Monday, March 12, 2012

U.S. Military Violence in Afghanistan: Why a a Few bad Apples Ruin It for The Bunch

When I tuned into the news the past couple of days, all I’ve been hearing about is our military going on a Columbine like rampage, taking the lives of innocent men, woman, and children who just try to go about their daily lives.  The job of the military is to act as a protectorate of the people in which they represent.  in this case, our military is over there in the middle east trying to promote peace, but at the same protect the interests and well-being of our country as well as the livelihood of the Afghani people who wish not to provoke harm or struggles, but to go about their daily lives in such a way that they do not have to worry about others harming them or taking their lives.  This in my opinion is a shameful embarrassment, and a direct reflection of the United States as a whole.  We react before we think in almost every situation.  This only puts a negative image upon those in the United States such as me, who wish to promote peace and prosperity for the world through rational and moral thinking.  I do not understand why just because you have a gun in your hands, you feel the need to use it even on people who do not wish to put harm upon you.  Both my parents were in the military, the Air Force to be exact.  They both did not like the notion of war and violence, but used the military to make something of themselves and build a foundation for a career that they'd fulfill for the rest of their lives, and now my father is a jet-engine mechanic who fixes Gulf Streams that all the big business and celebrities ride on.  I do not understand why such hate crimes would happen, for no one deserves to be hurt in this world.  I understand peace may not always be maintained, but those who instigate things by violent actions should be punished.  How dare you kill 19 innocent people?  Did they harm or provoke you to shoot them, or do you think you can use your weapon and control in a negative manner not thinking about the harmful and negative consequences of your actions.  You wonder why people hate the United States.  I love our countries freedoms, rights, and laws, but this is a negative correlation upon our country as a whole, for most people in this country would never in a million years hurt innocent people.  If I were over in Afghanistan, I would do my job when it is necessary, but use my ability to travel all over the world to promote and help increase the quality of life and peace of mind for everyone because everyone deserves it. 

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