Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What is Reality To Me?

          Reality, through my eyes and personal perception, is simply your brain's computation of the visible light and invisible sound around you in the seeable universe, but in in most cases simply the light you see visible from your plane of sight here on Earth.  The thing that truly interests me in this aspect of reality is the fact that even though everything around you is simple and concrete in nature, and for the most part unchangeable in terms of the laws of nature, the 7 billion people of this grand planet have 7 billion different perspectives and viewpoints on this unchanging consistency of the spectrum of light in which your eyes, your perceptual transmitter, view reality on Earth.  Though most of my blogs are just pure philosophy for the most part where ideas and pictures just pop into my brain's thought process for a few moments and are replaced rather rapidly by new ones, the concepts of what reality truly is something that keeps coming back to me day after day, but sometimes I am just too nervous to write and speculate about it outside my frame of thought to written words for my peers find me rather weird and abstract, so I  feel trapped in a world inside my own mind sometimes, which you too may find rather different and its ok.  To the average person, thoughts about reality are quite clear to them, what they see is what they see, what they feel is what they feel, and so forth.  If this is the case, then why do people view things in a manner that is opposite or different than that of the next individual?  Politicians do this quite frequently.  Their vision or perceptual view of the world is programmed in their brain in such a way that their parties view of the world is right while the others is wrong, and they will go as far as they have to go to program the minds of those of lay-people to perceive that their vision of reality is true, but really what is true and unchanging when everyone's view is different for no one has walked in their shoes and see what they see, feel what they feel, and do what they do. The brain, in my opinion, is like the hardware of the computer, where it can be programmed to see the world around us any way, shape, or form from the photons of light to simple electronic pulses or activity across the synapses of the nervous system.  The senses are simply the software of the computer, where it enhances our field of view or perception of reality.  I may be right or wrong on this matter, but it just makes sense to me, so if you feel opposed to my train of thought, simply take this with a grain of salt and throw it away.  You can train your mind to do anything over a period of time which shows that is much like a computer where if something is programmed or computed in your brain enough it simply becomes second nature to us that is why the proper care and teaching to our youth is so important, where as they get older their vision of reality shall collide with those individuals who see and react to the world in a different manner for they were brought up differently.  At the same time, aren't differences in each and every one of us the key to making the world go round for what's the difference between a human and a robot is our ability to interact with the world in a deep and complex way, so that our brain's computations of light and matter across our electronic grid I call the brain will never be the same as the next, but hey there might be people out there that want that singular mindset to have complete and utter control.

   I've come to realize that the only real, physical truth upon reality is this:  The laws of nature are simply the only real and unchangeable reality.  Numbers are the only real and unchangeable force of reality everything else is simply the reaction between the brain's transfer of light and matter into electronic computations that are created and fired in the brain to form the mold of our perceptual reality.  Now this is slightly off topic, but just popped into my mind at this particular moment in time: if the many worlds theory is correct and we live in a multi-verse of universes that collide, could our number reality (laws of nature) be a constituent of the previous universe that shared the same fundamental principles, while others that we don't react with have different laws that their universe abided by, or is this idea completely irrelevant?  I guess only time will tell!  Thank you for your time and energy.

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