Friday, February 24, 2012

The Correlation Between A Black Hole and the Human Eye

The Holographic Universe

The Black Hole
The Human Eye

The Corelation:
How Are They Alike

  •                  The Human Eye
  •                        Look Alike?


  • The Black Hole
  • Don’t They

The Black Hole
At the moment of the Big Bang, that black hole we were talking about before ripped space time, leaving our universe shooting to a white hole or another big bang on the other side
  • Black holes take in the anti-particle part of ordinary matter and emit radiation in the form of holographic information

The Human Eye
  • The human eye is the most sophisticated projection screen in the known world.
  • It works like this: when light is taken into the eye it reaches the back of the brain along a 2 dimensional line as an electrical pulse.
  • When its reflected back, it emits light in the form of holographic projections of which we perceive
  • The lens, rods, and cones help enhance this projection in a clear view of which we see.

  • The Connection

    • The Universe and the human eye work in the same way.
    • Black holes are like the human eye of the universe, transferring energy in the form of light, particle-anti-particles in the form of holograms from universe to universe.
    • The Bubble we live in is like the giant holographic image and black holes are the eye where it takes it in, and then spits the positive image back out, and the black hole sucks the negative to the other side just like the old positive and negative imaging cameras we had a few decades ago.

    What does this prove?

    • This idea indicates that information is transferred through holographic projections from universe to universe through black holes because energy is not lost in the eye it is stored or portrayed back out to what we see and does not violate the 1st law of thermodynamics. The energy is just transferred to another universe at the point of the singularity possibly changing the way we’ll view the world around us forever.  Hopefully in some time i'll be able to understand the math to prove this idea, but ideas began with the mind's ability to imagine pictures and concepts in your head and propogate them with mathematical uniformity.
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    In the end, even though black holes have an infinite amount of gravity, light and matter does not escape from the human eye nor the black hole.  Your brain processes the electronic pulse, then sends back the information to your eyes through electronic information and they are then projected out as holographic projections and that is what you see.  The universe might work in the same manner.  Your brain, in my opinion, is like the bubble brane of your body, and the nervous system is like strings that connect everything to it.   Signals go to the brain in the form of electronic information(like the brane or bubble we live in), then they are projected back out through our body through the nervous system which gives us what we see, feel, touch, hear, and smell.  A black hole just takes in light and matter, and projects it out at the point of the singularity to another universe, and emits back the holographic information to our universe basically indicating what it just "swallowed"  in the form of radiation.  Sometimes i wonder the capacity of the brain because you can visualize something in your head with your eyes closed, basically recalling any event if your life through the information in which your brain has stored, but why can't we recall every event that has happened it our lives.  Is it because that neural connection has been since lost or do we have the memory stored somewhere where we cannot access it as well as others?  Can your mind relay bad information when you see something that is really not there for that happens to all of us, but how does that correlate with the universe?  Can the universe play tricks on us just as the mind does or can we come to the rationalization of both?
    Light, Matter, and Holographic Information

    So basically I’ve come to the Realization that Everything we Perceive is an Illusion of what our Brain Computes, and then projects back out what it formed from those computations inside the brain.  What we see is basically light,matter, in the form of Holographic Projections because that is what our eye sees as well as a black hole emits.  WHat makes you say a universe couldn't not spawn off from this immense gravitational concentration of matter confined to one point of interest, the Singularity.  Could this compacted area of immense gravity hold the information of what is to be Created if other universes could Spawn Off and  exist on the other side. 

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