, and they were doing their own research, but when you hidden from the world because your just a middle-class young man doing everything yourself, your only left to answer your own questions, because everyone no will acknowledge your presence. 

In the end, time is everything.  Over time everything changes, and you cannot take it back.  Even though I am impatient, I still have trained myself that everything comes with time, but time can never be taken back at this particular time.  It is hard for me to live my life because I think about life a year from now, 5 years, 20 years,50 years, 100 years, 1,000 years, 1 billion years, and even through eternity.  Sometimes I daydream or have dreams at night about going through wormholes, but I always wake up before I find out where it takes me.  Sometimes, I dream of how our bubble with evolve overtime.  Will it become empty in the future because black holes will transfer energy to another universe?  Will dark energy rip ordinary apart leaving us with just microscopic matter for which no one can see?  Will we learn how to manipulate the Sun, so when it’s nuclear fuel starts running out we will be able to stop it from expanding outward ruining our Earth?  Will we start using energy that does that hurt the natural composition of the Mother Earth which we should thank every day for her existence?  Will we stop human error from causing millions of car accidents?  Will we stop fighting wars to fuel our economy?  Will the world stop killing people because they want to be free?  Will people grow balls and stop bullshit politics from happening because of money when everyone has to sit around and hope and pray nothing bad will happen to the average person?  We live in a fake capitalist world where the free market is only available to those could afford it.  A free market means you do not have to pay to access it, am I right?  Isn't that what FREE means?  Why did the Stock Exchange create Consolidated Tape which makes people pay to find out what is going on in the world?  Don't you make enough money exchanging things, but you have to charge people to see what's going on in the world?  When is enough, enough?  Money is like cocaine and sex, once you have it it’s never enough, so control yourself it’s not that hard.  Why are the Oil companies getting free government money, when Exxon-Mobil makes record profits every quarter for as long as I can remember while people in your own country starve to death?  Why are we using a natural waste product of the planet we live on to fuel our world?  It makes no sense to me because all it does is increase the amount of Carbon Dioxide (our waste-product).  In the end, I hope in TIME, we can fix these issues, and become a society that helps everyone succeed.  Everyone is born with the right to succeed, so why don't we make it happen.  I post my ideas not for money, but to help everything progress to a better and more understanding world because karma is everything to me. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Breathing and Its Effect On Mental and Physical Activity

When I lie up at night, and have my mind racing with thoughts about the universe and the world around me, it’s hard to focus and harness my attention on one particular topic.  For a long time, I just let it go in whatever direction it wants because in the end, all the thoughts diverge to one place.  Trying to force thought or anything in life can be done, but what comes natural is the best way for things to be laid out in a better manner.  My friend Jared once told me to try and control my breathing over a year ago, and really focus all your attention on your breathing and everything will come after that.  He said that some people have been able to reach another state of mind, but sometimes other have tried it and have gotten nowhere.  Subsequently, the next few nights, and even year, I lay in bed trying to control my breathing and to just relax, and forget about everything but your breathing.  From my own experiences with this, when I can focus all my energy on the property breathing,(maximizing intake of oxygen and output of CO2) I can feel my brain/heart firing at a rate much higher rate than I did before when I just breathe autonomously.  Obviously, when you breathe more, more oxygen goes to your brain, and the more oxygen (fuel) one uses the more output you will get from this.  Also, when I control my breathing that well, sometimes I can reach a state of heighten alertness, when sometimes I feel as though I am out of my body looking at myself.  Sometimes I feel as though my mind is playing tricks on me, so most of the time it only lasts a few seconds because I get scared.  While I am working out though, I tried to reach this state because it makes the workouts much easier, and my attention is focused on reaching this heighten state because everything comes easier, and I can focus my energy on that one specific task which in this case is doing pushups or other random workout maneuvers.  I have no idea of any way of proving this, but I cannot deny how I feel.  Most people think I am weird when I talk about this stuff, but I find it very interesting and intriguing that breathing and oxygen can do wonders for your mental and physical abilities.

Look at this site.  There are studies done in other parts of the world dealing with this type of herb that naturally increases your circulation throughout your body, leaving you with more blood flow through your body, giving you fuel for your brain to work.  More oxygen=more brain power.  The more you breathe, the better you will do in the classroom or in any type of rational thinking in life. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Why Santorum's View On College Is Wrong In My Opinion

      When viewing news articles and doing research on his platforms, I see so many things wrong.  Before i went to college, I was ignorant to many things about life.  I did not understand nor believe in much of anything.  College helped guide me to become the man I am today.  My questioning of God was in the balance before I attended college.  College only helped me and guided me to the path of enlightenment.  America is the greatest country on Earth because of our First Amendment right to believe or not believe in something.  By Rick Santorum saying that college ruines your belief in God is just downright ignorant.  College has only enhanced my belief in God.  Understanding and applying how this Earth, Universe, and nature works, makes me believe in a God more than ever.  If you understand that positive, negative, and neutral charges that govern our body make it quite obvious that something is out there.  We are all made up of mostly positive and neutral charges, but then you have negative charges that sometimes stray you away from the positives just as electrons stray away from the nucleus, but the weak force that holds electrons in place in layers just proves that the positive(God) always outways the negative.  Without college and higher learning, I would have never learned how the world works at the most fundamental level.  College has only strengthen my ties to a belief in some higher power that i give thanks to everyday for the laws of nature that have made it possible for all of us to even exist to begin with.  Someone telling me that college is evil is contradicting themselves by trying to indoctrinate me into believing that i should not attend college because all they do is indoctrinate you.  In my political science class at La Salle University, my teacher did not try to give me political propaganda on each party, but gave me the underlying facts on how the American political system works.  If wanting to gain more knowledge about my surroundings makes me evil, then I guess i am evil, but I will always believe in the idea that everyone is born equal, and the more i learn the more I believe in that idea, and the idea of God.  God=Nature and Nature=God

 I believe in life, I believe in energy, I believe in a higher power that lives within me. It shows me the good and the bad, but gives me the free will to choose between each. (SK)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Interstellar Space Travel Craft

Interstellar Space travel

Sean Kennedy
  • February 12, 2012
  • InfiniteVerse Incorporated
  • New Space Propulsion System
A. The area labeled “A” consists of an electromagnetic flow around the exterior part of the craft allowing protons and anti-protons to smash into each other using electrically charged light and magnetism.  The particle- anti-particle core chamber will be the central area of energy use  in the rear of the craft, but the laser carrying this will only act as a way to create plasma from hydrogen fusion, or you can use a laser in the reaction chamber, but they just could cause problems  because it is too much energy concentrated in one area at one time.
  • B. This area labeled “B” consists of the living quarters, computer center, storage, research, and other normal functions such as recreation and fitness.
  • C. This area is the water chamber. This will take up 78% of the entire ship, and heated water will make an earth like atmosphere like a bio dome to maintain normal life for all. In here we will conduct electricity for the living quarters as well as act as a solvent and coolant for the Hydrogen reaction chamber and core. It will be filtrated through an area which will be a vacuum chamber to keep optimal coolant conditions.
  • D. This is the area for a hydrogen fusion catalyst or feeder for the reaction to take place. This will be monitored through fiber-optic wiring with the use of graphene to better the electric current to make quick and efficient computer updates to the mother board . Compartmentalization of fuel into small rooms will keep risk low, energy production efficient, and you can control how much energy you want to use and create, but honestly i don't think this technology could be mainstreamed for many years.
  • E. The actual reaction chamber for Hydrogen fusion is found on what’s labeled “E.” From there we can take the energy  creation for the core.  Hydrogen fusion in theory will keep a usable magnetosphere deflecting cosmic rays and space particles.  The hydrogen fusion will turn into plasma once it is hit by the laser beam. The anti-matter-matter collision will be like a jump start of energy to get the craft going because anti-matter is scarce on earth, and its very hard to make, so the hydrogen fusion will be the key fuel for the craft.
  • F. The core is found right in front of the thruster. This area will be monitored by cutting edge computer technology and complementary human/robotic analysts. The relation between minimizing input and maximizing output will be monitored at all times. This plasma made from light and hydrogen fusion with the right rotation and spin of the concentrated mass of the plasma, will create a working magnetosphere.
  • G. The thruster is the area where the energy is expelled into a combustion system which will concentrate the energy to one small place.

Why Chose It?
  • In the end, this is the most efficient way to maximize input to output ratio into 4 basic functions. You have electromagnetism to create the levitation with the help of a superconducting compounds. The elecro-magnetic wave will send the anti-particles at each other around the exterior particle accelerator of the craft which will kick start the craft. Unfortunately, creating anti-matter is extremely hard with little to show of it as of right now. The water helps regulate atmospheric composition for the living quarters, and make electricity for the living quarters and computer system. The catalyst will help promote and compartmentalize the energy flow through computers all the way to the core of the propulsion system through a web of fiber-optic web design to maximize efficiency of energy output/input for reaction and intelligence purposes. The reaction chambers will be kept at absolute zero temperature to minimize risk of melt-down, and the temperature of the area should be able to be changed if humans need to intervene in the area. In the end, this is a ground breaking idea. The craft energy/mass will match that of our earth’s core creating an earth like gravitational field.

What Should Be Done With This Craft:

First of all, Earth's crust is has only got so many natural resources, and the further we dig down, the more trouble it may cause us, so why not search the solar system for natural resources that can help us improve that problem by extracting from places and objects that are abundant in elements and resources that we need on earth such as H20, helium-3, lithium, iron, Uranium, as well as many other things that can prove to be useful in the future.  At the same time, it will useful for researchers that can now get to places much faster than ever before, but will it be safe for humans to travel that fast.  i am not sure on how to stop the effects of inertia, but creating a magnetosphere may help in stopping this problem.  Will the craft burn up when going so fast because we'll have the energy output of a downgraded sized star?  Will anyone be willing to take a step in a direction that will allow us to perform interplanetary travel within weeks?  I haven't done much calculations on how much energy from fusion a 3 foot by 3 foot star would create to make the craft go at an ever accelerating rate, and how much energy does a few ng of anti-matter make to rocket the ship off when it reaches space, and the outer limits of the Earth's gravitational field?  Could we use a electro-magnetic track at a gradual upscale to get the craft propelled into space, avoiding any means of combustion here on Earth.  Maybe make most of the track underground for those people that think electromagnetic radiation is more deadly than that of which you get from your cell phone or microwave because of the speed at which you go?  The speed of an object sometimes causes more radiation than the mass of the object, look at the early big-bang.  Some might want to create this craft in space for it may be to harmful to make it on Earth's surface?  Ideas are only ideas until you make them happen.

The Correlation Between A Black Hole and the Human Eye

The Holographic Universe

The Black Hole
The Human Eye

The Corelation:
How Are They Alike

  •                  The Human Eye
  •                        Look Alike?


  • The Black Hole
  • Don’t They

The Black Hole
At the moment of the Big Bang, that black hole we were talking about before ripped space time, leaving our universe shooting to a white hole or another big bang on the other side
  • Black holes take in the anti-particle part of ordinary matter and emit radiation in the form of holographic information

The Human Eye
  • The human eye is the most sophisticated projection screen in the known world.
  • It works like this: when light is taken into the eye it reaches the back of the brain along a 2 dimensional line as an electrical pulse.
  • When its reflected back, it emits light in the form of holographic projections of which we perceive
  • The lens, rods, and cones help enhance this projection in a clear view of which we see.

  • The Connection

    • The Universe and the human eye work in the same way.
    • Black holes are like the human eye of the universe, transferring energy in the form of light, particle-anti-particles in the form of holograms from universe to universe.
    • The Bubble we live in is like the giant holographic image and black holes are the eye where it takes it in, and then spits the positive image back out, and the black hole sucks the negative to the other side just like the old positive and negative imaging cameras we had a few decades ago.

    What does this prove?

    • This idea indicates that information is transferred through holographic projections from universe to universe through black holes because energy is not lost in the eye it is stored or portrayed back out to what we see and does not violate the 1st law of thermodynamics. The energy is just transferred to another universe at the point of the singularity possibly changing the way we’ll view the world around us forever.  Hopefully in some time i'll be able to understand the math to prove this idea, but ideas began with the mind's ability to imagine pictures and concepts in your head and propogate them with mathematical uniformity.
    Green, Brian. “The Elegant Universe.” 2003. Vintage Books. New York
    Riordan, Michael & Schramm, N. David. “ The Shadows of Creation: Dark Matter and the Structure of the Universe.” 1991. W.H Freeman and Company. New York
    Wenyon Michael. “Understanding Holography.” 1978. Arco Publishing Company Inc. New York.

    In the end, even though black holes have an infinite amount of gravity, light and matter does not escape from the human eye nor the black hole.  Your brain processes the electronic pulse, then sends back the information to your eyes through electronic information and they are then projected out as holographic projections and that is what you see.  The universe might work in the same manner.  Your brain, in my opinion, is like the bubble brane of your body, and the nervous system is like strings that connect everything to it.   Signals go to the brain in the form of electronic information(like the brane or bubble we live in), then they are projected back out through our body through the nervous system which gives us what we see, feel, touch, hear, and smell.  A black hole just takes in light and matter, and projects it out at the point of the singularity to another universe, and emits back the holographic information to our universe basically indicating what it just "swallowed"  in the form of radiation.  Sometimes i wonder the capacity of the brain because you can visualize something in your head with your eyes closed, basically recalling any event if your life through the information in which your brain has stored, but why can't we recall every event that has happened it our lives.  Is it because that neural connection has been since lost or do we have the memory stored somewhere where we cannot access it as well as others?  Can your mind relay bad information when you see something that is really not there for that happens to all of us, but how does that correlate with the universe?  Can the universe play tricks on us just as the mind does or can we come to the rationalization of both?
    Light, Matter, and Holographic Information

    So basically I’ve come to the Realization that Everything we Perceive is an Illusion of what our Brain Computes, and then projects back out what it formed from those computations inside the brain.  What we see is basically light,matter, in the form of Holographic Projections because that is what our eye sees as well as a black hole emits.  WHat makes you say a universe couldn't not spawn off from this immense gravitational concentration of matter confined to one point of interest, the Singularity.  Could this compacted area of immense gravity hold the information of what is to be Created if other universes could Spawn Off and  exist on the other side. 

    What is Change?

                Change, in my opinion, is a way of life for everything in this entire world.  Each day, each and every one of us changes at least one thing have it be from self-thought, watching someone do something, or just because you have to.   I just started substitute teaching, and it really has changed my view on the world once again.  At a young age learning and change is a way of life.  Our brains work like sponges soaking up all the proverbial mess around us, and adapting that new knowledge have it be good or bad.  It is our conscience that sorts out the good and the bad, but the change is imprinted forever in your mind.  I do not understand why people do not see change as a good thing.  Our human mind because more powerful, change will come faster and faster as you can see with technology.  I do not understand why people stay stuck in their ways because learning to adapt to new surroundings is what Darwin said.  It was those same people that took advantage of what he and Herbert Spencer said, that went back and said well I’m not going to change I am just going to keep all my unneeded money for myself that I really do not need, while others starve and have nothing.  Change has helped me grow as a person.  Watching people do what they do helped me change as person in what I do.  There is nothing anyone can tell me that can change my idea of change.  Change is a way of life for everyone, and as soon as people embrace it this world would be a great place for everyone. 

    Thursday, February 23, 2012

    Why The Stock Market Crashed in 1929 and 2008: Parallels of Two Generations

    Someone deleted my post about this topic, so i'll post it again lol.

    Why The Stock Market Crashed in 1929 and 2008?: Parallel's of Two Generations


                  The Industrial Revolution in America brought a change in lifestyle for many people.  The urbanization of American society brought new jobs, inventions, and new wealth to many.  “After World War I, the United States, benefiting from a half a century of industrial progress, achieved the highest standard of living any person had ever known, though one that still left many millions in poverty.  National income soared from $480 per capita in 1900 to $681 in 1929.”(Leuchtenberg, 1781)  As a result in increased wages, American citizens now had more money to spend leading to more cash flow culminating in a productive economy.  First, let’s first take a look at America’s new car industry.  The Federal Road Act of 1916 brought a network of roads for Americans to travel giving people a reason to drive.  Henry Ford’s Model T was first produced in the first decade of the 1900’s, but finally became prevalent in American society in the 1920’s.  His ability to implement the interchangeable part brought great productivity and efficiency to his automobile factories.  “In 1914, Henry Ford had revolutionized production by installing the first moving assembly line with an endless-chain conveyor; three months later, his men assembled an automobile, down to its smallest parts, in 93 minutes.”(Leuchtenberg, 1791)  By 1929, Americans were driving 4.8 million automobiles, which averaged out to one in every five persons which was greater than every other developed country by a wide margin.  For the first time, people were able to purchase vehicles on credit in proportioned installments.   American car production became such an ordinary thing that Americans started asking for a new, more luxurious car with different colors and styles which led to Ford’s Model A.  “When Ford announced the Model A early in 1928, 500,000 people made down payments without having seen the car and without knowing the price. (Leuchtenberg, 1861) Ford went on to say that machinery was the “Messiah.”  Technology during the 1920’s brought new electronic gadgets within the home which caused consumer frenzy during the decade.  New appliances such as washers, dryers, and radios began to appear in stores across the country. Advertisement for the radio, another new invention, led to more consumer knowledge on new products which led to mass consumption and the rise of consumerism.  Mass consumer spending on credit or installments is like a ticking time bomb waiting to happen.  In the end, America flourished in the 1920’s, but as the realist always says,” nothing can last forever.” Tariffs on foreign goods began to rise on imported goods, which caused foreigners to do the same to America exports.  This problem slowed trade, which caused many Americans to lose their jobs, and this helped lead America in the depression.  Many Americans put money into the growing Stock Market of the 1920’s saw their money dwindle away as the Stock Market crashed in 1929.  Americans all through the 1920’s invested large amounts of capital because investment banks allowed individuals to pay ten dollars for every one hundred dollars of stock you wished to purchase.  This investment strategy allowed investors to make quick money, but this method caused an artificial rise in the Stock Market which subsequently crashed in 1929.  Banks all over the country collapsed after many international upheavals such Great Britain leaving the gold standard.  By 1931, over 2,000 American banks closed their doors.  Just before Christmas of 1930, the Bank of the United States in New York City closed its doors, leaving most of its 40,000 depositors with nothing.  As a result, many Americans took all of their cash out of their respective banks, and put them into safe deposit boxes, or hid them away within the privacy of their own homes.  “The endless downward spiral of liquidation reached the point where they threatened the existence of the banks themselves.  Once deflation threatened the financial structure, bankers were curiously unwilling to experience the spiritual benefits of chastening, and they demanded government protection from the consequences of their actions.”(Leuchtenberg, 2551)  The industrial nation especially the automobile industry was badly overbuilt.  This problem led to fall of investment and the fall of production, which no government sponsor was going to help.  No other industrial nation in the world had as unstable or as irresponsible a banking system.  “The banks provided everything for their customers but a roulette wheel.”(Leuchtenberg, 2461)  By 1934, manufacturing output drop over fifty percent of that of 1929.  As production slowed in the United States, so did the flow of money and the amount of jobs available to men ready and able to do so.  “In the three years after the crash, 100,000 people were fired on the average week.”(Leuchtenberg, 2471)  The Great Depression crippled not just the American Economy, but the moral and self-esteem of her citizens.

    The Security Exchange Act was a significant part of the New Deal brought forth by Roosevelt and his administration.  Problems of corruption and cheating were embedded in Wall Street and its stock brokers for many years leading up to the Crash of 1929.  Roosevelt scolded the banks for what it did to the American people, so he wished to implement a piece of legislation to stop this corruption.  In his inaugural address in 1933 he spoke about Wall Street crookedness by saying, “The rulers of the exchange of mankind’s goods have failed through their own stubbornness and their own incompetence, have admitted their failure, and have abdicated.  Practices of the unscrupulous money changers stand indicted in the court of public opinion, rejected by the heart and mind of men….there must be strict supervision of all banking and credits: and investments, so that there will be an end to speculation with other people’s money.”(Ganzel3)  This piece of legislation was made possible by the Ferdinand Pecora, who acted as a prosecutor in the outcry of Wall Street Bankers.  “The Securities Law, gave the FTC  power to supervise issues to be accompanied by a statement of relevant financial information, and made company directors civilly and criminally viable for misrepresentation.”(Leuchtenberg, 592)  The Pecora inquiry brought to light that the JPMorgan partners had not paid a dime in income taxes in two years.  The Securities and Exchange Commission was put in charge to oversee Wall Street, and to prevent any illegal or corrupt business from occurring.  “The Securities Act aimed to prevent manipulation of the securities market by insiders by placing trading practices under federal regulation.”(Leuchtenberg, 902)  After the new Securities and Exchange Commission was put in place, and Joseph P. Kennedy was named its first chairman, the SEC aimed its regulatory eyes on the banks for reasons such as: bank could no longer buy stocks with depositor’s money, companies that wanted to sell shares to the public to raise money had to disclose a host of financial information to potential investors, and for the first time, investors could find out if a company was worth the price it was asking.  The SEC also regulated the major stock exchanges, the brokers and dealers, mutual funds, as well as investment advisors. 

    During the forty years after Franklin D. Roosevelt implemented the Securities and Exchange Act, the United States saw great economic growth, all in part of the regulation of the Stock Market on Wall Street.  Credit was much harder to get during this time because the government would only allow banks to issue loans to the buyers who they knew would pay back the loan.  In 1972, JPMorgan only had 110 employees, and had a capital of twelve million dollars, and by the 1990’s both numbers increased to 50,000 workers worldwide and disposable capital in the area of several billion dollars.  This increase in capital came as a result of the Reagan Administration.  During the 1980’s, Reagan began a thirty year period of financial regulation of the Stock Market.  Reagan was influenced by his Financial Advisor Allan Greenspan, who remained there for the next thirty years.  Greenspan was an advocate for the deregulation of Wall Street affairs because he said, “Let business do as business does,” because the financial sector will regulate itself.  As a result of this new plan, banks began lending money in large amounts like they had once did during the “roaring” 1920’s.  The housing industry began to boom once again in the United States, and caused an artificial price increase in property and home value which essentially doubled during this time.  Consumer spending increased along with the booming housing and construction industry.  Americans were spending money on credit much more than ever as a result of two new and significant laws that were passed during this period of financial deregulation.  The deregulation period during the 1980-90’s help lead to the creation of new stocks known as derivatives.  Derivatives were created out of American credit from house and car loans, student loans, and other forms of credit.  This new industry allowed investment banks to gamble on anything, and grew into a 50 trillion dollar market.  Derivatives were said to have made the market safer, but all along it made the market quite unstable.  Efforts to regulate the derivatives market was turned down by bullying tactics among large bank CEO’s.  Greenspan said in July of 1998, that “it was unnecessary to regulate derivatives because they were privately negotiated by intelligent professionals.”(Ferguson4)  In 2000, Phil Gramm, a member of the Senate, set a bill in place to regulate this new market, and it was passed with the Commodity Future’s Exchange Act.  This new market changed the whole foundation of money lending in the United States.  Local lenders no longer had to worry about whether home owners were going to pay their mortgages because lenders then sold the mortgages to investment banks who then sold them to investors.  These investors now saw capital gains every time a home owner made their payments.  Because of the housing boom, quick money was to be made by investors all over the world, but it made the market very unstable because it made huge capital gains at the expense of American Consumer Credit.  Banks were also now able to gain substantial amounts of leverage as a result of new financial laws.  Leverage is the amount of money a bank or investment firm can borrow compared to what amount of capital they have.  During this time, banks could now borrow up to thirty to forty times the amount of money that they had.  During this time, the SEC and chairman Christopher Cox conducted no major investigation of the investment banks.  Henry Paulson, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, helped lobby SEC to relax limits on leverage.  During this time 146 people were cut from the SEC, which left one person employed in in the Risk Management Department.  Greenspan, now the head of the Federal Reserve Board, had the right to regulate mortgages given out with the Home Ownership and Equity Protection, but refused to use it.  Every facet of the financial sector seemed to be involved in the corrupt acts that were going on.  Security Rating Agencies, which rated how safe a stock was to buy, were paid off by investment firms because they were giving out high ratings to what seemed to be subprime or risky loans because of the high-interest rates put on them.  The Rating Agencies saw profits four times the amount that they previously made.  During the late 90’s leading into the new millennium, subprime loans went from $30 billion to nearly $600 billion in just a ten year span.  As a result of this increased flow of capital, it seemed as though the more money these banks lent out, the more profit they made from these complex derivatives known as Collateralized Debt Obligation or CDO’s.  CEO’s and corporate executives were receiving bonuses exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of this booming industry in which money was created out of debt.  As one saw during the 1920’s, this booming economy could not last forever.  This time period known as “The Bubble” had flaws so deeply embedded in its system that it was bound to burst eventually. 

    AIG, an American insurance firm, was the ticking time bomb that sold these CDO’s which called Credit Default Swaps.  These CDS’s for short, worked like insurance policies, so if AIG’s CDO’s went bad, the company paid its investors for its losses.  Speculators such as the investment banks themselves could buy CDS’s by AIG in order to bet against CDO’s they did not own.  Complex Derivatives made it possible to insure homes by several different individual, and instead of insuring the CDO’s, AIG paid out huge bonuses to their executives.  Unfortunately, AIG defaulted on its own debt even though up until it declared bankruptcy it was said to be have an AA rating. It was forced to close its doors, and starting the domino effect in the financial sector.  Investment bank such as Goldman Sachs, started betting against the same CDO’s they sold to investors, and ended up profiting off the losses of their investors, and even went as far as paying hundreds of millions of dollars to insure themselves against AIG’s collapse.  Timberwolf Securities sold $600 million worth of bad securities.  Later while being interrogated by Congress, reports came out that their traders called the sale “a shitty deal.”  By 2007, over one-third of the mortgages in the United States defaulted. Members of the Treasury as the Federal Reserve did nothing to warn the public of the impending crisis even though they had their fair share of warnings of its eventual implosion.  By 2008, an election year, foreclosures had reached over a million, and the new chain of investing had imploded as lenders failed, and investment banks were stuck with CDO’s they could not sell.  Even though in the same year, two huge U.S. investment banks, Bear Stearns and Lehman Bros went bankrupt, Henry Paulson now Bush’s Secretary of the Treasury, said “things are under control….it’s going to keep growing, and if it does we are not in a recession.”(Ferguson4)  This came two years after he sold his $485 million share of Goldman Sachs with no taxes removed to take the position with lesser pay in the government, which essentially was a savvy business move that saved him nearly $50 million. 

                This financial crisis, which was started by the same people who wished to deregulate the financial sector, has now engulfed the world into a utter madness.  Paulson asked for a $700 billion bailout, which was granted by Bush Jr.  Most of the bailout money came from the American tax dollars, so essentially the citizens of the U.S. paid to help maintain an entity that failed the people in which it represented. Executives now walked away with hundreds of millions of dollars while the unemployment rate now staggers around ten percent.  By 2010, foreclosures reached nearly six million people, and is still growing.   The financial sector has a major influence on politics because lobbyist who represent the investment banking industry spend $5 billion on politicians.  During a time when regulatory services such as the SEC, the FTC, as well as the federal government itself were needed, they played a blind eye to system that they knew was corrupt, and used negligence as a reason for letting such a problem happen.  The rising power of the financial sector has made itself too big to fail because if the banks were to collapse, as would the entire economy of the U.S.  As a result of a falling economy, U.S. companies go global for cheaper labor, further damaging the working industry for American families.  Even though we lead the world in information technology, one needs a higher education to get a job in the new industry, but college tuition is on the rise which makes it almost impossible for most middle class families to send their children to college.  The inequality of wealth in America is highest in the world.  Obama’s campaign in 2008 promised to put tighter regulation of financial sector by having a risk regulator and increased captital requirements, but it is said to have made weak changes to the financial world.

    After analyzing the similarities between the 1920-30’s and 1990-2000’s, one can draw parallels between the two financial collapses.  The lack of regulation allowed corporate America and the financial sector to make huge private gains at public loss.  As one understands the underlying problems of both economic era’s, one can make one’s own opinion on how deep the government should set its regulatory restraints upon the economic world, but in order to improve the economy the government must make strict new laws against executive bonuses, regulate and monitor rating agencies, as well as the investment firms themselves. Money can make people do some very selfish acts which should be frowned upon by the federal government, and the people that commit such horrible crimes should be held accountable for their actions.  In both era’s in the 20th century, corporate tax laws were made to benefit corporations as one can see with JPMorgan in the 1920’s, and General Electric in 2010.  The distribution of wealth during each era was the biggest in American history during each respective era.  Technology and the media played a role in consumerism and the rise of credit shopping to keep up with the status quo of society during the beginning of the radio age in the 20’s as well as cable television of the 90’s.  In conclusion, the most significant parallel between the two era’s in American history is this: each time America has seen economic collapse, the middle class is affected the most , and has to pay for the cleanup of the economic burden made by the 1% of the plutocracy by manipulation and greed. 

    The government had alot to do with this as well.  The government forced banks to give out loans to people that could not afford them.  They wanted lower-middle class people to own homes even though they could not afford it.  With a lower credit rating, they knew that they could make a killing because if your credit score suck, you have to pay higher interest because thats just how it works, the higher the liability you are, the more money you must pay in interest.  The government told the banks if they wanted to expand to a region they had to do what they said, and that was give people mortgages that they knew that could not afford to articially inflate the housing and property industry.  At the time it was a good idea and America flourished, but it brought the whole world to an economic collapse because people really could not afford their homes, and no one thought about the downside of the operation: What would happen when people did not pay their mortgage which was supposed to be the safest way of business for a bank, but they did not care because they could insure their loan or CDO with a CDS that was guarenteed by companies like AIG, who's CEO was absolutely retarded for thinknig it would never fail. 

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    A Tale Of A Boy Who Asked Too Many Questions

    A Tale Of A Boy Who Asked Too Many Questions

    There once was a boy who asked too many questions.  As a young boy he came into this world full of life, desire, and unknowing knowledge of the world around him.  "Mom, why is the sky blue, why are the clouds white, why are the trees the way they are, what is outside that blue sky, is there anyone out there, does this car get good gas mileage.  That boy though, only spoke a word in the comforts of his home.  That boy was scared of the other people around him, for he did not understand them either.  Why did they look at him when he walked by, why did they give dirty looks when you looked back at them.  Why do people talk so loud when they are in public while he is all about discression?  Why is that person smiling at me, for he does not even know my name? Why do i need to tie my shoes because they are just going to be untied again in 10 minutes? Why do i need to make my bed when i am just going to lay back in it that night?  Why do people yell when things get done better if you just speak normal?  The boy went off to school as a young scientist going to explore the world of school?  He comes home everyday with more questions?  Why do i have to leave my sisters?  Why do i need to go to school, i do not like it?  Why are people mean to me, i did not do anything to them?  Why, even though I told them to stop, do they continue to get worse?  Why do people laugh when you get upset?  Why is it not alright to cry Mom, you never laughed when i cried?  Why are children so cruel, this was not how you raised me?  Why do i have to wear men's sneaker's while all my other 4th grade friends do not?  Why do all the people at school only hang out with people who look like them?  Why is it that i do not care what they look like because they do things that are fun?  Lets move onto middle school, the boy is growing up fast with even more questions about the world of people.  Why do people in school get put into classes by color?  I thought racism was over in this country.  Why do the teacher's have a lack of patience sometimes were merely 11 years old?  Why can i remember stuff in 10 minutes while other students never learn?  Why do I get straight A's while i am still treated like a misfit?  Why are people even worse then ever?  Why do they make fun of you every chance they get?  Are they jealous, or does their family make them that way?  Through it all, the boy's mom says do not give up on them, be yourself and they will come around eventually your just too good for your own good.  But mom, i cannot take it anymore.  Were in 7th grade now, and the problems have only gotten worse, but the boy finds himself in his own little world.  Sports and grades keep him moving forward while his world is almost shattered.  Why is my patience being lost, i thought you said that all this would be over in time?  People grow up she says, but they grow up at their own pace.  Why am the only one who feels bad when i stoop down to others level, i do not like to hurting people the boy says.  Just keep being yourself, and you'll have your day she says, the nice guy finishes last, but he still finishes on top.  High School is now here, and the problems only get worse.  This boy lacks self-esteem in a huge world of people.  Why are the people so cruel to people they do not even know?  Why do I only feel comfortable in the books and on the diamond?  Why don't people understand i do not want to stoop down to their level, when is enough, enough?  Why do people make MySpaces about me and my family?  Why don't they man up when i ask them about it?  Why would people do that to begin with?  Why am i the man now because I can throw a baseball, but off the field you do not know me?  Why does high school have clicks?  Why do we have two lunchrooms where white people sit on one side, and the minorities on the other?  Why do baseball coaches dabble into your personal life, and never leave you alone about it?  Why does that coach's actions make you transfer schools after your junior year?  Why is my new school not as you had hoped?  Why are these people just as bad as the last? Why is everyone in their own little clique, while i am just a the new kid even though i've known all of them for so long?  Why can't all people just treat others with respect, while if the boy makes fun of them he's upset?  Do to others, how you want things done to you, the boy said at this point.  This boy is cold-hearted now, he will not let anyone push him down, so he lashes out?  All along, his straight A's are gone because of horrible people that have brought him down.  He is no longer the person he once was as a child, but that little boy is still hidden inside their somewhere.

    This is a story of a boy who asked too many questions?  Questions that stayed inside him until now.  This story of a boy has led to a life as a man who learns to forgive and move on for children do not know any better.  A life of a man who realizes that his Mom was right all along, everyone has their day, and everyone matures eventually.  Why is it that takes over 18 years t get there, why can't people just stay positive, and say positive things.  Life is all about canceling out the negatives with the positives, so why are negative with people?  Are they jealous, upset, too "cool", or just like to bring people down.  This boy has learned that you take that as motivation to take his life to new heights, and prove to the world that after all that he will still end up on top!

    Wednesday, February 22, 2012

    Why the Oil Price Spike Is The Fault of Politics and Oil Futures

    Why The Oil Price Spike Is The Fault Of Oil Tycoons and The Republican Party

    A consistent trend in the GOP National Primaries has been the need and supply of energy.  The GOP seems to agree that the oil and natural gas are a necessary commodity to fuel this nation's economy.  They seem to think that the carbon dioxide emissions given off by cars are not an issue in this country, and that money is the sole deciding factor in determining the positives of a particular way of life.  They ignore the ever-growing troubles that oil has caused us in the past, and they are blinded by the possibility of $, and lots of it.  They do not care that it effects the well-being of their own bodies, but I guess that does not matter if you are recording record breaking profit while the rest of the United States is dampered by a slower economy, and paying $4.00 a gallon for a middle-class citizen makes one think about using public transportation again.  The average car holds about 12-17 gallons, so if you do the math that's $48-$68 everytime you try to fill up your tank just for regular.

    So how fast will it be until we see prices exceed $4.00?  Well I just read that the Republican Party is passing a bill saying that if Obama does not give us the Keystone Oil Pipeline, that they will cut off the United States Oil Reserve that holds some 369 million barrels of oil making your gas prices in America go up even more.  On top of that, Pennsylvania refineries are starting to close down, as a third is expected to shut down by the summer.  I think this political turmoil is just absolutely embarassing to the people they represent.  Instead of worrying about helping the people that fund your campaigns, maybe you should worry about the safety and welfare of the country and people you represent.  The Pipeline will bring jobs, but what happens when your oil drilling and pipeline has a problem or leak, and you ruin the entire water supply to the mid-west region, who's fault is it then.  This does not make sense to me, these people are using politics as a childhood game of cops and robbers, where they both swear they are the other.  The Pipeline is a horrible idea, your oil is ruining the health and environment of the people you represent, and you are the only people that benefit from the existance of oil. 

             I really find it bizarre how people can dictate the price of oil in America where oil consumption is down, while the supply for it elsewhere is up.  If Americans are using less gas, why should our price go up because China is using more of it.  Iran is like a monkey with all the diamonds, and thinks they have all the power because they have the oil, so instead of being pissed at them, why don't we just progress to new type of solution that does not involve killing people.  Just because there is violence, does not mean we should do the same.(monkey see, monkey do.)  Investment firms say the price of oil futures are up, so the price of gas goes up, so in essence people in power can manipulate the price of anything.  If supply is down, and consumption is up on a global scale, maybe we should bring in a new form of combustion that can bring competition to the oil so that it will drive the price down. 

    So what else wrong with this tarsands crude oil from Canada?  It has been proven that this type of oil will corrode piping leading to widespread damage.  If this damage occurs it will only increase the destruction of the natural world around it.  Look how oil spills have affected our past, and how long it took for the enviroment to recover from it.  On top of that, it will take a few years for the pipeline to be completed, and who knows what could happen in that time frame.  I guess I am just too naive to think that people will put the well-being of the society before their own greedy, selfish addiction to the all mighty dollar sign.
          In the end, it is the CITIZENS OF THE U.S. that are effected by these political/economic games in Washington.  Oil is unhealthy and limited in quantity, the United States needs to move onto a cheaper, more efficient form of energy that will not harm our enviroment, and this new push for clean energy will only drive our economy up again at a steadier pace.

    Tuesday, February 21, 2012

    Why the TAXBREAK does not help us?

    President Obama has done a great deal to help the middle class American’s through their journey through the tunnel.  The 2012 election is like the light at the end of the tunnel for us, but politics is the roadblock that could potentially get us from that light.  He, Obama, wants to help people who cannot help themselves entirely.  Middle Class citizens have a busy life they live because the really, really rich(Conservatives) or Democrats who give you the other extreme everything is so bad, try to make us do three jobs when they should just pay 3 people to do those three jobs instead of one.  This tax break may help us in the end, but the thing is gas prices keep going up even though the demand for it is at an all-time low.  Even with the tax cut we still pay so much money to drive and live our life its insane.  I do not get this concept, it's like you are trying to artificially inflate the gas the prices because people are not using it as much.  The law of supply and demand states that if the product is not in demand, then the cost of the price should go down, but then again the amount of oil is not as much as it once was so they want to raise the price.  These oil tycoons are just greedy people who see the end of the road is near and their just trying to make as much money as they possibly can before it’s no longer around.  I am not trying to take away from anyone trying to do their thing to make money just do it fairly and justly please.  I am just a simple guy who tries to keep things simple, but when i see something is unfair I am going to speak about it, and that is why i love our country, we can do that and be heard. 

    Monday, February 20, 2012

    Dark Energy: A Science Idea About The Devil Ripping Apart Our World

    Dark Energy: A Science Idea About The Devil Ripping Apart Our World

    Let's fast forward our world many billions of years into the future, and discuss what it might look like for us.  The super clusters, galaxies, stars, planets, and every other space body are flying apart from each other at an ever constant rate of 600 or so kilometers per second due to inflation or the stretching of our universe.  The human race has evolved into the masters of the universe moving from planet to planet utilizing the tools and resources of the cosmo's.  At the same time we see before our eyes an ever changing effect of this inflation that is the natural constant speed or velocity of the growing bubble universe that we live in.  Other universes smash into ours, create new bubbles and new worm holes connecting our universe with others.  At the same time, this devil we have now learned about and realized is steadily approaching from the depths of space.  He wants to rip apart everything that God has created so masterfully.  He wants to ruin everything that has given us life and hope.  At the same time, God allows us to transfer this energy to other new universes so that he cannot entirely ruin our world because we will forever hide from him in our new bubbles that we can live in.  Dark Energy literally rips things apart as we steadily move through time.  Will we ever get to this point in the billions of years into the future?  Will dark energy(the devil), rip apart the elegant universe that we live in, and leave us will only a memory of the world that created us? Will we succeed in stopping this energy from inflating us so big that gravity cannot hold us together?  Will we succeed in interstellar travel, so we can move on to new, building universes, or are they too young and violent to want to go to since we live in such a perfect time in the universe that we currently live in? Will we find Earth- like places that we can call home, so the ever growing population of humans on Mother Earth is not concentrated on one place?  Will people accept this notion of expansion, and embrace it? What new conspiracies will come about when were asked if we want to move to another Earth?  Will space travel be fast enough, so we can visit families on another planet many billions of miles away, or can we send our holographic self to the other planets to visit our loved one's even though they are just a projection made in the image and likeness of us all?  There are so many questions I have, and only 1 lifetime to figure them out.  All my life I wished that I could live forever, to truly know every answer there ever was.  You may think I am weird to think that way, but I just cannot help it, this thought will live with me forever.  I want to go out and explore the world outside this planet, and find others like us, and help them on their path to enlightenment and knowledge, just as others probably did for us.