Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why The Age Of Congress Has Made Them Out Of Tune With My Generation

As the world changes in terms of socially accepted standards and technological and scientific advances, as should the politics.  As one looks at the politicians in office now, most are middle-aged man and older.  As technology advances, we need politicians in Congress that have been familiar with technology for a good amount of time if not their whole life.  In my opinion, we need bright, young minds in politics rather than politicians that think they know best for us young adults as well as adolescents and teens even though one can only assume that they don't know the ins and outs of technology and changing social standards, but like to make laws and judgments as though they are oblivious to things.  Congress makes decisions that are in my opinion very irrational, and make no sense in the eyes of my generation and those that come right before and after me.

Over time, social standards have changed from a rather conservative look, to one that has become somewhat liberal.  In today’s youth, liberalization of expression has allowed the youth of America to express themselves in whichever way they choose.  Some politicians are trying to conserve a way of life that was excepted when they were young, but as time progresses as does the way of life for the youth and young adults of the generations that follow those that are in political office.  I am personally tired of hearing politicians trying to control things that should not be controlled.  They try to put government regulations in areas that should not be touched, but do not want to be government regulations on the transferring of the American people's money.  Why do you want to put a stop to gay marriage and changed driving age laws, but you do not want to put more restraints and laws on  Wall Street, investment banks, credit rating agencies,  after they nearly ruined the world economy.   It’s a proven fact throughout the world that government regulation and oversight will lead to be a better, more efficient, and trusted economy.  At the same time, people cannot even trust the government because during the Bubble period, you all got caught using insider trader, and passed laws that were only in place to benefit the investment firms,  banking systems, and yourselves.   This is absolutely appalling to me because if we were to get into another financial crisis, how will changing social laws get us out of a financial problem.  Why don't you make an effort to enforce your watchful and prevent internet hackers from hacking our countries computer systems and ruining them, but you want to stop people from downloading music?  My blog gets hacked every day and no one seems to care, not even Google the site that hosts my blog even though I publicly talk about it.  I have lot of important things on my blog, and the hackers are violating the privacy of my page. I feel like going to the news because I’ve tried to contact Google about it and I’ve gotten no answer.  Republicans are worst politicians than them all, and that’s sad because I believe I am a Republican.  I watched a video on Rick Santorum's speech from the other day, and he seems to think global warming is bogus, and that we need to use the oil from the ground to fuel our world.  Are you really that dumb, or are you just more concerned about money than the well-being of the people you wish to represent.  He even said CO2 is not a problem, yet it was 81 degrees in Chicago today.  This was the same temperature of Naples, Florida. 

 Politicians need to well-educated people who are willing to look outside their own blind and uneducated perception.  The average age of the Senate is 60 years old, and the average age of the house is 55.  The older generation needs to move aside for younger, fresher, and more democratic minds that are in tune with their constituents.  If you cannot connect with your constituents on a social, scientific, and technological level you should be in office.  I am tired of politicians who try to regulate things that should not be regulated, but do not regulate certain things in our country that should be more controlled like our MONEY and BANKING system.  Humans are moral beings, but how can the American’s be rational when the Congress seems like they are just trying to have constrains on the youth of America.  I read bills by Congress on suing people for singing songs on YouTube because they are songs already out by people like Taylor Swift, Drake, and other famous artists.  Is the 12 YEAR OLD MAKING MONEY OFF THE VIDEO OR IS HE/SHE JUST TRYING TO GET THEIR VOICE HEARD OR JUST HAVING FUN?  I leave you with this: take a hard look at who you vote for this upcoming election because it’s time to bring in a younger, more vibrant group of politicians in Washington D.C. who are in more in-tune with the youth of which they represent because we are the future of America.  The generations before us have ruined our financial system, allowed capitalism to fail, and are trying to instill their social standards on a country that has completely changed since they were young. 

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