Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Water Is More Precious than Gold

Over the past year of my life i've tried to take almost every type of liquid out of my diet besides water.  At the same time, i still drink milk on occasion because of the obvious benefits from protein and calcium, and i'll occasionally drink juice.  I've really got to thinking about the topic of what one should drink and what one shouldn't take in.  You look throughout nature and even in our own lives at other animals, and all they drink is water.  You give you dog a water bowl, National Geographic shows how much of the wild is on a constant search for a new watering hole, so why should humans consume anything else?  In the end though, i've come to realize it is much more complicated than that.

      I've watched in the news as of lately how high fructose corn syrup has become somewhat of an epidemic in the United States, and its found in almost every soda or juice product you buy.  It is scientifically proven that artificially made substances such as this can cause memory problems and can also affect your ability to learn and absorb information, not to mention ruin your teeth.  American society does not care about the long term effects of things like this because the short terms effects are quite appealing for sugar is an addictive substance and it simply appeals to your taste buds.  People do not think about the long term effects of it over a lifetime. High Fructose  Corn syrup is on a long list of things you take in that can lead to health problems such as kidney disease from your kidneys having to filtrate the enormous amount of this toxic substance. It can also lead to problems with the liver as well as other parts of the digestive system that take out toxins from the body.  Combined with other poor lifestyle decisions it can be eventually be very detrimental to your overall liver functions, and can lead to scarring and is what is known as "fatty liver."  HFCS can also lead to heart problems because of the build up of plaque in your arteries which will presumably increase your chances of hypertension, heart disease, and even stroke, and you may know from my other blog post, kidney and heart function go hand in hand with one another. 

           I frequently think about the composition of our body.  Our body is made of primarily water, as well as carbon(bones) and iron(blood).  The main focus i'd like to attribute this article is the fact that our body is made up of almost all WATER.  In my personal opinion, if your body is made up of mostly water, shouldn't you only put water in your body.  At the same time, people usually make up for their lack of eating with drinking.  Most of your beverages are all empty, useless calories, and honestly your body graves more to drink when you drink things like soda because it does not fulfill your bodies need for liquid, so it leaves you drinking more and more which then leads to health issues. Water is essential to all life on Earth, so why should people shy away from drinking it on a daily basis.  Some may say that water just isn't tasty, and that one needs some flavor in their liquid, and for most of my childhood i was blinded by my taste buds, but i've realized that when i am extremely thirsty, what does my body crave, WATER, not soda or any other beverage.  You can have too much water in your diet though which can and will lead to kidney problems because your kidneys are going to be overworked, but in the end your body knows when its thirst is fulfilled, and when its thirsty, so just listen to it for your body will not do you wrong unless you personally let it by consuming too much of one thing.  Your body, and nature as a whole likes to maintain a steady balance to it, and by consuming the right amount of water and only water, i feel strongly that one can and will live a healthy life.

 A huge problem in the world today are diseases caused by unsanitary water.  Many people all over the world suffer from lack of safe drinking water.  Many parts of the world do not even have access to drinking water or if they do its polluted because of a lack of efficient sanitation infrastructure.  People dump their waste products into our lakes, rivers, streams, and aquifers not realizing the long term effects that their actions have on the enviroment and humans for we are apart of the whole picture.  I'm tired of the world playing a blind eye to this because of the all-mighty dollar sign for water is the single most important thing on this planet we call home.  Without water we would not have existed, and if we do not do right to our own bodies, our water, and our environment, we may not have the same luxury in the future as we do now. 

             We are at a cross-road right now with business and the environment, for we are on a path of self-destruction because of money.  Money has caused us to forgo the bodily harm that HFCS(high-fructose-corn-syrup) causes in the brain, the circulatory system, and the digestive system because we must continue our economic growth into the future.  We must continue to fuel our every growing energy needs by drilling for oil and natural gas as well improper disposal of waste materials, littering, as well as other things we really do not think about while our groundwater steadily worsens here in the U.S., but human nature will always forgo long term effects because of short-term goals or actions which are always intertwined with the all-mighty dollar sign.  In the end this problem is not just in the United States, but all over the world.  We must realize as a whole how precious water truly is to us in our daily lives, and realize that the future may be grim in terms of clean water supply for water is not a privilege, but a right for everyone and everything on this Earth, and when and if that global fresh water supply declines over time who knows what governments, business, or even the average person will do when that day comes.  Will governments act in a way to help the cause of educating the people about our actions and how it effects our body and environment, will business privatize the water supply and treat it as a commodity(thats just wrong) where the price will sky-rocket as supply is lessened by our conscious actions as human beings, and what will the average person revert to if the world they live in is stripped of regularly obtainable water? 

Honestly, i will always be optimistic throughout my life whether it be a struggle or triumph, but the way people have become simply scares me.  People will do anything to make a buck but will always try to transfer the blame to someone else have it be with government, business, or the average person. Society as whole is to blame, but the further we prolonge change for the better, the worse things can get.  I leave you with this:  Society as a whole has gotten us into this mess of unhealthy lifestyles in America, so society as a whole can get itself out of something it got itself into.   As just an ordinary 22 year old, most people will just overlook things i say, but honestly i care too much about myself, my family, my community, my country, and my planet to ever give up on things  I am truly passionate about and hope each and everyone of you who reads this feels the same way.

"Our body and our world is like a temple, church, or mosque, worship it with all the right things to keep it going strong, and get rid of the evils that stop it from living a healthy, long life."(SK)

Water is the greatest gift of nature after life itself, so protect it and educate yourself on its true importance in our lives in the short term and long term.

Human greed will be the true destroyer of worlds because human nature shows throughout history that man will never be satisfied by what he has now, but how much more he can obtain in the future and by any cost necessary to those around him. 

Humans, being the last evolutionary step on Earth(or so i think), will be the first to cause its utter destruction if we do not change and adapt to what we have learned in the past and present.  We are more than able to make change as an intelligent and consciously aware being, but will our stubborn nature hold us back?

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