Monday, March 5, 2012

Comparing The Universe To The Human Body

The past year of my life has changed me forever as an individual.  In the last year, something about me and my experiences brought me to a point where everything just clicks, and your perception and view of the world is forever changed.  When you make a promise to your mother when she has cancer and is always in pain and contemplating whether it’s worth it to keep fighting, and you tell her that if you keep fighting I promise you that the future of my life will give you a reason to keep fighting for your life now.  I made a promise to myself and my mother that if she fought, I’d be right by her side telling her that everything will be alright, and this promise is something that I have instilled in ever part of my life.  If my mother can fight for her life, then I will prove to the world that I can take this life to new and unforeseen heights, for she is the reason why I am in this world to begin with.   So how is the universe like the human body?

When mapping the universe, it always starts at one point, and in the human body that is the brain.  The brain is where every sense is computed and transferred out.  The nerves system as well as the other closed systems can be seen as the strings and fluctuations that drive these computations to be transferred throughout the body.  The eyes are like the black holes of the body, transferring matter in the form of light from the outside world to your brain along a 2 dimensional line that is computed, and then transferred back out to form what we see.  In a way, you can say the human brain is like the ultimate super-computer.  One big difference though is we do not know if the universe is finite or infinite, but I can only assume that our bubble we live in is finite, but the information in the form of light and matter are infinite because they are transferred from universe to universe.  Our brain can be seen as finite in size, but the amount of computation power seems to be infinite because as humans we continue to learn new things all throughout our life, but as human beings learn more and more about their lives and how our bodies work, leaves me to believe that life and the multi-verse theory itself can be infinite.

In the end, one can see the examples on how the human brain and body can be compared to that of the universe itself.  Understanding that the universe is a lot more simpler than meets the eye, will only improve our view on it.

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