Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Social Ideology and Conflict Among Political Parties

As I sit around at night and watch these GOP Debates, as well as personal interviews of the candidates and what I call their "political puppets," I see so many flaws in their system.  Personally, I am fiscally conservative to an extent, but I am socially liberal as well.  In a political sense, that would make me a Libertarian.  On a personal level though, I cannot stand the way Republicans act on a governmental level.  America was built because our founding fathers wanted change and freedom.  Look at our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.  The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is the best law this country has ever made.  As we move forward in time we must conserve these rights by liberating those who find there peace and happiness in life in a different way.  Why as a person should you judge another based on their family background, social status, and sexual preference?  In the end, why should it matter what color their skin is, what socio-economic background they came from, what their role in society is, and last of all what gender they prefer to mingle with in terms of a relationship.

           I was watching CNN awhile because I could not fall asleep (what else is new) and watched an interview of Michelle Bachman who I find to be a nice woman with a good heart, but you can tell she's hiding from the questions that the proctor was asking her.  I do not understand why politicians just do not speak their mind in the public eye, but when they are around people in their party, they tend to speak freely having no fear of the consequences of their words once they hit the public eye.  She, and so many other people in her party(both parties for that matter), believe that gay marriage is wrong.  Why is it wrong, just because you think it is?  How in the world does someone being gay make them a bad person?  How does it directly affect your life if someone is different than you?  Don't you think it is a little immature to judge someone by the nature of their sexuality, for that is something an 8 year old might do, not a political figure in America's Federal Government?  In time or it maybe true now, that it is scientifically proven that people can be mentally a female, but be a male physically, so maybe it is not their fault that they are the way they are, or maybe the person has had so many problems and issues with the opposite sex that they feel their only option is to be with the same sex.  In the United States Constitution, it states you are free to practice any means of expression and religion or lack there of that you may choose.  Sorry, but American and the world are continually changing, which is just a way of life for all, so why do you feel the need to conserve the past when the present and the future are always changing.

          HealthCare is a big issue in this political season.  Socialize medicine should be implemented in with the taxes taken out of the federal and state government.  Instead of giving subsidies to companies and corporations that do not need the money to survive in the economic world, maybe give free medicine to people who need it, and cannot afford it.  Children deserve to be taken care of for they did not wish to come in this world as a neglected individual whose only goal in life is to find the next meal.  How dare you say that big business healthcare companies making money off the sick is more important than getting the sick to be healthy again?  Life, in my opinion, is much more important than money.  Money comes and goes throughout life, but you only get one life, so the government should do everything in its power to make sure everyone in this great nation gets to enjoy the quality of LIFE.  Just because you get big business sponsorships from these companies does not mean you throw away your conscious belief in life out of the way because someone gave you money.  In a position of power, you should do what is right for the whole rather than for the money.  As a politician in Washington, your annual salary is more than triple that of an average citizen in the U.S., and your benefits and your retirement benefits are even better, so how dare you try to say that socialized medicine is wrong because you make more money than almost the entire population of Americans yet you do not listen to what they say.  Look at Europe, where they've had socialize medicine for years, and their economies are doing just fine except for a few nations, but Iceland and Greece are broke because of American greed and exploitation(as well as many other factors too), but as you can see socialized medicine if implemented right is a great thing for everyone. 

In the end, I am ashamed every time I turn on the television and watch these Republican Candidates.  The Republican way of life to me is this, “You work hard for yourself, your community, and your country, so that we all can prosper and "Conserve" the wealth of this nation for everyone to have because every American is willing and able to perform any job that they need to do, they just need to be given the chance and opportunity to do so.”  Freedoms are taken for granted in this country, and people believe the rest of the country should do what they feel is right, but in reality, it should be consensus choice by our nation as a whole to allow people to express themselves in whatever way they feel is right as long as they do not harm others in the process.  I leave you with this:  Gay marriage is a debated topic in America in this day and age, but in reality, does it harm you individually if someone is gay or not?  Since marriage is now a legal documentation rather than a religious sacrament in the eyes of the government, should the government show a prejudice eye on those who wish to fulfill their lives by being with someone of the same sex?

For those that do not know me, I am a heterosexual, but I will not judge nor knock someone for being homosexual because everyone us is different.  I'll add on to what Dr. King said 50 years ago,  "I shall not judge someone based on the color of their skin or what gender they wish to pursue sexually, but judge them based on the content of their character."  I have a strong believer in God because God lives inside everyone of us, but he gives us free will to decide what we shall do with our lives as long as we do to others what we wish to be done to ourselves. 


  1. Too bad half of the problem with socialized medicine is decreasing quality of care. Less preventitive care, less screenings for breast cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer. Meaning these diseases will further progress by the time they are treated. Also longer wait times for surgeries. And lets not forget it is impossible to find a GP with socialized medicine. Take MA for example, they have an extreme shortage of primary care physicians since universial care has gone into effect. Many physicians even prefer to go into research.

  2. i understand what your saying, and i know from experience my mother had stage 4 cancer, and you should see what the insurance companies did to her even when the doctor requested things. If the government would cut unneeded spending in certain areas and provide for the people they represent because its their lawful duty to maintain and protect the welfare of its people.

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  4. Unfortunately the powers that be do not care about individual needs and people are only looked upon as information placed on a piece of paper which collectively rounds everyone up in a demographic chart. As I have said before things have always been out of hand yet "WE THE PEOPLE" except that we have no say in the changes that need to made in order to make a better quality of life for everyone and not just a "CHOSEN FEW". We are not so ignorant as to believe in "DIVINE RIGHTS" any more yet the people still believe in social placement. People have become complacent and lazy. People also believe that if you go to college and get a degree then that is the final stage of the evolution of knowledge, wisdom and understanding yet knowledge is something that should be embraced through ones life time and then the journey should be passed on until things come to the conclusion with facts because a truth can be diluted with lies but facts are undeniable. People believe in the saying "IGNORANCE IS BLISS" and most live their lives in fear of the truth because one you go down the rabbit hole it is hard to find the balance to still maintain a carefree existence yet have an awareness and sense of responsibility to maintain the integrity needed to conserve true peace and harmony with the world and it's people. Believe me though when I say this things will change one way or another and power will not be given up so easily. The followers will follow and the leaders will fight amongst each other for dominance instead of unity because it seems that no one sees the common cause that we all share and that is simply the Earth, it's depleting resources and the fact that we will always all be neighbors.

  5. Andfor this anonymous person(people are cowards) my dad had shoulder surgery and his screenings were few and far between with regular health insurance, and he had to wait months before his surgery, so your ideology is certainly irrelevant in this case. My mother had cancer and even with health insurance her screenings,surgeries, and care took forever as well. So you just fed me a line of bull with your statement because i've been through it all. I've been to hell and back in my life, and i'll preech until the day i die that if you give money over care, money will ruin the mind of even the most moral person unless your Jesus.