Friday, April 13, 2012

Obama's Executive Order On Natural Gas

As of this moment on April 13, 2012, President Obama has signed an Executive Order on Natural Gas in America.  Natural Gas extraction has become a controversial topic in American politics as of recently.  Many Americans see the industry has a way to create energy for our ever growing world.  It is way to create jobs for many unemployed and unhappy Americans.  It is a way to kick-start a lackluster, but improving economy.  It is way to create a reliance on domestic energy rather than worrying about rising prices and animosity in the Middle Eastern World caused by political turmoil.  This rising industry has decreased the average price on natural gas to just below $2.   So what is the big deal about the government taking measures against such an industry that is all about American made energy and job creation you might ask?

             Well now we have several government agencies spending more money diving into an industry that has more holes in its legislation than a New York Bum has in his socks.  The president’s fluctuating opinion and policy on the idea of hydraulic fracturing has led me to wonder what he is trying to accomplish.  I believe the American political system is quite a mess right now over the future of our country.  You have Republicans that want to extract all this natural gas that is affecting the lives of people in and around the extraction sites to help increase economic activity and prosperity of the companies that wish to exploit this land.  This is an industry that will only be around for another 100 years because by then we will have consumed all of our Gas supply, and then look for new ways to fuel our ever growing world.  Natural Gas and Oil industries profits and public outcry over leaks, spills, prices, and environmental problems are only at the beginning stages of detrimental problems.  We have a society that has increasing energy demands, but a system that wishes to fulfill those demands in any way possible even at the expense of those they wish to provide for.  We have a government that is split between finding new ways of using and conserving energy, and government that wishes to go full-steam ahead at the cost of the health and financially well-being of a country, and worry about what will come when it comes.  Even a young age, my parents have always taught me to make well thought out and planned decisions especially when those decisions will affect millions upon millions of people.

             Is it right to push forward in this industry where illegal activities are Ok’d by the judicial, legislative, and executive branches from a local to federal level?  Is the money spent trying to regulate the industryworth it when the industry is so corrupt and entangled in politics that the government agencies may not even be successful in stopping problems that arise  Should the well-being of the people come before increasing economic stature, or is it the American way to put business and money before everything for the ALL-MIGHTY dollar takes importance over ethical and environmental issues?  The American government needs to stop putting things aside until they get so bad that they forced to make abrupt and untimely decisions that are never in the interest of the whole, but for those that help fuel the giant perpetual wheel on commerce. 

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