Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why the Oil Pipeline between Canada and the United States Is a Bad Idea?
 As you look back into history starting in the mid to late 19th century, oil has engulf the minds of rich conservatives who saw this idea as way to make huge financial gains, and over time the oil industry has diversified to take over the everyday lives of Earth's inhabitants.  But oil, in my opinion, is the worst thought of concept I have ever heard of.  Oil is a natural waste product of mother Earth, and we extract it to fuel our ever growing economy.  Cars work off controlled explosions within an engine, which is why we call it "internal combustion."  This by-product gives off emissions in the form of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and other pollutants that surely affect our well-being as well as the well-being of our sacred planet.  These oil tycoons seem to only care about the short-term profit of their companies through the rising of gas prices in relevance to the modernization of America which has grown at an exponential rate since the mid to late 1800's.  Many understand and believe internal combustion engine and oil extraction and refining is the key to maintaining a well-lubricated economy.  Little do most people know though is that plastic products are made from crude oil within the confines of a refinery.  So oil is linked to all facets of your life from the water bottles you drink to the gasoline you put in your vehicle when it runs low on fuel.  Oil is the greatest producer of energy at a very low principal amounts until the last decade or so, but does the correlation function works positively in the long run.  So now to the point, why is the Pipeline Bad?
 Many Americans feel the new pipeline will bring accelerated job growth, and means of keeping money in America.  This idea is true, but what happens when the oil runs out in 100 years, do we come up with a new way then or should be initiate a new solution to the problem before it is too late.  The answer is yes we need to innovate the world by coming up with new means to use safer and more efficient energy sources so the well-being of our health and long term global economy is put first.  Hemp Plastic is a clean-and efficient way to replace plastic, which is made from oil.  They use the hemp from the stalk to create a strong plastic like substance that is both bio-degradable and recyclable.  Our founding fathers used to grow hemp plants on their farms back in the 1700's but in today's world oil tycoons seem to want to keep this market illegal and unregulated to the general public.  Now there are many ways to fix the problem with cars, but in the near future in terms of let us say 3-5 years if not sooner, is a hydroelectric car.  This implantation will clean our air, and allow for a better cleaner world than the oil of vehicles that add more green-house gases.  Toyota is becoming the world innovator in regards to this type of industry. 
The pipeline would only fuel this degrading industry, but auto-mobiles and plastic integrated companies and corporations should implement these new types of resources to benefit their own businesses and health, and well as allow new and plentiful jobs to emerge in such a troubling time period.  The new pipeline will also hurt the ecological and economic interests of the states that the pipeline will be put across.  Within the mid-west corridor of the United States is a 3 trillion gallon natural water supply that is essential to American agricultural industry.  Do you think it is a good idea to put an oil pipeline across such an important economic structure of this country? If a spill would to occur it would ruin the world’s supply of grain that is exported from the United States through trading as it is a commodity.  The Conservative Republicans feel as though the short term gains are better than the long term protection of the global economy which is absolutely wrong.  Please stop saying Obama is ruining our economy when he is just looking for the long-term approach to the survival of our nation and the world as a whole, not to mention its a proven fact that fracking and drilling for oil has been proven to cause more earthquakes to the effected region. Open your eyes its 2012, not 1900 read before you make judgemental calls.
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