Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Future Of HealthCare in America

When I turn on the television and listen to the political parties go back and forth on the issues of healthcare, and more particularly "ObamaCare."  This issue has caused so many problems among the citizens of the United States, but for what reasons.  As a young adult who's journey as a man, a citizen, and a contributing member of society is truly just beginning, this issue is truly an important one in my eyes as future comes upon us as the days pass by.  Many feel that America has been built upon the idea of survival of the fittest, where each of us are in this world to succeed as prosper for ourselves, not needing to worry about the well-being of others on our journey towards success.  As the future is upon us now, healthcare has become more and more expensive for the citizens of the United States from  the cost of regular doctor's visits and prescriptions to cancer treatment for those who's journey through life was not as pleasant as the next.   No matter how hard to try to prevent sickness, sometimes life just is not fair to all.  I come to you today not to try to sway your opinion on healthcare, but to open your eyes to different perspective.  Do you think anyone in this world wishes to get sick, so why should someone such a child go through life without the opportunity to get the care they need because they cannot pay for it?  We live in a day when scientific and medical breakthroughs come faster than ever before, yet some people do not wish to let everyone to have access to these amazing new things just because they cannot pay for it.  There has been a time in the recent past when healthcare companies stopped making medicine for young cancer patients with blood cancer because they could not make money off of it.  Money should not come before the care of our America's youth, for this instills bad morals for the youth of America to live by for when they are matured and contributing members of society, they will too believe that money comes before the well-being of there neighbors and fellow citizens all across the nation.  Should we let politicians tell us our hard earned tax money cannot go towards helping others especially our youth or hard-working, but aging baby-boomers who have made America the one we've come to know love, then i do not know what we can do!  Healthcare for all to enjoy will always be more important in my heart and mind over excess spending on the endless wars we continue to fight to no avail, as well as other aspects of government spending that are unnecessary and only help a fraction of the population rather then majority as a whole.  In the end,  no one in the world wishes to get sick, so why should we go through life letting people suffer simply because cannot afford it? 

Quantum Duality: The Light/Matter Interaction

While looking in the structure of matter in the visible universe, one can see that everything forms in such an elegant manner.  An a young age, i was in awe by the physical and material world, and how I always thought to myself, "how in the world could all this 'stuff' come together to form such a perfect place.?"  On the atomic level, matter breaks down into 3 distinct particles, protons, neutrons, and electrons.   Scientists say that electrons, protons, and neutrons as well as light on the quantum level, travel through spatial dimensions in a wave like manner.  One night earlier this summer, i was outside in my backyard after a horrific storm that left my home and the majority of my town without power, so i decided to step outside and look up into the vast, beautiful night sky and watch the light reflect off the pool.  The light from the sky lit up the wave like ripples that constantly kept the water in motion.  It got me thinking about how this duality principle actually works.  Everything in the universe works in a wave like manner until you look at it.  But how how does that work?

         As we all know, we are able to see things in the material world by bouncing light off it, and that light reaches our eyes, and is transferred as electronic information to the back of our brains, and is then transferred, reflected, and enhanced back out to what we see.  So how on the quantum level can something be a particle and a wave.  When you are not looking at something, a collection of particles such as electrons can work in a manner that resemble a wave function.  When you bounce light off an electron, and you observe it at the speed of light, for that split second, you can measure and quantify that particular electron in a well defined place in space and time.  That elecron, the next nano-second may not be there in anymore, but once you bounce light or photons off the electron, you are able measure that particular particle. 

          In a sense, the quantum world works and both waves and as particles, it all depends if you are looking at it.  When one bounces light off an object, the interaction between light and matter gives it a well-defined location in space and time.  When you are not looking at it, in theory, it can be there and not be there at the same time, but on a larger scale it seems to be quite far-fetched because as people we are conditioned to know things are there even when we do not see them.