Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fracking is Banned In Vermont

Fracking has become a very controversial issue in American and global economics and politics in the recent past.  Fracking to some is considered a booming and profitable industry in America in terms of domestic energy production.  At the same time, some may argue that it is much more harmful than helpful to our ever-growing and changing world.  Vermont has taken a giant step forward for all the anti-fracking people, groups, organizations, and even now states.  They are now the first state to pass legislation to ban this new energy extraction industry, and they will not be the only one to do so after they've got the ball rolling.  Why ban this industry that brings much needed jobs, money, and business to your state you may ask?  The governor of Vermont as well as  other experts in the industry throughout the United States believe there is strong evidence that contamination to groundwater as well as mild earthquakes come as a direct result of the fracturing of the shale rock to extract oil and natural gas. 

This leaves the people of the United States and people all over the world with many questions!  Will other states follow in Vermont's footsteps?  What will the presidential candidates in the upcoming election have to say about Vermonts decision to ban the industry?  Will this cause a trickling effect throughout the country, or will the greed of private industry and big business sway the minds and votes of the politicians in their respective states like those in Texas?  Will this be broadcasted and told throughout the world, or just be subject to little national or global mass-media coverage?  Only time will tell!

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