Monday, April 2, 2012

Is there a higher order to things On Earth?

As I sit here and ponder on the thought of the events that are unfolding in the world today, it makes me think about the laws of nature.  The fundamental laws that govern this universe that we live in have brought us to exist on this planet at this very moment in time.  Over our 4.5 billion year history, the right conditions have culminated with our very existence in our world we call reality.  This higher order has given rise to the fundamental forces of nature: the electromagnetic force, the weak and nuclear force, and of course gravity.  The way in which these forces act upon our reality has given us everything that makes our world of what we see.  As I ponder the idea of consciousness, I start to think that everything may have a form of consciousness, but it may be seen or portrayed in many different ways.  Here is my story:

                   Humans see consciousness as a state-of-mind or the ability to be intelligent.  To me consciousness is the ability to be aware or conscience of one's surroundings.  Let’s take the seasons for example:  In the spring and summer months, anyone living in the northeast portion of the United States, mostly Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, think about the future summer season, and are able to await the summer season because of the changing weather, the interaction between one another, and of course the calendar (book of time) tells you that summer is approaching.  When the summer is here, we all look to get tan, and we all become a little more easy-going rather than in the winter we are quite different, or at least some of us.    At the same time, plants and animals, in my opinion have this idea of consciousness or ability to understand their surroundings.  For example, plants somehow have a biological clock that begins the growing cycle when conditions are just right for optimal growing.  In an ideal setting though, plants like consistent temperature differentiation between peaks and lows just as humans think about in regards to weather.  Plants are also affected by the sudden increase of CO2 in the atmosphere.  The ocean’s habitats are experiencing change as a direct result of this.  We make a conscience decision to allow this to happen, as a result of our altered way of thinking, another part of this system shall suffer to give rise to this change.  This higher order is like a system of balances where you add something it must be canceled out somewhere else.  As you increase something to one side, (the atmospheric composition), another part of nature must be taken away. (Oceanic life) 

The higher order is in question on Earth these days.  Some ponder the idea of consciousness or self-awareness.  Self-awareness is one's perception on reality and how you adapt to that "awareness."  With that being said, everything in our world is aware of their surroundings because we can see that with the changing of the weather with plants and animals.  We humans think awareness comes with our senses, and our ability to act upon them.  Do you think if humans do not accommodate to this altered opinion on awareness that the awareness of those without the ability to communicate, will do so in a manner that could potentially be harmful to the whole system?  Could the entire system have to right itself to bring it back to its perfect balance, or is there a way to help create conditions that will benefit the conscience nature of all things. 

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