Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Space Exploration: The Next Frontier For Human Discovery and Exploitation

                The world has been fighting over natural resources for as long into our past as I can remember.  In today’s world, the Stock Market is based upon these things as well as technology.  Space exploration could be the key to become the isolationist we once were, as well as prosper financially as a nation.  The United States has always persevered in the end, and this could be the way of the future.

                   Hydrogen, which you may have learned in chemistry or physics depending on how far you took it along your educational path, makes up 99% of the known universe.  Every star in our galaxy is made of hydrogen which is fused into helium.  The type of element their using on Earth for nuclear fusion is helium-3 which cost some 8 million an ounce for but in space it’s free and NO ONE owns it.  The U.S. needs to research and develop a craft that can get into space without the use of expensive rocket fuel, maybe use an electromagnetic track to get a craft going fast enough to heave our way into space without combustible means that will just ruin our ever worsening atmosphere composition.  I'll leave the gadgets on how to extract it to the engineers because that’s not me.  Maybe build centrifuges in areas or on masses that contain helium-3.  NUCLEAR FUSION/FISSION IS A SELF-SUSTAINABLE REACTION THAT JUST NEEDS FUEL. THE COST IS ONLY INFRASTRUCTURE AND MAN POWER. More energy/ less on your electric bill simple laws of supply and demand.  As we as a human race become more technologically advanced with robotics teams working endlessly on new and improving engineering work, and the nuclear scientists coming up with new, innovative ways to use nuclear energy to power our world, what makes you say this is not a feasible and practical goal of the future? This could be the the next frontier for the mankind to explore and exploit to help maintain what life we have at home.  Our energy needs are growing at a rate unseen so far in our history, and the solar system with this cosmic material that brought life and complexity to our planet, why not use this building blocks of our world found elsewhere in our cosmic backyard?

 Asteroids and comets hold just about all the elements in the cosmos.  Why not extract what fine metals we can on the abundance of space masses out there and bring them home to Earth and allow our steel industry to build these high speed electromagnetic rail lines that our foreign rivals have with OUR Steel.  By extracting space materials we can flood the U.S. market effectively lowering the cost for materials and now we can make money off exporting the surplus we have accumulated. 

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