Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Breathing and Its Effect On Mental and Physical Activity

When I lie up at night, and have my mind racing with thoughts about the universe and the world around me, it’s hard to focus and harness my attention on one particular topic.  For a long time, I just let it go in whatever direction it wants because in the end, all the thoughts diverge to one place.  Trying to force thought or anything in life can be done, but what comes natural is the best way for things to be laid out in a better manner.  My friend Jared once told me to try and control my breathing over a year ago, and really focus all your attention on your breathing and everything will come after that.  He said that some people have been able to reach another state of mind, but sometimes other have tried it and have gotten nowhere.  Subsequently, the next few nights, and even year, I lay in bed trying to control my breathing and to just relax, and forget about everything but your breathing.  From my own experiences with this, when I can focus all my energy on the property breathing,(maximizing intake of oxygen and output of CO2) I can feel my brain/heart firing at a rate much higher rate than I did before when I just breathe autonomously.  Obviously, when you breathe more, more oxygen goes to your brain, and the more oxygen (fuel) one uses the more output you will get from this.  Also, when I control my breathing that well, sometimes I can reach a state of heighten alertness, when sometimes I feel as though I am out of my body looking at myself.  Sometimes I feel as though my mind is playing tricks on me, so most of the time it only lasts a few seconds because I get scared.  While I am working out though, I tried to reach this state because it makes the workouts much easier, and my attention is focused on reaching this heighten state because everything comes easier, and I can focus my energy on that one specific task which in this case is doing pushups or other random workout maneuvers.  I have no idea of any way of proving this, but I cannot deny how I feel.  Most people think I am weird when I talk about this stuff, but I find it very interesting and intriguing that breathing and oxygen can do wonders for your mental and physical abilities. 


Look at this site.  There are studies done in other parts of the world dealing with this type of herb that naturally increases your circulation throughout your body, leaving you with more blood flow through your body, giving you fuel for your brain to work.  More oxygen=more brain power.  The more you breathe, the better you will do in the classroom or in any type of rational thinking in life. 

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