Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Keys To Pitching

Step 1- The Stance-Finding the Comfortable Spot on The Rubber That Best Suites You.  Mine is on the right side because my ball tails away.

Step 2- As you start your motion your foot goes back and your other foot runs parallel with the rubber.  Keeping your plant foot straight is key for better control in my opinion.

Step 3- The chair is the most important part of delivery.  Keeping your balance over your body is key to getting the optimal arm circle, and getting your arm up as your momentum goes forward.

Step 4 - As you go to deliver the baseball, you must keep the majority of the weight on your back leg, and start to pop your hip open allowing your power and stored energy to be released. Getting your arm up is very important because you do not want your arm to drag forward as you go to your release point.

Step 5- The Release Point is where your arm is when you let go of the ball.  You want to make sure your body stays in a straight line or trajectory when you release the ball.  Each person has a natural arm slot that works for them, but its key to release the ball out in front, and in a straight line towards the plate.

The Four Seam Fastball

Slider/Breaking Ball

The Circle Change-Up(My bread and butter)

This is a video of me pitching, its only 2:00 minutes so check it out!

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