Saturday, February 11, 2012

Why Can't I Access the Global Market in America Without Paying Money?

The New York Stock Exchange has implemented a system where you have to basically pay money to access the Global Technology Industry on their website.  The Consolidated Tape Association or CTA gets to decide who has access to the Global Market on the internet.  I am sorry, but the internet is an information highway, and how dare you decide who gets to see what’s on it.  The Global Market is for everyone to share not just the people who have the money to pay for it.  Everyone should have access to the way of the world, and how technology is progressing as a whole not just the rich and power in our country.  This association is ran by a select few who only want to keep the knowledge and wealth for themselves by charging people money to access it.  China, for example, paid 570 million Yuan which is equivalent to between 83-84 million US dollars to help promote small business and non-partisan news stations because the Chinese middle class wanted news that was factual and real rather than politically influenced media which is how this nation is ran.  Non-partisan broadcasting is an amazing thing.  There is not two separate views, there's only one real solution. If you work hard you will benefit in the end.

"Persistence is the key to getting what you want out of life." (Sean Kennedy)

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