Monday, March 5, 2012

Comparing the Baseball Field To the Universe

All my life I have played baseball.  Baseball for many years was my life.  I lived to step on that mound and just shove against whatever batter, lineup, or team that wished to stand up against me.  After many long years of practice, practice, and my practice and games, I put the cleats up to finally concentrate fully on what's most important in life and that’s education and family.  The emotional pain that the sport will cause you can be quite immense sometimes, and you come to a point where you need to leave the world you love to take up something that you love even more, and that is knowledge for an ignorant man is someone who is oblivious to the world.  So how is a baseball field like the universe:

When i look at any professional park, you can truely see how the universe is much like a baseball field.  First of all, home plate is sort of like the Big Bang singularity, since that is where everything takes off from.  As you can see the lines of the field of play are like the projected path of growth and expansion of the universe.  As you can see though, everything revolves or rotates around that one point of immense gravity or in this case attention which again is home plate.  Each position is like a place in time, which is almost always unchanging unless you expand the entire field, so the positions are only pushed back in relation to the expansion of the entire field.  The seats around the entire field are like the bubble in which we call the exterior of the universe.  Everything is projected in the field of view of which we see.  People watch and move around the perimeter to see what is going on.  You can also say that the stadium seating is like dark matter that blanket around the outside of a galaxy, sort of like a dark halo.  The stadium and the game is finite, but it has the possibility to be infinite if the game or time goes into extra innings.  These are the same questions and answers that many people have about the universe.

 Why is space expanding and stretching the fabric of space and time, are black holes a controlled way to stop the entire bubble from popping, what is the point of dark energy and dark matter, and what is our place as humans in all of this?

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