Monday, February 20, 2012

Dark Energy: A Science Idea About The Devil Ripping Apart Our World

Dark Energy: A Science Idea About The Devil Ripping Apart Our World

Let's fast forward our world many billions of years into the future, and discuss what it might look like for us.  The super clusters, galaxies, stars, planets, and every other space body are flying apart from each other at an ever constant rate of 600 or so kilometers per second due to inflation or the stretching of our universe.  The human race has evolved into the masters of the universe moving from planet to planet utilizing the tools and resources of the cosmo's.  At the same time we see before our eyes an ever changing effect of this inflation that is the natural constant speed or velocity of the growing bubble universe that we live in.  Other universes smash into ours, create new bubbles and new worm holes connecting our universe with others.  At the same time, this devil we have now learned about and realized is steadily approaching from the depths of space.  He wants to rip apart everything that God has created so masterfully.  He wants to ruin everything that has given us life and hope.  At the same time, God allows us to transfer this energy to other new universes so that he cannot entirely ruin our world because we will forever hide from him in our new bubbles that we can live in.  Dark Energy literally rips things apart as we steadily move through time.  Will we ever get to this point in the billions of years into the future?  Will dark energy(the devil), rip apart the elegant universe that we live in, and leave us will only a memory of the world that created us? Will we succeed in stopping this energy from inflating us so big that gravity cannot hold us together?  Will we succeed in interstellar travel, so we can move on to new, building universes, or are they too young and violent to want to go to since we live in such a perfect time in the universe that we currently live in? Will we find Earth- like places that we can call home, so the ever growing population of humans on Mother Earth is not concentrated on one place?  Will people accept this notion of expansion, and embrace it? What new conspiracies will come about when were asked if we want to move to another Earth?  Will space travel be fast enough, so we can visit families on another planet many billions of miles away, or can we send our holographic self to the other planets to visit our loved one's even though they are just a projection made in the image and likeness of us all?  There are so many questions I have, and only 1 lifetime to figure them out.  All my life I wished that I could live forever, to truly know every answer there ever was.  You may think I am weird to think that way, but I just cannot help it, this thought will live with me forever.  I want to go out and explore the world outside this planet, and find others like us, and help them on their path to enlightenment and knowledge, just as others probably did for us. 

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