Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Tale Of A Boy Who Asked Too Many Questions

A Tale Of A Boy Who Asked Too Many Questions

There once was a boy who asked too many questions.  As a young boy he came into this world full of life, desire, and unknowing knowledge of the world around him.  "Mom, why is the sky blue, why are the clouds white, why are the trees the way they are, what is outside that blue sky, is there anyone out there, does this car get good gas mileage.  That boy though, only spoke a word in the comforts of his home.  That boy was scared of the other people around him, for he did not understand them either.  Why did they look at him when he walked by, why did they give dirty looks when you looked back at them.  Why do people talk so loud when they are in public while he is all about discression?  Why is that person smiling at me, for he does not even know my name? Why do i need to tie my shoes because they are just going to be untied again in 10 minutes? Why do i need to make my bed when i am just going to lay back in it that night?  Why do people yell when things get done better if you just speak normal?  The boy went off to school as a young scientist going to explore the world of school?  He comes home everyday with more questions?  Why do i have to leave my sisters?  Why do i need to go to school, i do not like it?  Why are people mean to me, i did not do anything to them?  Why, even though I told them to stop, do they continue to get worse?  Why do people laugh when you get upset?  Why is it not alright to cry Mom, you never laughed when i cried?  Why are children so cruel, this was not how you raised me?  Why do i have to wear men's sneaker's while all my other 4th grade friends do not?  Why do all the people at school only hang out with people who look like them?  Why is it that i do not care what they look like because they do things that are fun?  Lets move onto middle school, the boy is growing up fast with even more questions about the world of people.  Why do people in school get put into classes by color?  I thought racism was over in this country.  Why do the teacher's have a lack of patience sometimes were merely 11 years old?  Why can i remember stuff in 10 minutes while other students never learn?  Why do I get straight A's while i am still treated like a misfit?  Why are people even worse then ever?  Why do they make fun of you every chance they get?  Are they jealous, or does their family make them that way?  Through it all, the boy's mom says do not give up on them, be yourself and they will come around eventually your just too good for your own good.  But mom, i cannot take it anymore.  Were in 7th grade now, and the problems have only gotten worse, but the boy finds himself in his own little world.  Sports and grades keep him moving forward while his world is almost shattered.  Why is my patience being lost, i thought you said that all this would be over in time?  People grow up she says, but they grow up at their own pace.  Why am the only one who feels bad when i stoop down to others level, i do not like to hurting people the boy says.  Just keep being yourself, and you'll have your day she says, the nice guy finishes last, but he still finishes on top.  High School is now here, and the problems only get worse.  This boy lacks self-esteem in a huge world of people.  Why are the people so cruel to people they do not even know?  Why do I only feel comfortable in the books and on the diamond?  Why don't people understand i do not want to stoop down to their level, when is enough, enough?  Why do people make MySpaces about me and my family?  Why don't they man up when i ask them about it?  Why would people do that to begin with?  Why am i the man now because I can throw a baseball, but off the field you do not know me?  Why does high school have clicks?  Why do we have two lunchrooms where white people sit on one side, and the minorities on the other?  Why do baseball coaches dabble into your personal life, and never leave you alone about it?  Why does that coach's actions make you transfer schools after your junior year?  Why is my new school not as you had hoped?  Why are these people just as bad as the last? Why is everyone in their own little clique, while i am just a the new kid even though i've known all of them for so long?  Why can't all people just treat others with respect, while if the boy makes fun of them he's upset?  Do to others, how you want things done to you, the boy said at this point.  This boy is cold-hearted now, he will not let anyone push him down, so he lashes out?  All along, his straight A's are gone because of horrible people that have brought him down.  He is no longer the person he once was as a child, but that little boy is still hidden inside their somewhere.

This is a story of a boy who asked too many questions?  Questions that stayed inside him until now.  This story of a boy has led to a life as a man who learns to forgive and move on for children do not know any better.  A life of a man who realizes that his Mom was right all along, everyone has their day, and everyone matures eventually.  Why is it that takes over 18 years t get there, why can't people just stay positive, and say positive things.  Life is all about canceling out the negatives with the positives, so why are negative with people?  Are they jealous, upset, too "cool", or just like to bring people down.  This boy has learned that you take that as motivation to take his life to new heights, and prove to the world that after all that he will still end up on top!

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