Thursday, March 29, 2012

Media and the Supreme Court Case on HealthCare

Social Media has revolutionized how events, ideas, as well as other things get transferred from one place to another or from person to person.  In most cases, social media is a great thing because it allows for people to gain information regarding almost anything.  At the same time, news and media put a political ideology in their reporting which then gives one a biased outlook on the situation.  In my opinion though, as long as you give facts from both sides of the political spectrum, and support your opinion with logic and reasoning, then the article or form of media is acceptable.  When one looks at the Supreme Court case involving the Healthcare Bill, I think of two things:  Why is the media allowed to speak with the Justices, for this is supposed to be a closed and private matter to be discussed with the 9 most intelligent people we have on US law and constitutionality of laws that are to be made that go against previously formed laws, and how can the government give you healthcare, then make it law that you have to buy it after 2 years.  You either make it free, or make everyone buy it, you can't have both.  In America, we are free to express ourselves in any way we want, or do as we please as long as we do not break the law.  How can you make someone buy healthcare?  What Constitutional grounds do you have to make someone buy health insurance?  In the end, healthcare and health insurance is seen as a money making industry, which is true because everyone is trying to make a living, but does everyone deserve the right to care, or just those who can afford it?  Is it a good excuse to say you don't have the means to obtain money or healthcare, or is it the American way to make excuses for things?  Should the government have the power to make you do something, even though it is only helping yourself in the end?  In the end, form your own opinions on this issue because right now this is one of the most important topics in the United States, and the court decision could really affect your future, and how healthcare will be a part of it.

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