Friday, February 17, 2012

Life In 2102: What it would be like on Earth if we could Fast Forward to the Future Through My Eyes
A Science Fiction Idea By: Sean Kennedy

  Sometimes I sit up at night thinking about what life would be like in a hundred years or even a few centuries.  I try to picture in my head how we would evolve as a society as a whole, and what our everyday lives would be like.  Would we still live in a cut-throat world where everyone tries to get theirs?  Or would we learn from our mistakes and progress.  Would there still be hidden racism, prejudice, or jealousy that liveswithin all of us or would we see everyone for who they are, and not what they look like on the outside?  Would we all work hard, and not go through the motions just to get by or push each other to the limit knowing that it will only better each of us.  How would technology evolve in likeness of traveling, computers, and social interaction? How will the way we perceive the Universe and the way we perceive life change during this time.  As I am seeing the world for what it truly is, I know everyone's moral compass is much different than the next as I see CEO execs using their power for evil by using their power and money to benefit themselves, while I see other CEO's giving back with the money they accumulate.  I see normal people giving back to the community in many different ways, while other average American's manipulating the system, no matter how much money and power you have people are going to be corrupt on many different socio-economic stances.  Life lessons come with time and experience, and hopefully when the lesson comes along you learn from your mistakes and change forever.  Here’s my story of the future:

 Its 2102 and the world as we know it has changed forever.  It is nothing like you could have ever imagined.  The way people interact is completely different than you could have ever imagined.  Holographs have changed the world forever.  Imagine people going to class not as themselves, but as their holographic self, so while their physical body is in one place their holographic projection is in the classroom.  This will be the ultimate online class; for you will be able to sleep while you’re holographic projection will be learning and taking notes.  When the class is over, your holographic counterpart will join its body once again, and you know the information like you were there in the class all along. 

Traveling will change forever as well.  The roads and cars will all be like computers, and you’re just a passenger along this information superhighway getting rid of DUI's and accidents forever.  The road, car, and the passenger will all be on the same mental plane working together to get you where you want to go safely.  We will have a Space Elevator getting you to and from space safely like a gateway to the heavens.  The airlines will now have safe, and fast means of intercontinental travel where you can get from New York to Tokyo in 10 minutes, but who knows how the greedy businessmen will be with the prices unless the government intervenes, but who wants more government.(people like me who don't want a few corrupt people to ruin the world)  People will be able to travel to and from space by means  of spacecraft’s that have are capable of supersonic speed at speeds exceeding 1 million mph getting you to Mars in less than a week.  During the trip, the spacecraft will be able to simulate the feeling of earth's gravity, so you will not feel any different than you do on the comforts of your own home.  You will be able to stay on the Bio-Dome bubble on Mars, and be able to explore the "Red Planet" from the confines of the Bubble, or for you adventurous types take a trip at the abyss of the red, rocky planet and visit places like Mount Olympus.  Or take a step further in space and visit all of the planets you saw in your 7th grade textbook for yourself.  As a young child I always wondered what it would be like to visit the planets in our solar system. 

     Life in the natural world is forever changing, but people are always scared of change, but it’s just a way of life.  People think we live in a cut throat world where I do not care about the next person unless they do something for me.  I've grown up through life's lesson to appreciate everyone who they are, and this vision of the future just shows that life is forever changing.  The internet was born in the 1990's, and look how it’s evolved in almost 20 years.  Life as we know it is slowly changing, and sometimes people do not realize that because the powers of the world accommodate to the fact that slow change is better change for people because you cannot shock people.  Some people do not want to change, but at the end of the day we all change every single day.  People born today will live until their 100, so even with a decrease in the birth-rate; people are living longer and healthier because of advances in medicine as well as the evolving of the human race with each generation.  You can believe what you want, but life is all about change.  Being able to acknowledge that and accept will only make you a better and happier person in the end.  I understand you’re too busy with your own life to see the bigger picture, but if you want the world to hear your voice then speak up, and make them listen even if they do not agree with you or understand you.  No one will ever beat you down for trying to be heard. 

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