Friday, March 16, 2012

Internet Service On Cell Phones:What's Wrong With It

Over my life, I have watched before my eyes a revolution that has taken this world by storm.  The internet and computers has changed my everyday life in so many ways, and I am greatly appreciative of those individuals who were able to make that happen, and continue to improve them as we dig deeper in our understanding.  I see the internet has an information superhighway, and computers are the on and off ramps or gateway to this continually growing superhighway.  The internet could be seen as a highway that connects each road (person) on it faster than ever before.  At the same time, humans have created this highway, so they can also control the roadblocks on this superhighway.  And this is exactly what the cell phone providers are doing.  Here is my story:

I was so excited to get my Droid two years ago, and the world of the smartphone changed my life.  I had access to all my favorite scientists, topics, sports teams, friends, and places of interest.  Then I was able to get the IPhone, and the IPhone is by far the best cell phone I have ever had.  I wish Apple was a cell phone and service provider because I know they would do the right thing because that is what they stand for.  They provide for the needs and opinion of their customer every time an issue is brought to light.  Ever since the service providers changed their data plan policy in recent time, my cell phone internet service is slower than a slimy slug.  Before this new implementation, my 3G service was fast and efficient for the most part.  Now as more people get smart phones, the service has slowed down.  Either their towers and service is overloaded by new users, or they are artificially slowing down the service.  In either case they should use larger customer base, and more excess capital to improve the efficiency of the service because I pay $30 a month for the internet to work as fast as my laptop in which I am typing on now, not for it to freeze even when I have full service on both the internet and cell phone call/text service.  I feel as though if I am going to pay $30 or more a month plus $200-500 for a cell phone, I should not have to deal with a cell phone's internet glitching or freezing when I use the internet because I am always on the go, and I like to do my research while I am out in public because even if I am at the bar if an idea pops in my head I like to research it to enhance or answer the idea or question in my head.  I understand as a public company you make decisions to improve the price of your stock, and make your shareholder's satisfied, but it is a moral hazard not increase the efficiency of the network especially when it is not working up to its best ability possible because as a consumer it makes me upset when I have full service, but my phone still works slow.

  In the end, almost everyone in the United States has or has access to a smart phone, so it should be the duty of the cell phone and service providers to accommodate to the increase in network efficiency and capacity because if someone pays a lot of money for the phone and service it is only right to give them what they rightfully deserve in my opinion.

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