Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Rise Of The Third Reich: How One Man's Ideology Engulfed A Nation?

The Rise of the Third Reich

            The series of events that led up to the rise of the Third Reich essentially acted as a gateway for Hitler to obtain the reins of power of the Fatherland, Germany.  The shame and anger that came after WW1 was all blamed upon the government for which allowed this to happen.   After the war, Germany was forced by the Treaty of Versailles to a pay for a war that they supposedly started.  This put a serious economic burden especially after the Crash of 29’.   Berlin was considered “Sin City” during the 1920’s because of the loss of all values and standards.  The depression acted as entrance for the Nazi’s and Hitler to take power because Hitler promised to return Germany to the country they once were.  He promised to bring back German Honor that was lost and he stressed about working rights, essentially reaching out to the middle class.  What also played a key role for the rise of Nationalist Socialist Party was the idea that if the citizens of Germany wanted political change, they had to choose between Communism and Nazism.  The burning of the Parliament Hall, the meeting place for the incumbent government, played a significant factor in the rise of Hitler because he subsequently blamed the terrorism on the Communist, further increasing his popularity among the German people even though he did not have full support.  Hitler gained even more support with his ability to speak.  He used emotion through words and body language to gain further support of his supporters and fellow Nazi’s.  Just as FDR did his “Fireside Chats,” Hitler used the same tactics to gather more support.  His ability to reach out to the thoughts and emotions of the people of Germany essentially was his secret weapon to rise of The Nazi Party.  After Hitler became Chancellor in 1933, and the Reichstag was burned, Hitler used this opportunity to start his Decrees.  After this event, Hitler essentially ended the 1st Amendment rights of Germany, ended all political opposition by outlawing them, and was a dictator within 2 months of having power.  While the country of Germany was cheering “Hile Hitler” and holding parades with children raising the Nazi flag, Hitler was opening the first detainment camps and putting in initial framework for a reign of terror that would indefinitely follow.  He even had the German Jews fooled for they supported Hitler because they saw him as a beginning for Germany.  They saw themselves as Germans first, and Jews second which is quite ironic for their leader saw it in a contradictory manner.  During late June and early July of 1934, Hitler and his party essentially got rid of any political opposition, which was later referred to as “Night of the Long Knives.”  Because Hitler’s henchman felt a though Rohm and the opposition S.A., they influenced Hitler to get rid of the opposition, and make all of Hitler’s followers to swear an “Oath of Allegiance,” to the Fuhrer.  After this event, no word or idea opposing the Nazi Party was safe anymore, for Hitler now had total power of the German nation.  He even became Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” in 1934.  Even though the filmmaker was not even a Nazi, Riefenstahl’s, Triumph of the Will, was a key factor for the 1934 Party Rally.  The film empowered the viewer’s sense of pride and allegiance to their country, basically used s political bait for Hitler to finally reel in the total authoritative control of a rising nation.  The next step for Hitler was the Nuremburg Laws.  These new, socially devastating laws essentially outlawed Jews from having any rights.  They were no longer considered citizens, and all Jewish owned stores were abandoned for no German citizen was allowed to shop there.  Social interaction with people of Jewish decent was no longer acceptable or legal in the eyes of the new Nazi government.  According to Hitler, “Jews were sinners, and if able to, they would cut the throat of Christian Germans.”  It was words like these that German children had to read and learn in school for they were considered poetry.  Hitler focused on the Youth of Germany for they were Germany’s future.  He sterilized those he felt were unfit to have children, and brainwashed those young adults that he felt should give back to her country by giving their Fuhrer more perfect offspring.  During this time, Hitler used the money his party made by confiscating all Jewish belongings, for essentially fueling his regime.  In the end, getting out of Germany before it was too late was the biggest problem for many people. In order to leave the country, you must be rich, smart, and cunning to get through the armored fortress I call the Nazi Party.  Many families lost everything in order to leave the country and start fresh somewhere else.  Hitler, by 1938, had risen to full power of Germany and was running full steam ahead.

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