Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mitt Romney Wants Us College Students and Graduates Not To Have Free Healthcare Because We Can't Find A Job: Who's Fault Is That?

After Barrack Obama was sworn in as our president of the United States, he passed the bill called ObamaCare, which was a 2,000 plus page bill that gave people like me, college students who could not find a job or were still in college, the ability to stay on their parents healthcare until they were 26, as well as many other things that did not directly affect me.  In my biased opinion, this was a great thing because in 2008 even up to today, us college students, soon to be graduates, and graduates find it hard in today's world to find a job in the area in which we live because of the financial issues that caused people to prolong their retirement due to a sharp fall in the Stock Market which left pensions and 401k's looking pretty crappy.  Many people ask why don't you move to a place where there is a job available that fits your needs.  Some people will take the opportunity to move and run with it, while others really love and enjoy where they live, and find it easier to work a part-time job until something in their field becomes available within a reasonable distance from their home or place of residence.  ObamaCare allows people like myself and other young adults who are just trying to establish ourselves in this everchanging world, the ability to receive healthcare benefits from our parents healthcare provider up until our 26th birthday.  The young adults were not the reason why we got into this financial mess for we were just young children or adolescent’s when the mortgage insurance scandals of 1990's and 2000's were taking effect on this country and across the world.  Why should we suffer for something that we did not create in the first place.  So what will happen if Mitt Romney is elected:

First of all, the second he gets into office, he is going to repeal this Bill because he feels its stifles business and the flow of money.  He says that Health insurance companies are the fastest growing industry in American, and that it should remain in the states hands on what they should do with it. Does he realize that Health Insurance Companies are already corrupt, and are really only out to make money rather than help someone.  The HealthCare Companies stopped making a drug that has a 98% effectiveness rate for child leukemia(?) patients because they could not make money from it, so now there is only a 2 week supply left in the entire country.  If you de-regulate HealthCare than who knows what companies will do when it’s left to the hands of the state rather than the Federal Government.  The HealthCare companies already dictate what doctors you can see, what therapy places you can go to, what health screenings and tests they will cover, what jobs will hire you after you've been ill for a long time, and how much they are willing to spend over a long period of time.  My sister was born with a spinal birth defect, and the health insurance company stopped paying for her after a certain point, so CharityCare had to pay for other operations, treatments, and drugs.  She had to wait a good amount of time before CharityCare would accept her because so many people needed the free treatment.  In essence, Mr. Romney, in my opinion, is blind to the fact that health insurance companies are money-making machines, and honestly do not care about the people they provide for.  My mother, a job holder since she was 14, had stage 4 Cancer and wants to go back to work now, but her old job won't rehire her because she's an insurance risk to the company.  The insurance company will not pay for 10,000 dollars PET scan to see if the tumor is dead, but they will pay 5,000 dollars every 3 months to see if the tumor is shrinking.  You have got to be kidding, as a businessman I would rather pay 10,000 once then pay 5,000 every 3 months for at least a year. 

So what should be done about health care.  Instead of keeping Social Security around they should cap it as soon as possible.  Instead they should socialize healthcare completely, and everyone should pay a 5% tax for free healthcare, and have the government use that tax to pay the health insurance companies to allow everyone who works to get free healthcare.  Young adults should be able to stay on their parent’s healthcare until they are 26 because most people in today's world go to grad school or higher, and do not start looking for a job until they are 24 plus years old.  Social Security is a waste of time because the government has ruined it.  Instead of having 5 trillion dollars in cash in it for people's retirement, the government has replaced in which government backed bonds(money owed), so when the baby boomers start to retire the government will have to borrow money from elsewhere to pay it back. Either extend the number of years you have to wait for retirement to qualify for it, or get rid of it all together. You cannot blame Obama for something that has been taken advantage of for a long, long time by Presidents and political officials who just took from it like it was their personal piggybank.  It is our money you are supposed to save for us, instead you spend it not worrying about the consequences of when it runs out.  In the end, take what you have read in the context in which I have said it, and form your own opinions on what healthcare should be like in our country because something should be changed before it gets any worse.  In most cases, it is not a person’s fault that they get sick or injured unless you do drugs or smoke cigarettes but even second hand smoke is to blame for sickness.  People are born with the body they have they did not choose it, so what makes you decide whether someone should be covered or not, and it is the government's job to take care of the well-being of the people is it not.  You should not be able to make money off the sick, elderly, and the dying, and we have enough Doctor's offices, clinics, and already crowded Hospitals with somewhat unregulated healthcare, so what’s the difference if it was universal.  The United States is the most well-developed nation in the world if we have free healthcare you cannot compare it to places like Germany or France where other than the cities there are no Doctor's offices anywhere because we are not nearly as rural as Europe is. 

Insurance companies on a national and global scale are the reason we got into this mess.  AIG, used to insure bets made by investment banks during the financial bubble of the 1990's-2000's, so why should we have any trust in them.  We do not need our insurance companies trying to profit on sick people its just not the right thing to do.  You can keep your insurance companies for other thing things, but not sick people.  We do not choose to be sick, so why should we have to pay you to help ourselves.  We should pay the government, than have the government pay you because the government's job is to protect the welfare of the people by any means necessary.

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