Sunday, February 12, 2012

One Person Who Has Changed My View on the World.

The internet, in  my opinion, is a information superhighway that has revolutionized the way business and interpersonal connections are made.  Through my blog, i am able to see that this world is a much better place than your led to believe.  Here is my story:

A women added me on Facebook from southeast Asia.  I messaged her and asked her who she was, and she responded saying she was the owner of a corporation called Rumah Asri Incorporated.  Here is our conversation verbatim from my Facebook messenger:
Sean Kennedy
  • who is this, and where do you live?

    • Hi how r u ? thanks for the message
      my name is Asri from jakarta-indonesia, i know ur profile from Bill Gates's page and i saw ur blog also one time (very inspiring blog) :)

  • Friday
    Sean Kennedy
    • Lol thanks I appreciate the fact that people all over the world are reading my blog . That's the plan for everyone to read and hear my voice. It's the voice of hope and change for the better.
    This short conversation showed me, a humble young man of 22 years old, that this world is a great place to be.  People all over the world are now working together to improve life for everyone.  Life is too short to believe the thoughts of others before you research it for yourself.  The Internet is the fastest and most efficient way to gain new knowledge and prospective on the world.  People do not realize this and see it as a virtual playground.  This is not a problem, but use the internet as a tool to gain knowledge from others, and compliment your own knowledge and perspective to help those who do not know.  Money and wealth bring power to your world, but knowledge is what makes you feel empowered as an individual because in essence we are all individuals trying to make a difference on society, so what better way then to extend your knowledge through this information superhighway that, we the people, have created.

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