Monday, February 27, 2012

Why Santorum's View On College Is Wrong In My Opinion

      When viewing news articles and doing research on his platforms, I see so many things wrong.  Before i went to college, I was ignorant to many things about life.  I did not understand nor believe in much of anything.  College helped guide me to become the man I am today.  My questioning of God was in the balance before I attended college.  College only helped me and guided me to the path of enlightenment.  America is the greatest country on Earth because of our First Amendment right to believe or not believe in something.  By Rick Santorum saying that college ruines your belief in God is just downright ignorant.  College has only enhanced my belief in God.  Understanding and applying how this Earth, Universe, and nature works, makes me believe in a God more than ever.  If you understand that positive, negative, and neutral charges that govern our body make it quite obvious that something is out there.  We are all made up of mostly positive and neutral charges, but then you have negative charges that sometimes stray you away from the positives just as electrons stray away from the nucleus, but the weak force that holds electrons in place in layers just proves that the positive(God) always outways the negative.  Without college and higher learning, I would have never learned how the world works at the most fundamental level.  College has only strengthen my ties to a belief in some higher power that i give thanks to everyday for the laws of nature that have made it possible for all of us to even exist to begin with.  Someone telling me that college is evil is contradicting themselves by trying to indoctrinate me into believing that i should not attend college because all they do is indoctrinate you.  In my political science class at La Salle University, my teacher did not try to give me political propaganda on each party, but gave me the underlying facts on how the American political system works.  If wanting to gain more knowledge about my surroundings makes me evil, then I guess i am evil, but I will always believe in the idea that everyone is born equal, and the more i learn the more I believe in that idea, and the idea of God.  God=Nature and Nature=God

 I believe in life, I believe in energy, I believe in a higher power that lives within me. It shows me the good and the bad, but gives me the free will to choose between each. (SK)

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