Thursday, March 8, 2012

Governor Christie Cut 70% of The Budget of the State's Libraries Over the Past Few Years

Education is a very important thing in this world.  An educated individual can be defined in many different ways other than book smart.  All people learn in many different ways because everyone is different.  A library offers the public many different resources to help someone gain knowledge.  They are offer books, magazines, online journals, and internet access to search engines which all together help increase one's knowledge on their subject matter, their town, country, and just the world in general.  There are many young individuals and even older that use the library to better their knowledge on the world.  Tonight, I had to go to the library to return a book, which was called Einstein's Scope, which is a book on Dark Matter, dark energy, and the structure of the universe.  Unfortunately, I returned it late, and had to pay a two day fine, but the next part was what surprised me.  The daily fee was raised 3 times as much since the last time I had to pay a fine.  The librarian told me since Governor Christie cut their funding a couple years ago by 70%, so that have to charge more and provide less.  I remember in the summer when I was there they had a leak in the summer which ruined so many books, yet it wasn't fixed for a while.  I do not understand why you could the funding to one of the most important business or institution that we have.  In college, most people spent all their time college, so why would you cut funding to something that is so important.  This is a place for students and a variety of people to have access to the internet and to a variety of books that can help them throughout their lives.  In the end, I understand the library does not have much to offer the state economically, but it is one of the most important tools the state government can offer the citizens of its state. 

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