Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why are the Republicans Worrying About Iran When Civilians Are Getting Killed in Syria

During this campaign season, all I’ve been hearing from the Republican Candidates is how they want to go to war with Iran, over a premise that they are using their nuclear program to create a nuclear weapon.  This is a reason for concern whenever a country starts or has a nuclear program regardless of what they are doing with it, but wouldn't it be smart to talk and make a rational decision with all parties involved before you make a decision that you may or may not regret down the road.  At the same time, the people of Syria are being oppressed, and even some cases killed for wanting to have freedoms that we have and take for granted in the United States of America.  In my opinion, everyone in this world deserves the freedoms that we have here in the United States.  Republicans are worrying about a country in which we helped in the 80's to fight off Communist Russia.  Now, you are worried about them having a nuclear program without talking diplomatically with the country, and the other countries involved in maintaining peaceful nuclear programs throughout the world.  Instead, you should focus your concerns on stopping the violent acts of the leaders and government of Syria.  No one on this Earth deserves to die for wanting to be free, and to be able to have an opinion without having to worry about the consequences of their personal opinion.  In the end, maybe you should focus your campaigns on helping the people of Syria from an oppressive and dictator-like leader who wants to kill his people for wanting change for the better. 

If i do not know the full situation of which is going on in Iran, maybe the government should inform the people of what is going on, so we are not left in the dark about things.  I do not like being left out of a situation, only to find out down the road of why the government or military made certain decisions without telling the people why they made the decision that they made.  i understand not everyone wants to know, but ignorance is not something i want to have in regards to troubling topics that are affecting our world. 

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