Thursday, March 1, 2012

Obama's Plan For Energy: What do I Think About It

While casually looking through the stream on Google Plus, i came across the White House's Blog.  In the previous days I noticed that they spend $4billion on Oil Subsidies, so basically they give that money to companies and people involved with this industry.  The issue at hand is this:  Should the government give money to companies who's profits continually reach higher and higher each year.  In my opinion, a capitalist market does not give money to companies, for if this was truly a market where free-enterprise has ultimate power over everything.  This means the government should not give out any money to help people if that was the case.  Fortunately though, the government helps kick-start or boost a companies capital by giving subsidies to many up and coming companies to help sprout their business within the market supply food chain.  If this is the case, why is the government giving money to an industry who does not need the money to maintain its stance in the world.  At the same time, you say our Home-Based Oil economic status is this: we are continually ending our need from foreign oil by drilling and mining for natural gas and crude oil.  The government should not put money into this because the oil companies have enough excessible capital to do it on their own, they only need government(people's) approval of it.  It seems to me that the government and big business work together to maximize the growth, production, and capital gains from the now home-grown industry while increasing the prices for your average american's who now have to work their plans around the price of gas, but you tell the people that we are now creating more energy in the form of gas and oil in this country more than ever.   I understand this is a global market, and the demand on the global market is high, but why should you exploit your own land and people so you can profit on the global market.  At the same time, you play a blind eye to the reoccuring events that have engulfed the American public in concerns of water pollution and air quality.  What are your plans to make sure that the new oil rigs and equipment you plan on creating on the continental shelf off the coast of the Gulf?  What are your plans to secure the livelihood of the Americans who can set ablaze their faucets and hoses by lighting a match to it?  What are you going to do to make sure that in Pennsylvania where we have the Delaware River basin which supplies the tri-state region with their drinking water.  What are your plans to maintain a healthy breathing enviroment when you are drilling and fracking for more oil and gas?  This will only create more CO2 in our air which will ultimately drive global warming and more violent weather.  When will oyu understand that the long-term picture is more important to people my age rather than the short-term profit gains.  I can only speak for myself, but this world is not going to be pleasant place for my children and grandchildren if we keep going at the pace we are now in terms of oil combustion.  Everything plastic to the gasoline in our cars comes from oil, yet there are so many alternatives to this, but in the end it comes down to one thing MONEY.  Money drives this world that we live, but then again it will drive you mad in getting it and keeping it, and that is a problem along every socio-economic stance.  People who want it will do anything to get it, while those who have it will do anything to keep it.  This is the biggest problem facing this world.  Money is an important thing, but if you look throughout history people fight over 3 distinct things:MONEY,POWER,RELIGION.

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