Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Product of the Whole Is Equal To The Sum Of Its Parts and Vice Versa

So first off, your probably wondering what in the world I mean by the title, "The Product of the Whole = The Sum of its parts.  In essence, this could mean a million different things.  In terms of our everyday lives,  when making a sandwich the sum of all the parts of the sandwich gives you the information of what the sandwich as a whole is made of.  Together, the information of the whole can be found only when the sandwich is completely done because before it is completed it is simply just your cheese, lettuce, meat, bread as seperate entities.  This may be a bad example so let me try again.  A tree is made up of bark, leafs, roots, and the wood that makes up the inner structure of the tree.  When you add up all its parts, its end product culminates in the full tree, therefore the parts of the tree may hold the information or bits of the whole because it is simply apart of the whole.  This basic concept has been of great interest to me lately in terms of our universe.  My mathematical skills are coming along at a slow pace simply because my life before my Mom got sick was simply that of a lazy and complacent individual who made excuses for my immaturity and transferred the blame to everyone but myself, but there's always that point in your life where you either give up or simply sky-rocket yourself to the fullest of your capabilities that you may have never known you had because your blinded by the crumbling effects of society itself, particularly my generation.  But let's look at the universe and see how this idea makes sense in my head. 

        As i've learned from reading books, watching lectures on YouTube, watching television programs in which some of the greatest minds in physics bring such complicated ideas to a generality in which most people can understand, and simply thinking logically in my own head,  The universe can be viewed as pixels or bits of energy and information.  As the sum of the whole changes into different forms over time from the infinitely small point of space scientists call the big bang singularity, and the weak force increases a system's entropy, it scatters everything we see  into superclusters, which break down to individual galaxies, which break down into billions of stars, which break down into solar systems, which break down into planets and other space objects, which break down to what makes up the planet which essentially breaks down into atoms, molecules, and compounds that make up what we see like water(H20), iron, and carbon.  These then break down into subatomic particles like protons, neutrons, and electrons.  Protons and neutrons which are only seperated by a slight change in its mass and spin then break down into quarks like up and down quarks or strange and charm quarks each of which has its own mass and spin.  Then they say at the smallest level, our world ends with what they call strings which can be made up of closed loops or one dimensional strings.  These strings vibrate and spin at a rate which is inversely proportional will respect to one another.  Now this is where i have soo many questions.  Are strings like quantum bits of energy that hold the information of itself and then the information of the whole universe all at the same time simply because it is apart of the whole?  It is possible that we live in a web of strings that are interconnected by electronic information that can shared instanteously because they are apart of a closed system that we call our bubble universe.  If this is true, then this leads to other questions. 

Quantum Entanglement comes from the idea that all particles like elecrons are entangled and directly affected by the motion and state of the next which therefore allows us to assume that everything is truly interconnected with one another.  But how can the manipulation of one state of a particle affect the state of the another at a short distance or even a long distance. If this can be true, who knows how fast and complicated computers can become.  If this is true, could we possibly talk and communicate ideas across the cosmo's? 

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