Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My View On Time

Whenever I think about time, I think about the theory of relativity.  As you go faster, time slows down.  According to Einstein, only at the speed of light will time stop.  This is an interesting topic in my opinion.  To go to the speed of light you need to be massless for the faster you go to the speed of light, the more energy you will need to go that much faster(holographs are massless information, think Star Trek and Star Wars shit Is going to get weird from here on out).  Time though, is something that none of us can take back.  I tried to turn in my senior research paper 6 months early, but my advisor said that I must go to the class even though I wanted to give the money and the paper to whoever I should.  My argument for that topic is this, money and credits are something that can be given at any time, but time is priceless.  At this point in time, time is something that we cannot take back. 

 I personally have an obsession with living.  Living longer is something that I have wanted to do.  Ask my mother how many times I’ve said I want to live to this exact number, 239.  I have no idea why I chose that number, but ever since I was a young boy that number has stuck in my head.  I came to the realization that the only way to live that long is to speed up life.  We need to let computers and the laws of nature to speed up the world around us.  If you want to live longer, let’s speed up the travel on Earth, so in essence time goes slower.  I have a way of doing this by completely changing everything we are used to.  Unfortunately, this time around I refuse to post anything on the internet because I am tired of people hacking my blog page for no reason.  Information and knowledge is the way of the world in my opinion and should be free, but when people go out their way to corrupt your property even in the virtual world, then I find a serious issue in the law.  I think it is quite interesting that every one of my scientific blogs or ideas immediately hits the television.  I talked about space vacations on my blog and my visions of a future, and then I look on ON DEMAND, and there is a new documentary on space vacations.  I watch Through the Worm Hole on the science channel, and see my ideas of Proving God are talked about, and then I learn about my theory on holograms or PIXELS on the same program after I proved it months ago, but people delete my conclusions so no one could see it.  I hope its mere coincidence that this happening, and they were doing their own research, but when you hidden from the world because your just a middle-class young man doing everything yourself, your only left to answer your own questions, because everyone no will acknowledge your presence. 

In the end, time is everything.  Over time everything changes, and you cannot take it back.  Even though I am impatient, I still have trained myself that everything comes with time, but time can never be taken back at this particular time.  It is hard for me to live my life because I think about life a year from now, 5 years, 20 years,50 years, 100 years, 1,000 years, 1 billion years, and even through eternity.  Sometimes I daydream or have dreams at night about going through wormholes, but I always wake up before I find out where it takes me.  Sometimes, I dream of how our bubble with evolve overtime.  Will it become empty in the future because black holes will transfer energy to another universe?  Will dark energy rip ordinary apart leaving us with just microscopic matter for which no one can see?  Will we learn how to manipulate the Sun, so when it’s nuclear fuel starts running out we will be able to stop it from expanding outward ruining our Earth?  Will we start using energy that does that hurt the natural composition of the Mother Earth which we should thank every day for her existence?  Will we stop human error from causing millions of car accidents?  Will we stop fighting wars to fuel our economy?  Will the world stop killing people because they want to be free?  Will people grow balls and stop bullshit politics from happening because of money when everyone has to sit around and hope and pray nothing bad will happen to the average person?  We live in a fake capitalist world where the free market is only available to those could afford it.  A free market means you do not have to pay to access it, am I right?  Isn't that what FREE means?  Why did the Stock Exchange create Consolidated Tape which makes people pay to find out what is going on in the world?  Don't you make enough money exchanging things, but you have to charge people to see what's going on in the world?  When is enough, enough?  Money is like cocaine and sex, once you have it it’s never enough, so control yourself it’s not that hard.  Why are the Oil companies getting free government money, when Exxon-Mobil makes record profits every quarter for as long as I can remember while people in your own country starve to death?  Why are we using a natural waste product of the planet we live on to fuel our world?  It makes no sense to me because all it does is increase the amount of Carbon Dioxide (our waste-product).  In the end, I hope in TIME, we can fix these issues, and become a society that helps everyone succeed.  Everyone is born with the right to succeed, so why don't we make it happen.  I post my ideas not for money, but to help everything progress to a better and more understanding world because karma is everything to me. 

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