Friday, April 13, 2012

What the Internet Means To Me?

As I look back along the path I’ve taken to this point in my life, there is no greater technology that has impacted my life than the internet.  I can remember my first AOL screen name back when I was in 4th grade, until now where the world of internet databases, social networking, and virtual stores has taken over the world.  The implementation of the virtual superhighway I call the internet has connected people, ideas, and information from across the globe at the "click of a button."  At the same time, people's culture, ethics, opinions, and ideologies of the internet have brought us as a society to a crossroad.  The internet was created with idea that this new technology would not be subject to hackers, spyware, viruses along with a variety of other concepts and devices that could send this new world spiraling downwards.  As I see it, the internet will continue to revolutionize the future of how we as humans carry out our lives, and I hope that proper government laws with the cooperation of society and business to take this new tool to new heights where the world is connected across a safe and secure network. 

The government has a lot of control over the forward progress of the information superhighway.  Just recently, the government tried to pass laws such as SOPA which would allow the government to block and censure the internet where they see necessary.  In my opinion, who has the right to tell the users of this created world what is allowed to be viewed and accessed and what is not.  At the same time, the government should protect and provide services to protect the rights and privacy of a new world that has been opened up for those who wish to dive into the depths of this virtual society.  Should the government be allowed to have any interference over the social networks that are now prevalent in our everyday lives?  This idea leaves many people scared to post certain ideas, pictures etc., that they have come to while doing research on the internet.  The internet is now a way for people to gather and discuss ideas about how many controversial topics especially politics, so in a way the internet is a great tool for politicians and his/her constituents to interact and discuss plans and policies that could affect the internet and others aspects of their lives.  The government and internet companies should also protect the money of its citizens by increasing its watchful eye on identity theft by watching patterns of use which could be done by computers which track and remember your frequent stops on this information highway.  In the end, protecting and maintaining privacy, but making sure the rights of those they are protecting are not tarnished can be a tough job. Keeping that space between protecting and interfering can sometimes be a daunting task, and on a lot of occasions that boundary is breached because it’s considered a “matter of national security”, or people use their power to their advantage which we see and hear about each and every day.

The internet is also a place to really promote yourself and ideas.  Look at the idea of the Google blog.  I have taken this opportunity to speak my mind in ways I've never been able to before.  The internet is a way to express thoughts and ideas that up until now were confined to one's mind, notebook, classroom, or USB Drive, but now can be seen by people from all over the world.  In just three short months of having this blog, I now have 64 posts that now amount to some 300 pages of work which has been read all over the world.  At the same time, I can research and interact with other's views, ideas, and facts by going on Google and typing in the name and ideas of those who came before me.  The internet has led me even further on my path of self-discovery for now if I have a question about a particular thing, I can simply look it up, and fortunately I have an uncanny ability to retain information at a quick and easy base, the internet is now put limitless boundaries on my intellectual capacity, and has driven my ambition faster than ever before.  For the first time, I am able to talk to someone from across the globe who has similar views on the world as I do without people next to each other or on the phone.  In the end though, this information superhighway should be respected because people put a lot of time and effort to contribute to the construction to this global network. 

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