Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Could the Big Bang Singularity Be a Holographic Projection?

The theory and ideology of the holographic universe has been something that has excited me to know end in the past year or so in my life.  I stay up night after night contemplating the origins of this idea and how it may work.  As you've read or viewed my recent blogs and power points on why this theory is relevant to our world, you can decide whether you feel this could a valid depiction of how this system of laws could and will work.  My goal from here on out is to develop my infant mind to one that is a master of physics, space, time, and reality.  But first I have a few questions to ask myself and all of you tonight: If the holographic universe is the truth about our perceived reality, then why is it that way.  At the moment that a star supernova's and through this evolutionary process creates a black hole that rips the space-time fabric that has given us, is there any way we can manipulate this infinite gravity since our eye isn't a destructive object yet it takes in matter of what we see in the form of light, then projects it out as a holographic image which we call reality by computations in our brain.  As a universe is born, could it be possible that the projection already knows before matter, light, and the 4 forces of nature take hold of subatomic particles to form the large scale objects of the universe, about how and what will be made, where in time it will be made, and where it will go in the future because dark energy has taken our universe on an inflationary ride through time and space.  Could it be possible that the holographic projection we call the Big Bang Singularity already knew that the Earth was going to form and have complex life billions of year before it actually exists.  I find this universe to be too perfect for it not to be possible that Earth's place in the universe was not planned because we are the perfect distance from our sun to have life, we have the perfect size sun for life to be possible, and the moon is the perfect size and distance to help maintain a tidal balance on Earth.  Inflation through time has sent every object in space on a giant rollercoaster ride allowing objects to be spaced apart at the right distance allowing galaxies to collide or grow apart from each other in fixed ratios.  The universe has a whole, the two point correlation function is 1/r to the 1.8 power, but if the separation doubles the correlation function drops by a factor of 3.5.  "For comparison, the force of gravity between 2 galaxies is inversely to square of their separation, or proportional to 1/r2."(Riordan&Schramm)  Math and observation is just too perfect for one not to think that the plan of the universe was set in stone at the beginning of that Big Bang Projection Singularity.  I may be right or wrong, but its quite interesting to me to find out that answer and truly know the origins of ourselves, Earth, galaxies, super clusters, our universe, and the multi-verse as a whole.  I shall spend my life finding the answer to this question, understanding that answer, than apply that new understanding of the world to better our stance as intelligent beings with a full understanding of our existence in terms of how we got here, why we’re here, what our role is in the universe, where we should go, why we should do it, and how fully understanding the origins of our universe will allow us to answer those questions. 


  1. how come light only reflects on celestial bodies?..why doesn't light from the sun light up the space around the planets?

  2. Light is absorbed by matter which is how we see things. To see something you simply bounce light off it so the object can absorb it. If there is no matter to absorb light, or bounce light of, then it will be dark. That is why we can't see dark matter Or dark energy. It does not interact with light, light simply goes right through it with no interaction.

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