Thursday, March 8, 2012

What the government has done from 1980-2008?

As you can see with my other posts, even though our country has flaws just like every other, I truly love America for its innovative qualities(information technology), freedom, and hard-working individuals there are many significant flaws that have occurred.  As one can see throughout our history, during time of strong, but fair government intervention, the government has saved and enhanced the United States.  Look at Abe Lincoln for example, during a time when the US was divided into 2 nations, he did what he had to do as a President to make sure that he preserved the our country for if we failed as a nation, that would show the world at the time that maybe a democratic republic was not possible.  Look at Thomas Jefferson and his colleagues during the Louisiana Purchase.  They bought half of the United States for a mere 14 million dollars i believe.  People get upset with politicians today spend money on worthless things, but to the French this piece of property was worthless, now look at what the midwest sector of our country has provided us with, an amazing group of people and some of the best damn corn and wheat i have ever had.  Look at FDR who used rational decision with the help of so many people to help relieve the stress and lack of self-esteem of America's working class by doing things that were later deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, but at the time made American's at ease during one of the worst times in American History( some don't know this, but he only called it a "Depression" because he did not want to scare the people by calling it by its real name which was a "Panic.") These are significant details of  Presidents who took an authoritative approach to their position as Chief Executive to make this country better.   They had a vision of what this nation could become and did what they had to do to help them through hard times because better days were close.  At the time they may or may not have been frowned upon by the court of public opinion, but without these decisions, I do not think our country would be the way it is now, but i am sure many can argue this opinion.  In the last 30 years, the American Government has truly failed the American general public.  In the next few paragraph's which i will keep short and to the point because i know we all live busy lives which is why i stopped writing 10 page papers on here because no one my age(or so i am told) will read them because they do so much other reading with their own schoolwork.  I guess i'm different than most(i hope i am not) for I love to read, write, and talk.

           The 1980's saw a time in American Politics and Financial ideology that brought us to the point where we are at today.  First of all, Ronald Reagan should have never listened to Greenspan in de-regulating the financial market.  Bank leverage, even though it may be a good for allowing banks to borrow money up to 30 times what they have so they can lend out more which allowed banks to grow to where they are today.  Derivatives were created to make sure farmers did not sell their crops before they were done growing because it would not be fair to a farmer because weather is not something we can control.  I understand and agree with this, but why in the world would banks and investment firms take derivatives to mortages.  Mortgage loans should be cut and dry with no red tape, for most people do not understand complex formula's on what will happen to their mortgage payment if Y happened in X amount of time.  Greenspan's own ego ruined him because he thought he was so smart and that derivatives were too complex for most to understand, but how can a genius such as himself not realize what would happen when you allow money, greed, and people wanting to keep up with status quo,  to be intermingle?  Did AIG and investment firms not think that mortgage default would not exceed 5 or 6 percent when you give out sub-prime loans to people that did not understand what they were getting into and really coul afford the house they bought?  Why did status quo make it so that people felt the need to buy homes?  I may have wrong information, but i am pretty sure Reagan spent a billion dollars to put in a particle accelerator in America that was supposed to rival that of CERN, but spent another billion dollars to fill in the hole!  As a result, some of America's top scientists went over to Europe to work because i guess he thought it wasn't important enough to learn about particle physics, the fundamental truths of our existance in terms of the universe, and just making sure we have our own people staying in America to work.(Dont take offense to this, i frequently visit FermiLab's page and that of the LHC, and both do great work even though Congress shut down the Tevatron which really urkes me, but that's life)


 Why did Bush stop funding research in stem cell's and other important scientific topics? Religion is important to me too, but do you not realize that you can get undifferentiated cells in the umbilical cord of a baby or the fact that even today we can use our own cells to grow new muscle and skin, or learn about regenerative properties of other living creatures, so maybe we can use those chemicals or enzymes to help with the human approach in some way.  Don't you think its important to be able to help people who need new organs by allowing for research to progress towards the future or in the mind of Mr. Bush he was only thinking short term yet your the President of this great country who should have not only have a short term approach, but have a long-term postive effect to your goals as president so the next person that does not have to pick up the pieces to your mess.  Why did Bush go into Iraq on accusations of having weapons of mass destruction yet we never found any even though we captured a man who killed thousands of his own people.  He was assassinated by his own people which he rightfully deserved, but still we never found any weapons that he said they had unless I am misinformed or uniformed.  Why did he force banks to give out loans to people that they knew could not afford it.  Why would you give false hope to people that they deserve and need to be a home owner when you only did it so the investment banks could make more CDO's and then insure them with CDS's by insuring a bet that someone or something fails.  You should not bet on someone failing, and the government should have regulated the Credit Default Swap industry because like i said, you hire the most intelligent economists yet they did not think about what would happen if it failed, yet the IMF and other foreign nations called the Crash years before it happened, yet you did not listen.  Luckily, my parents were smart enough to stick with a fixed-mortgage rate.  Your idea of No Child Left Behind not only stifled creativity in the classroom, but made teachers teach to standardized tests not to the strengths of their respective students.

Though i understand that the banks are "Too Big To Fail," a true capitalist approach would have let the weaker banks crash for Citibank went insolvent and saw their stock go from $50 a share to $1, but the US Government bailed them out.  Why does the government give subsidies to not only the Oil Company, but to other Corporations and companies that do not need money to remain profitable.  Should you not focus this excess money not for companies that give you campaign money, but to the people in your country that have bright ideas and innovations of their own, or to give everyone healthcare that they deserve.  Instead of having health insurance companies, why can't we get a tax code for health insurance based on income, so that we still pay a co-pay or premium, but the government pays the rest, but they cover just about everything.  This is not socialism, this is free healthcare that everyone deserves.  This will give a reason and incentive to get the government to promote healthier lifestyles because they are the one's paying when we  live an unhealthy lifestyle.

That last part brings me to this:  Processed food is a major problem in America.  On every corner we have fast food chains that is a health problem between a bun.  Processed meat has proven to cause health risks to everyone that eats it such as: lower IQ, obesity, cancer, and diabetes yet the government does nothing to educate children and their families from consuming it in large amounts.  Studies were done in the 1980's in regards to Processed Meat and Fake Sugar like NutraSweet, but since their is excessive profit in the industry, they played a blind eye to the fact that it might cause problems.  The news, experts, and even the government talks about how obesity and heart disease is a problem, and you spend excessive amounts to research solutions, yet you still allow processed food to be bought, cooked, and sold in schools.  My whole life in public school i always wondered why i had to pick bones out of my chicken nuggets and chicken patties, but now i know why.  Processed meat is made when you grind up the excess chicken carcase(?) after you cut off the lean meat and healthy areas of the chicken, and then use a cookie cutter or slicer to mold the now dough like material into patties and nuggets.  If you are supposed to be in power to protect us, why in the world did you not make it known in the 1980's the long-term affects of eating this food because the short-term profit gains were just that good to not pass up?  Is your reasoning that we may not have enough food to feed your country?  Do you really feel the need to inject growth hormones in your chickens even though you know what it causes in humans?  I am all about making money, but you cannot forgo health and safety for money, just tell us to eat less for if we eat less we won't be obese and unhealthy, doesn't it make a lot of common sense.  You play off fake sugar because you say it has less calories, yet it still causes health problems.  I may be naive in saying this, but that is manipulation of the public through lies and deception, and who benefits from that certainly not the consumer for if they were not there neither would your industry.
               In no way am i blaming the past on Obama for these issues occurred well before he was in office, but i think the 3 branches of government needs to play a better role of a protectorate of the people because the manipulation and greed needs to stop.  I believe hard work will take you far in life, and if you work hard you deserve everything that comes to you in terms of financial success, but if you need to lie, cheat, and manipulate people to get there then there is a problem.  Sometimes I wonder if I have a broader perspective on things than some of the politicians in our past yet i say that in retrospect, but i cannot say all of them are like that because you cannot judge all by a few bad eggs. 

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