Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why the Oil Price Spike Is The Fault of Politics and Oil Futures

Why The Oil Price Spike Is The Fault Of Oil Tycoons and The Republican Party

A consistent trend in the GOP National Primaries has been the need and supply of energy.  The GOP seems to agree that the oil and natural gas are a necessary commodity to fuel this nation's economy.  They seem to think that the carbon dioxide emissions given off by cars are not an issue in this country, and that money is the sole deciding factor in determining the positives of a particular way of life.  They ignore the ever-growing troubles that oil has caused us in the past, and they are blinded by the possibility of $, and lots of it.  They do not care that it effects the well-being of their own bodies, but I guess that does not matter if you are recording record breaking profit while the rest of the United States is dampered by a slower economy, and paying $4.00 a gallon for a middle-class citizen makes one think about using public transportation again.  The average car holds about 12-17 gallons, so if you do the math that's $48-$68 everytime you try to fill up your tank just for regular.

So how fast will it be until we see prices exceed $4.00?  Well I just read that the Republican Party is passing a bill saying that if Obama does not give us the Keystone Oil Pipeline, that they will cut off the United States Oil Reserve that holds some 369 million barrels of oil making your gas prices in America go up even more.  On top of that, Pennsylvania refineries are starting to close down, as a third is expected to shut down by the summer.  I think this political turmoil is just absolutely embarassing to the people they represent.  Instead of worrying about helping the people that fund your campaigns, maybe you should worry about the safety and welfare of the country and people you represent.  The Pipeline will bring jobs, but what happens when your oil drilling and pipeline has a problem or leak, and you ruin the entire water supply to the mid-west region, who's fault is it then.  This does not make sense to me, these people are using politics as a childhood game of cops and robbers, where they both swear they are the other.  The Pipeline is a horrible idea, your oil is ruining the health and environment of the people you represent, and you are the only people that benefit from the existance of oil. 

         I really find it bizarre how people can dictate the price of oil in America where oil consumption is down, while the supply for it elsewhere is up.  If Americans are using less gas, why should our price go up because China is using more of it.  Iran is like a monkey with all the diamonds, and thinks they have all the power because they have the oil, so instead of being pissed at them, why don't we just progress to new type of solution that does not involve killing people.  Just because there is violence, does not mean we should do the same.(monkey see, monkey do.)  Investment firms say the price of oil futures are up, so the price of gas goes up, so in essence people in power can manipulate the price of anything.  If supply is down, and consumption is up on a global scale, maybe we should bring in a new form of combustion that can bring competition to the oil so that it will drive the price down. 

So what else wrong with this tarsands crude oil from Canada?  It has been proven that this type of oil will corrode piping leading to widespread damage.  If this damage occurs it will only increase the destruction of the natural world around it.  Look how oil spills have affected our past, and how long it took for the enviroment to recover from it.  On top of that, it will take a few years for the pipeline to be completed, and who knows what could happen in that time frame.  I guess I am just too naive to think that people will put the well-being of the society before their own greedy, selfish addiction to the all mighty dollar sign.
      In the end, it is the CITIZENS OF THE U.S. that are effected by these political/economic games in Washington.  Oil is unhealthy and limited in quantity, the United States needs to move onto a cheaper, more efficient form of energy that will not harm our enviroment, and this new push for clean energy will only drive our economy up again at a steadier pace.

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