Monday, April 2, 2012

How The Passing Of The Healthcare Bill Could Work?

The United States has been built on the principals of a laissez faire economic standpoint to politics.  Many rich politicians of the early United States even up until today, have said that politics just ruins economic progress.  At this particular moment, politics has ruined the economic progress of the greatest country on Earth.  There is a way in which this plan could work if both sides play the right cards.  Here is my story:

Healthcare is an important guideline for the health and well-being of everyone.  To this day, the United States has one of the highest age-expectancies of any country on Earth.  The United States is also one of the sites for the funding of scientific research into medicine of all sorts.   The U.S. has spent billions of dollars on research to help drive this industry.  It seems as though they only bring to light bits and pieces to the bio-medical puzzle that they show you on television.  One is left to decide what is right nor wrong for one's self.  I agree that if we are to not go into socialized economy of healthcare, than the government should do everything in its power to help promote the harmful things that cause health issues in your body.  If they do so insurance companies can make more money because people will get sick less meaning less paid out.  The government's role in this should only be that of a protectorate of the people, for business is but an entity with no conscience awareness but that of the people that represent that entity.  If the government, instead of worrying about health insurance, and worried about creating jobs for a sustainable economic future for its people, then people would not have to worry about insurance because everyone would have a job to buy health insurance.  If you this bill is to pass and work, then we the people, must be given the opportunity to have almost full employment because that is the only way that people will be able to have insurance. 

            In the end, the only way this Bill will work is if the United States creates domestic jobs that will create a growing economy that gives equal health-care to everyone no matter your socio-economic stances.  In providing information on ways to sustain a healthier lifestyle, than insurance companies can profit because people who live better lifestyles go to the doctor less.  By promoting a healthier lifestyle through educational media, and creating better job opportunity will lead this country in the right direction into the future.

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