Monday, May 7, 2012

Life: What it means to me?

Sometimes i sit and ponder on the idea of life and what it means.  What does it mean to feel alive,  Is it waking up every morning, and being awake or alive to the world around you for which you interact with?  How is it possible that one can feel more alive than another?  Does one feel more alive because the sequence of events that has preceded him/her that has allowed someone to feel more alive than another?  Do the ideas of life coincide with the essential liberties for which we live and die for as intelligent people?  What happens when those liberties are infringed upon? Does that mean the meaning of life is distorted because the constitution says we all deserve the means of life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of eternal happiness, for the world we live in now sometimes shows otherwise.  Don't ever let anyone take away your feeling of life in whatever way it means to you.

            Life is the culmination of a variety of different things.  We are all born with the ability to live, but what does it really mean to live.  Honestly, i am only 22 years old, so my view on life may not be the same as someone who is 50, for life experience will only bring a more detailed and vivid truth on the meaning of life.  Life to me are the struggles and triumphs for which we overcome, and essentially give one a feeling of life, for their hard work and persevearance has payed off.  These triumphs bring you "the breathe of life" or the feeling that anything is possible with alittle work and attentiveness to the task at hand.  Life also brings a variety of pain and failure, for which sometimes offsets the feeling one gets when they have triumphed, but anything you feel strongly about is worth fighting for.  For example, my mother, if some of you have read my prior blogs, almost had life taken from her grasp through her struggle/fight with cancer, but her ability to overcome life's struggles and pains even at its darkest hour has proven to me that anything is possible you just have to deal with it and overcome it.  Even after beating her bout with cancer and preserving her own life, she wished to continue on as if it was just a small bump along the road.  Today, after struggling with finding job because of her recent past, she has persevered and found a new job as a nurse in hospice care, where she can help bring joy and care to the lives of those who are not so fortunate, and i have the utmost respect for anyone who is willing to do that for I have not always been so kind and mature. I've played baseball my entire life, and i really think it blinded my ability to see life in the fullest light.  Life isn't just about physical triumphs, but those emotion and mental triumphs that will deepen your feeling of life and being alive for the only thing that made me feel alive was getting a K or winning a ball game, nothing else mattered.  Things in life have for the most part come easy to me before that point, but it was after that point where i had to struggle with myself and the world around me to truly find myself outside of the game, but i did and i will never look back for it has only made me stronger in the end.  But in the end, ask yourself what it means to be alive for you?  Is it your senses and conscious awareness of the world around you that makes you feel alive?  Is it your ability to feel pain and hardship and in the end persevere over them that makes you feel alive, or is it just waking up to live and fight another day that makes you feel alive?  No one is right nor wrong in this situation, for who am i to inflict judgement upon another person, for i have not lived one second in their in mind and body.  Never give up on life, for life will never give up on you unless you let it, so i can infer the same of humans.  Do not let any human being take away your breathe of life, or what makes you feel alive have it be your freedom, your thoughts, your ideas, or your actions as long as they do not infringe upon those who also seek to live life.  Life is not fair to those who say it is not fair, but just keeping moving along day after day for it is not the end of the road that matters, it is the sequence of struggles and triumphs that have culminated before your very eyes that truly makes the end result that much sweeter.  LIFE IS GREAT, LIFE IS UNBIASED, people's words and actions make it otherwise so.

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