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Incentive Based Work: Will it Change America Forever

Incentive Based Work: Will it Change America Forever

                 In the world of media broadcasting in this country, perception is everything.  What the news perceives as truth ends up affecting the thoughts and opinions of its viewers.  Unfortunately, the media is sometime wrong or just do not give a broad perspective on the topic.  This has changed recently because of social networking as News Stations have taken to the needs of its viewers.  On the Apple Scandal in China over suicide rates, here is the issue: Do people in Apple factories kill themselves because the working conditions are so bad, or is it possible out of the 500,000 employees a few of them might be mentally, physically, or emotionally unstable or some other outside factor that could have played a role in the problem.  The Chinese are hardworking people, as you seen that in the United State because the only food distributor on Christmas or any holiday for that matter are Chinese Food businesses.  Maybe if we worked hard like them, American Corporations would come home and stay home, but why not help countries improve there way of life because its the right thing to do.

                       Apple Factories pump out 10,000 cell phones a day in their factories which is a crazy number considering the amount of workers they have, and the amount of manufacturing plants they have.  If you have lets say 10 factories that gives you 100,000 a day!   The Chinese Ethic, in my opinion, goes back many thousands of years.  Chinese farmers work 12 plus hours a day for 365 days a year to make the best crop possible which was usually rice.  They took this concept of hard work and brought it to the forefront for th best company on Earth, Apple Inc.  They saw an opportunity and ran with it to better their lives as well as the lives of their families around them.  Now the Chinese government has to give way to inflation, but they won't, but Obama is calling them out for artificially keeping their currency down, so they can keep profits up.  Apple, if this happens, will fall dramatically, and may be forced to come home, but the time frame on Chinese increased inflation is not yet clear because what business man wants to see drop in profit over doing the right thing.  As a result, this Chinese work ethic has brought them to become the second largest economy in the world surpassing Japan in 2010-2011.

                   What Americans should take from this idea is this:  If you work hard, you can have anything you want.  That American dream has been dashed for so long because of status quo and peoples willingness to just be comfortable with things.  This comfort level does not work in countries that do not live with comfort.  In those countries that dream is still alive.  In my opinion, this country has not lost that idea.  I am a man of the people, so everytime i go into a social enviroment i tried to connect with new people, and learn there struggle.  I met this 28 year old blue-collar worker who gave me a prospective on the difference between state unions and private unions. State unions make twice as much sometimes because the government pays people what they deserve with great benefits, as the private unions work you to death, and then low ball you during collective bargaining.  I am only generalizing for I understand that not every private company works like this because thats the furthest from the truth.  What type of system would fix this in America.

                 Incentive based pay in the way of the past and the way of the future.  If you give people more money for the amount of products they exceeded from the average of the entire entity then they will be motivated to work harder.  Japan, a great innovating country who's overcame life's struggles through natural and man-made disaster, but still perseveres in the end.  Giving up is not an option for them.  Americans are ready to work, are willing to do whatever it takes to provide, so give them a reason to work harder its that simple.  Allow blue and white collar workers a reason to work harder, everyone loves having money.  A steady flow of capital in a capitalist nation is the key to maintaining and expanding a healthy economy.

              My parents both grew up not having much, but they worked hard by going into the Air Force and making something of themselves.  As a result of hard work, my dad has had a healthy career as a jet-engine technician for over 20 years, and my mom was an air-traffic controller, but gave it up to raise her children.  She eventually went back to school to be a Nurse, but because she had cancer, the insurance company of the Hospital she works at does not want the business to bring her back, but if you can beat Stage 4 cancer, and want to go back to work don't you think its right to give them a chance.  I understand its a business, but no matter the age of an individual, you can not take the drive away from someone who has their eye on the prize which in this case is just a job, and a return to a way of life that they know and love which is helping people who can not fully help themselves.  We need people like her who had three jobs before she got sick.  She worked at a Rehab Hopsital fulltime.  At the same time she worked at the Bridgeton Hospice Care, and a Nursing Home near our home when she could, so it just proves anything is possible if you set your mind to it.   

               Please take what I say in the context of which i've said it, and form your own opinions on what hard work is, and what your willing to do to maximize it in your life because time is of the essence.  Life is what you make it, and if you do not seize the moment it will just go passing by you. 

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