Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Birth of Our Universe In a Way You Can Understand

My whole life I have looked up at the stars, and have wondered what happened out there to get us to this point.  What series of events occurred to give us such a perfect environment, so we humans, can even exist.  For a long time though, that dream was put on the back burner because of life.  Young people can be really cruel, but they do not even realize it.  Bullying is a serious issue, and if I was not such a strong person, I would have given up in the 7th grade.  Everyone who knows me knows what I’m thinking about, but you learn to forgive for the simple fact that humans are so amazing because we can change in the blink of an eye, and I am truly appreciative of that.  Now, at 22 years old, I am able to re-live my childhood dream of understand the universe, how it works, and how we got to where we are.  Here's my story:

At the beginning of it all, think about the Big Bang as an infinite amount of atomic bombs going off at once.  During that time, everything was ablaze in all directions for about 100,000 years old.  After that time, the fire started to calm down, and that fire and what we see as ordinary things were no longer connected.  Light and matter were now different things, but before this they were all one in the same.  At this time, things started to clump up because things always clump up when they get colder.  Look at water, when you make it colder it turns into ice, and as you heat it, it starts to expand and then turn into gas as water vapor.This idea works all over the universe, but it takes higher or lower temperatures to make that happen depending on the mass and composition of the object.  As things clump though, we start to see things like baryons and leptons.  With baryons, think the B is for big, so it gives you protons and neutrons which make up 99% of the atom in which it makes up.  With leptons, use the L as little which is electrons, which flow freely around the protons and neutrons which is called the weak force where the nucleus of the atom holds them in place.  At the same time, it’s not strong enough to hold them totally in place because they still move freely they there’s enough attraction that they don't go flying way.  When things clumped in the right way, we started getting things like deuterium, and from there things clumped again to give you Hydrogen, Helium, and Lithium 

Now it’s time to start the story of the modern universe.  When Hydrogen atoms clump they make a lot of heat.  Heat causes things to move really fast.  Hydrogen, in a normal state  of motion will repel each other like 2 stubborn people that won't change.  When you get Hydrogen moving fast enough, they will hit each other, and fuse, causing a burst of energy from the fusion.  Just think about that for a second, and then picture that happening on an enormous scale of let’s say a 1 million miles in all directions and you have our star, the sun.  When the Sun starts to lose its Hydrogen fuel (think gas in your car), then it starts to burn everything it has, and it starts to expand out.  After it expands for a while, it retracts to a very small ball sort of like a slinky.  When it retracts, it starts to form more elements because things start to fuse together in such a confined space.  This is how we get our heavier elements like Oxygen, Carbon, and Iron etc.  When the core gets to dense, it explodes out like a huge bomb that it’s seen and felt for billions and billions of miles called a supernova.  When that "stuff" cools down and condenses, it creates things like the Earth and our solar system.  Asteroids and comets are just left over "stuff" from the formation of the solar system.  This concept happens all over the universe.  Over time though, the Earth starts to cool down, and stops being so violent and the complexity of life starts to grow.  We are so fortunate to have the atmospheric composition that we do.  It allowed for life to occur, and over 4.5 billion years, we now have Human Beings.  Human Beings are like nothing you'll ever see.  We are the ultimate creature.  The Earth, in my opinion, adapts just as we do, and as we change the Earth changes with us.  Who would have thought after the industrial revolution the earth would still let us be here, but she adapted to our ever changing world of lights and smoke.  At the same time, she may not always be so nice because as we add more CO2 to the air, the temperature rises, and as a result, weather events get worse and worse.  Weather is just the earth's way of righting itself, and the more damage we do to it with CO2, the crazier the storms are going to be.  Look at the tornadoes of the south this year, the snow in Europe now, and the snow and rain we had a couple years ago in the South Jersey area (12 inches in an hour this past summer like 2 weeks before the Hurricane).

The United States has got to change its ways in regards to this.  Money is not more important than helping maintain this peaceful balance.  I'm currently, but quietly designing things to fix these types of problems.  People think I am crazy for having these ideas and visions because it’s like I am a whole new person, or that since I did not go to school for it I know nothing about what I am talking about, but my mind is a sponge and everything I take in I remember perfectly and clearly.  I read anything and everything I get my hands on.   People have it all wrong besides those closest to me.  I'm just a 22 year old man just utilizing the ability to see the world in a different light.  My grandfather was an engineer for GM, but he died from liver cancer (drank too much) before I was born, and I am just like him in so many ways and i've learned what not to do because of him. I wish I could have met him or bring him back because deep down he's the only person that I could have ever met that I could actually relate to fully on what’s going on in my head.  This is the first time I've ever told anyone about this, so what better way than to tell everyone at once.  My mom is a nurse, who used to be an air traffic controller for the Air Force, and my dad is a jet engine mechanic who used to fix B-52's and other planes in the Air Force, and now he works on Gulf Streams.  He's worked on Michael Jordan's plane, the Detroit Pistons, VS, Coke, and Pepsi.

The oil tycoons think money is more important than safety or longevity here on Earth.  I have no problem with social hierarchy, it is just a way of life for everyone, but once you realize there is a problem, you must fix it.  Instead of being stuck in your ways, just progress to the newer and accepted concepts which are actually cheaper once you lay the ground work. Before people take your money and business away from you with new and better ideas maybe you should progress.  You will make more money if you make people happy then you will if you just stay stuck in your ways.  Life and nature is all about change, so please just change and give people what they want because either way you are going to make a lot of money, and make a lot of people very, very happy.

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