Friday, March 9, 2012

A New Way To Space Or Old New Way of Travel On Earth

What to do with this:

1. Polarize the roads, so we can use magnetic roads to produce cleaner and more efficient travel.
2. Connect the entire road systems and grid by computers, so our our whole world is connected.
3.  Use electromagnetism to allow for levitation, or use some sort of superconductor to activate levitation to decrease friction on the roads(no more wear and tear for your roads in the winter.
4. Can be used to shoot aircraft and spacecraft into air or space if you create a gradual upscale projectory. This stops crafts from exerting fuel to get off ground.  Conserves energy for once they are in the air/space.
5. Creates a surge of jobs that will completely wipe out the worlds unemployment rate.
6. Build circuits into the road system the cars, roads, and people are on the same mental plane.
7. Gets rid of DUI's, accidents, and profiling by traffic cops
8. Stops traffic jams by speeding up the world of travel.
9. The faster we go the slower time goes, so we will live longer as a result of speeding up our world
10.  The thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies will love to go fast, and it will allow everyone to go fast and not worry about the person in the car next to them.

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