Sunday, February 12, 2012

St. Clare's Home: A non-profit Organization for AIDS Prevention and Care In New Jersey

The website, the people, and the care i saw and read about on their website has truly inspired me.  This shows that there are still plenty of people left that truly care about the lives of innocent babies, infants, and adolescents who were unable to have a choice on whether they could stop themselves from getting AIDS.  Bill Gates is also doing this on a global scale with his fortune.  Many realize that there is more to life than money and power.  The power to help is much more gratifying in my opinion than fulfilling your inner most desires because at the end of the day your still not as happy as when you actually got to help bring happiness to anothers life.  Heres the story:

While scanning the internet for good peer review articles on AIDS research I found that AIDS is not only a global issue, but also an issue for children in our own country.  Through this website, I have noticed what kind of scientific steps the organization has done to identify the problem, research and develop a way to fix it, as well as applying what they’ve looked into to help take care of this horrible viral phenomena.  The state government has done a great deal to help fix this issue among our children and adolescents but St. Clare Home has taken it to the next level.

                By identifying the problem through observation and statistics, you can really nip the tail on the AIDS epidemic within our own state.  New Jersey has the third highest AIDS rate of any state the country.  By identifying the problem at a young age they feel that they can fix the issue before it gets too late. 

                The organization who works hand in hand with the government feels that by implementing a diversified strategy on how to fix the problem is the best case to follow.  By intensive care before and after pregnancy the doctors can help prevent the transfer from AIDS mom-to-child.  In some cases it does not work, but they also try other methods.  Education is a big part of fixing the problem by showing children and adolescents appealing videos on the AIDS.  They also give treatment to both the mother and child who is affected by the virus. 

                They’ve used the three homes as a way to find out of their strategies have worked.  They have implemented many different ways to provide prevention care, transfer care, and healthcare for free instead of the government spending millions on this. 

They have cared for over 650 babies within the three homes that they own.  He organization has been around for over twenty years where they have provided care to children and mothers who are infected with the AIDS virus.  “St. Clare Homes offer a home like setting and a platform for permanent placement in the community. Mothers many suffering from postpartum depression, poverty, homelessness and addiction are given support and a chance to receive mental health counseling and training in parenting skills. The best place for a child is with loving parents and this should be the goal of placing a child.” (Dr. Zealand)

                This foundation has helped improve the standard of living for people with AIDS or HIV as well as takes a burden away from the government who must spend money to help people who have made poor choices in life, but it is not right for the baby not to get care because they did not ask for the problem they were unwillingly given it. 

In the end, the St. Clare Home has given hope to children and mother who have been exposed t the AIDS virus, and takes the necessary steps to help improve the standard of living for those who have contracted this horrible virus.   

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