Saturday, March 3, 2012

What is wrong with our Political System Through My Eyes

Over my lifetime of just 22 years, I have grown up to appreciate the freedoms that America has given me.  I have the freedom to do as I please within reason, as long as I do not harm the well-being of those around me.  I can say what is on my mind, do what I want to do, put in my body what I want, and see whatever I want to see.  As technology has progressed, our US Constitution has become outdated for where our world is taking us.  Computers have changed the world and every year they get more and more powerful as well as getting smaller and smaller.  I saw but a month ago we have made a transistor that is made up of 1 atom.  In my opinion, this is absolutely astounding for the world has become completely inter-connected within a few short decades like it has never been before. The power of the computer and calculus has brought our world to new heights and problems.  So what am I trying to get at?

As our world changes and adapts to new, upcoming things, our government is not keeping up with the times.  Laws that are for the people and by the people must be made to maintain the security of all.  I understand the hierarchy of social classes, but laws should be made to benefit the majority of the people not just the businesses that create jobs, money, and the top of the entire economic system of this country.  The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches are supposed to use a system of checks and balances to maintain a good cycle of government for our country.  As an educated individual, I enjoy learning about what makes our government flow.  As of late, our government has played a blind eye to corrupt individuals who have done nothing, but exploit the insufficient laws we have in this country.  Congress plays a blind eye to environmental causes, but there eye sight is 20/15 when the project brings in more $ like oil, or JP Morgan making 100 million a day during the Bubble.  Credit Default Swaps, insufficient laws, oil, and bad business practices by certain banks almost ruined this world that we live in, but didn't we make Bucket Shops illegal in 1907, but somehow made them legal again in the past decades.  Betting on someone failing is made for places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City not Wall Street, but i know even people my age that day trade and bet against companies.  Derivatives were made for farming not for mortgages or car loans and warranty packages.  Oil is ruining the atmospheric composition as well as the health of those around them.  Taking advantage of those who do not know any better but the simple life they live is just plain wrong, but if people are dumb enough to let it happen without than i guess there's nothing that should be done about it because people are too lazy to educate themselves.  At the same time though, an economy works much better when you trust the people you buy your products from, it is a proven fact, and that trickles down from the government to business to consumers.  The Executive Branch cannot get anything accomplished because the Congress seem to only care about the money at the top rather the flow of the money from top to bottom and they wonder why there are blockages in this chain reaction, but i might go ahead and say that the entire Federal Government only cares about corporate America on the global market rather than the rest of the American people.

Where are the laws against internet hacking?  My blog seems to get hacked every time I am not on it.  Why is Google allowed to have full access to all my information without my consent?  Why isn't the government doing anything about this?  Is it because you are getting billions from lobbyists to play a blind eye to everything?  The government isn't in the business to make money unless we are now a Democratic Republic with Socialist tendencies? You are in it to maintain and protect the welfare of the people you represent.  Why don't judges make rulings off of the laws, but rather make a decision that will make sure that they are going to get money to run their campaign.  I remember a Supreme Court Justice by the name of Marshall who did a wonderful job to make sure this country did not get ruined by the industrial revolution and big business.  Where is that Marshall in America today?  Why is politics all about money and getting re-elected when it should about protecting and promoting the interests of ALL the people it represents?

                Why is it that the government will turn its head to money making machines, while they know the harmful effects it will have on the consumer’s body?  Why is it that you try to hide things from Americans such as the effects of processed Meat that's said to be "All Natural" on the packaging or fake sugar like aspartame that have been proven and known to cause cancer in your body, yet you play it off by saying it is less calories.  I remember in middle school and high school when i bought school lunch i would find bones in the chicken products that we used to call "mystery meat because you never knew what new color or bone you might find in your patty.  Government laws will not stop business for it will only secure the trust of the people to spend money again.  When money and trust is low on the consumer side of business, there is no flow, so it constricts the growth of a nation that has limitless potential.  I am all for a free and open economy, but supply-side economics only in theory works when the supplies are safe and won't cause the consumer to wonder if what their buying is safe have it be a retirement fund, meat products, or the agriculture one purchases that is not labeled properly.  

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