Monday, March 5, 2012

Gas prices: What should the US Do When The Middle East is Playing games

Throughout history, crude oil and gas has brought both great times, but also economic and political hardship.  During the 80's and 90's, life was great.  Gas prices lingered around 0.89-1.00 because the exchange of the world’s energy source was great and plentiful.  Over recent years, gas prices and world hostility has increased significantly as time has progressed.  If gas is low in quantity which is causing prices to reach record highs, but oil consumption in the U.S. has decreased in recent years don’t you think it is time to do something else?  Look at all the wars and economic problems that oil has caused our world.  In the end, oil can only do more harm for our world than good as history and present times have shown.

A true utilitarian view will say that one might make a decision that will benefit the entire society.  Don't you think if gas prices are rising because of Middle East issues that it would make sense to start promoting other means of producing energy for travel.  All over the world, countries are working on new means of combustion and energy that makes oil almost unneeded.  In California, they started implementing hydrogen-fuel cell cars and stations.  I even saw on the television on the Science Channel that this isn't internet hype, but a new way of life that will only enhance our progression as a society, and also help decreased health risks that oil combustion causes.  Unfortunately, we much stay on oil and watch people worry about the water they drink from their faucet, the water that comes from your shower head while you wash yourself, and worry about the air they breathe.  Carbon Dioxide is something we give off every time we exhale, so why should we continue to use forms of combustion that only increase this level in the atmosphere.  We have over 7 billion people in this world breathing at one time, why do we need to add to the CO2 level with oil combustion.  It is only hurting the people of the world, but unfortunately most people do not even realize this.  Once again, is money worth having if you increase the chances of you, your family, and your world from going to a point of no return.  Greenhouse gases are not just hype, but fact.  If we do not try to reduce carbon emissions to a comfortable balance than who knows what may come of it in the future.  At this particular time, we cannot see into the future, but I can only assume that the more we give off CO2, the higher the average temperature of the oceans and air will be, leading to increasingly higher probability of bad things happening.

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