Friday, February 24, 2012

What is Change?

            Change, in my opinion, is a way of life for everything in this entire world.  Each day, each and every one of us changes at least one thing have it be from self-thought, watching someone do something, or just because you have to.   I just started substitute teaching, and it really has changed my view on the world once again.  At a young age learning and change is a way of life.  Our brains work like sponges soaking up all the proverbial mess around us, and adapting that new knowledge have it be good or bad.  It is our conscience that sorts out the good and the bad, but the change is imprinted forever in your mind.  I do not understand why people do not see change as a good thing.  Our human mind because more powerful, change will come faster and faster as you can see with technology.  I do not understand why people stay stuck in their ways because learning to adapt to new surroundings is what Darwin said.  It was those same people that took advantage of what he and Herbert Spencer said, that went back and said well I’m not going to change I am just going to keep all my unneeded money for myself that I really do not need, while others starve and have nothing.  Change has helped me grow as a person.  Watching people do what they do helped me change as person in what I do.  There is nothing anyone can tell me that can change my idea of change.  Change is a way of life for everyone, and as soon as people embrace it this world would be a great place for everyone. 

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