Friday, March 9, 2012

The Secrets of The Universe Are Hidden In Your Brain

The theory on the holographic universe has provided human beings will the possibility of a new ideology and rationalization of how the universe works.   Since energy is neither created nor destroyed, it may get passed through black holes through the holographic information in the form of matter and light.  Black holes have infinite gravity, but our eyes work just like black holes without the infinite gravity.  Our eyes transfer the light and matter we see into electronic information that is computed in our brain, than projected back out just like our 3-D televisions do. 

          Our human brain is just like the holographic universe we live in.  The holographic boundaries project out the information along its surface, the 3 dimensional world we see.  Quantum Mechanics proves though that our world at the microscopic level is much different than we are left to imagine.  At the level of measurements at Planck length, our world is that of super symmetry, where our reality is broken up in to many dimensions that we cannot see because they are curled up upon themselves, and so they are not able to be seen by the naked eye or even the most powerful microscopes that we have created as humans.  The brain is just like the universe, it holds all the secrets to its origin and makeup, but we just have to access them.  For example, since our brain is a part of the universe as a whole,  it holds the secrets of it because it is a part of the whole.  This means that since the part of the sum makes up the whole, so once you understand the universe at the smallest level, and what it is made of, you will be able to better understand the universe has a whole. 

          Look at the universe and transfer of energy like an old camera where you had positives and negatives.  The negative when hit with a laser or light, created a 3 dimensional image as a result.  Once the black hole took in matter and light, that negative particle was taken and projected out into another universe.  This leaves us with many questions still to be asked.  Is there only one set of information for this entire network or web of holographic universe?  For example, since the laws of conservation say that energy is never created nor destroyed just transferred into different forms, does this mean that we are part of a generation of energy and information that has been transferred for all of eternity.  Does this mean that there are humans from the future in past universes that have already conquered the laws of physics in its entirety?  Could they be part of the ancient alien theory?  Could they have manipulated space-time and come to Earth to help us get to where we are now since the holographic universe has been a theory passed off for many centuries or even millennia.  Could it be that there is a whole other set of laws in other universes outside our bubble?  At the smallest level, could we tap into those dimensions, and find that we have an infinite amount of ourselves that live out every possible decision or event that ever happened in our life.  Could it be possible that our world is much weirder and elegant than we ever could have imagined.  At Fermi Lab in Chicago, they are doing an extensive experiment on this brave new, but old theory on the holographic universe.  If it is proven to be true, our perception on what reality is will be forever changed and enhanced.

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