Friday, March 9, 2012

HydroElectric Heating/Cooling System With CO2 Filter Straight From Water Lines

This was completed a few months ago, but i was skeptical on posting it because on my last drawing and powerpoint issues.

1. CO2 filters in the vents before hitting your house
2. The Hydrogen Fuel Cell will Create Energy To Run the Hot Water heater and cooling system for your house .  It creates clean energy in a more efficent than natural gas and oil.
3. Use Carbon Nanotube To Conduct quicker and more efficent heat and cooling transfer throughout the house or building.
4.  CO2 filters in the vents will help get rid of harmful carbon emmissions, so onlyheated or cooled water vapor is transferred throughout the house given you a bio-dome like atmosphere in your home, creating a much better air quality than ever before.
5.  Convert energy from HYC to the power grid when excess energy is created after enough is used to heat the water heater.


  1. Sean you really have the talent of designing such complex architectural facilities. Looking forward for it materialization this year :)

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