Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What does the title "Knowledge is Power:The Deciding Generation" Mean To Me?

Throughout my Twenty-two years on this great Earth, I have seen the United States go through peaks and valleys both socially, economically, and technologically.  My life though, as I knew it, all changed on September 11th, 2001.  When I watched those towers fall over and over again on television and in my mind at night during my dreams, I knew the world would never be the same again.  Hate, terror, anxiety, and remorse flowed through the mind of every American or any person in this world that morning as the world stopped dead in its tracks.  I've seen the tech bubble burst in the early 2000's because of investment bank giving IPO's to almost any internet company they could, basically without warning the public that the company was worth less than a pile of poop.  I've seen the Food and Drug Administration play a blind eye in the 1980's until recently about food and drug products because the industry brought so much money to the United States that it did not matter.  I've seen the collapse of the almost the entire world market because the U.S. government, the financial system, and the insurance business play monopoly with the debt of its American and foreign constituents, yet there unsustainable capitalism fell right on their faces in 2008 with the collapse of the housing bubble.  I've seen science and technology bring us to a whole new endless boundary of possibility and opportunity for advancement as a society.  But why do I say "Knowledge is Power: The Deciding Generation?"

              The flow of money has made this world work for as long as I can remember, yet the flow of knowledge has been suppressed for once again as long I can remember I happen to think knowledge is the most important thing anyone can have.  Knowledge is not a physical entity, and once you have it, it is very hard to take it away.  What is the point of having knowledge about something if you’re not going to share it with everyone?  Why keep ideas and thought cooped up inside your head, for you are the only person who will know the idea?  I honestly don't care about what people think of my ideas, because ideas are only a figment of my imagination until I get them out for everyone to read and see, so ideas and knowledge are transferred on a global scale, so I can work with many others thoughts and ideas to see if my own even make sense. 

               We are in a place in time where everything is rapidly changing.  Technology reaches new limits every day, week, month, and year.  In the recent future, we are going to go into an age of knowledge and understanding of reality or what makes up reality that will forever change our view on the world, and to be honest it has already began.  At the same time, humans have complete control over everything that we create, and most of the time it is not equally fair for everyone in the game.  As we grow as a society, many without the resources and advances that many of us have, will be left in the dust just because of money.  Money drives this world forward through time, but sometimes regress the human mind backwards for it is all we think about.  In reality though, I understand that that is just life on this place we call Earth.  At the same time, we are supposed to be moral beings for each and every one of us knows right from wrong no matter what our parents taught us.  We are in a part of the United States growing period where we will do just about anything for money in all socio-economic position, and I find that rather appalling.  The government makes laws that should not be made, but then goes and denies laws that should be made.  My generation will be the deciding factor in what direction the United States will go in.  Will we head in a direction where we have sustainable capitalism for all to enjoy, and so our children and grandchildren can live in a world where greed and manipulation do not exist, and everyone works together to promote the welfare of all or will we still live in a world that's cut-throat, and everyone is out to get there's no matter the foreseeable consequences of the future.  Will we lead the world into a generation where we use energy sources that help build a sustainable energy infrastructure that is less detrimental to the atmospheric composition that has allowed us to thrive as a society to get to this point, or will we drive the temperature up, as politicians drive their anger and resentment button through the roof.  Will our two political parties join together to promote the existence of one supreme party that looks out for the interests of any one man or woman who is willing to work hard to make their dreams reality?  I guess only in time we will know the answers to these fundamental questions.

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