Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Universe As a Hologram


The Holographic Principle and the Human Brain

The idea of holograms has been around since the early 1920's when the British Thomson-Houston Company made an unexpected discover while trying to improve an electron microscope, but the theory didnt pick up to practical use until the lae 1940's. A hologram works like this: A laser is used to create a light field which passes through a divergent lense, then records the information on the reference plate of the image in which you wish to create in three-dimensional space. Experts in physics and cosmology have taken this idea of the hologram, and have come to the rationalization that the entire universe is a hologram giving birth to the holographic princple.

The implications of the holographic principle have been debated for quite some time. The idea did not really gain attention until the infamous Stephen Hawking published a paper on black holes. In his paper he argued that black holes violated the second law of thermodynamics by stating that information is lost when it reach beyond the event horizon, but the energy remains. He did make significant breakthrough in the entropy of a black hole that answered questions that had boggled the minds of many physicists. This equation describes the correlation between the surface area of a black hole and its information.

Surface area is proportional to the volume of space within the object and in this case I speak about a black hole.

1/4S = c3A/4h/c3G

A = the area of the event horizon of a black hole
C= speed of light in 3 dimensions
h = Planks length - 1.6 X 10-35meters
G = Gravity as a constant relative to given mass.

When your break this equation down even further you can simply say that
 = A/c3/4hbar(G)because the  Area is measured by S=c3A/4hbar(G) so the 4 cancels  out because when you take the derivative of the 4 and switch it the other side it cancels it out , so your left with S S= c3A/hbarG.  From the derivation I found out that surface area in 2 dimension at the planck scale is inversely proportional to the 3 dimension volume projected out of that 2 dimension area.  Since surface area and volume are inversely proportional to one another you can now cancel the 1/4 and 4 out and you are left with this equation. S = A/HbarG where A is the surface area of black hole, hbar is the plack constant in length units and G is the gravitational constant.

The equation states that the surface area of the planck scale in 2 dimensions is inversely proportional to its 3 dimension reality of which we perceive.  

The surface area in Planck Units of a black hole is proportional to the volume of the black hole. By making this inference, it leads one to the idea of the holographic principle. The holographic principle states that any volume of space can be found on the 2-dimensional surface area of space-time. The information can be calculated by finding the total amount of information which that is proportional to the Planck area of said black hole. This leaves us with one degree of freedom per Planck area. To think that the whole visible universe could be just an arrangement of bits of information smeared on the surface brain that is beyond the horizon of what we can see on Earth is truly mindblowing. How can a physical reality that seems so solid be simply a projection from a set of holographic information that could be an infinite distance from my home on Earth. What is truly amazing about a hologram is the idea of wholeness. When one tries to remove a part of the hologram, although the fuzziness of the virtual 3-dimensional object increases, one can still make out the original object that was visible before part of the hologram is removed. This leads us to believe that information of the entire hologram is embedded in each individual region of the 2-dimensional image, so no matter how much you of the information you remove from the system, the holographic projection with still be visible.

 Just as information is compared to energy and matter, information is quite similiar to experience. As human's experience, we develope a working memory of the information we sense through the nerve system. We experience through seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and taste. The information we obtain increases over time which leads us to more complex thought and rationalization of the physical world around us which within the laws of physics satisfies the second law of thermodynamics. These senses are computed by the brain of the individual much like a computer where transistors work much like neurons and synapses. Information is stored along individual neurons, but when the information is retrieved from the working memory, it is fired along the synapses leading to new connections, which is then stored again to be retrieved at a later date in time. Our mind works similiarly to the holograhic membrane to which our universe is projected or computed from. Our brain acts a "holographic brane" because the information or experiences of the individual is embedded within the neurons of each section of the brain, and information is processed and retrieved when your senses trigger a recall of said information. One can calculate the amount of information gained from an experience by finding the entropy of a set of information divided by the amount of information of a system that is to be learned or taken in.  The information is linear, where the instructions, or input, is proportional the output of the system.  The human eye takes in information through light, which is turned into electronic information and processed, then projected back out. 

What is also interesting while comparing the structure of a hologram to structure of the human brain. When one removes a part of the hologram, the structure of the whole is embedded within each part of the image in which you wish to recreate. This could correlate to the way in which the brain of a human works. When an individual loses part of the mental or physical functionality of the brain by removing part of the brain, the experiences or information of the content of tht part of the brain is embedded within the whole neural structure of the brain itself. Experiences learned may become fuzzy, and difficult for an individual to retrieve, but the information from those experiences is still stored within the brain and its neural structure.
 The equation is wrong, it should be s= c3A/Hbar(G).....the number is almost infinitely big

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Human Beings: Biological Evolution and Life Experience Leads to More Logical /Abstract Thinking

Human beings, in my opinion, are the end result of 4 billion years of natural selection and evolution.  Over the course of billions of years of change in terms of living organisms, we as humans have been able to call ourselves the final product of the evolutionary process here on Earth as of right now.  Some speculate on human beings one day becoming more like autonomous robots down the road, but that obviously would not be from natural processes, but from human manipulation.  Sometimes I lie at night and wonder what causes some of us to act more like our primate ancestors who live off primitive instincts while others use more abstract and logical thought processes.  I've deduced this rationalization into two distinct reasons: the amount of neurons in our brains, and our life experiences that have drove us as people to either have the ability to act more logically or revert back to our primitive nature.

First I shall talk to you about the biological processes of the human race.  Genetics plays a key role in the evolution of each and every one of us.  Why is it that some people seem to have more intelligent thought processes than others, and what truly constitutes intelligence?  Intelligence is all relative to the perception of how one rationalizes it.  To me, intelligence is the ability to think critically with logical reasoning, the ability to have abstract thoughts, and the ability to see every possible angle that elaborates on several different perspectives of a given situation.  This to me comes from one's genetics, for some people are able to do this with ease, while some have to work hard to achieve this goal, and some just cannot do it all.  This idea leads me to think about the amount of neurons one has in their brain, and how many neural connections one's brain can make from such intelligent thought.  The more neurons and structures that comes with its abundance on a biological level leads me to believe that those individuals who possess such fortunate biological tools will be able to overcome their primitive nature and think more like an intelligent being.  The more neural connections one builds over a given lifetime will lead to better overall reasoning skills, abstract thought, and enhanced ability to see the world in a broader perspective.  For example, the average human has 100 billion neurons in their brain, while a worm has 302 (i'd source this but i forget where i got info from about the worm).  The more neurons one has the more conscious thought they are bound to have, so a human who has more neurons will obviously be able to think more than one who has less.  Unfortunately, we as humans are born with a certain capacity for intelligence, and it rarely deviates to a higher level than your biological means has set for an individual.  At the same time, our personality as human beings plays a key role in our thought processes.  One's self-interest dictates what one thinks about, and that is the greatest thing about people, none of us are exactly the same and the diversity is what makes mankind such a beautiful creation. 

Although biology and evolution has a great effect on our evolution as a race, so does our life experiences.  People who have to revert to primitive thinking and actions for means of survival will be less inclined to think like a human being and more like a primate.  This may sound really rude and arrogant, but I do not mean to apply emotion when I write this blog entry, but to use logic devoid of human emotion.  Primitive instincts may include having to do whatever it takes to eat and drink and to protect their family members just like in the wild.  Those who do not have the means or comfort like some of us, have to worry about our next meal and will forgo abstract thought and reasoning because their thought process is overwhelmed by their hunger for we all need food and water to continue to live and breathe.  This is a sad reality for some people all over the world, and it truly is a sad realization.  The other concept that leads to primitive mindset is the means of having to protect one's self and family from being harmed.  By having to worry about survival in those terms, one has to worry about being killed before having the time or ability to think about improving one's intelligence in other matters that those who are more fortunate have the ability to do.  It is the sad truth that in such a modern society, some people still have to live their life in such a manner that reverts back to primitive nature, but unfortunately it continues to happen.  Being an optimist in nature, I feel that at some point in the future we can rid the world of this outlook on life, so all can enjoy life in a manner that will promote such a higher level thought process, but only time will tell.

In the end, I hope we all evolve to a point where the human race is a society of abstract, logical, and intelligent thinkers.  It won't be easy, but by means of working together to promote such a world I would have to end by saying this: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU SET YOUR MIND TO IT!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Excessive White House Spending

As I wake up every day, many ideas pass in out of my conscious thought.  Sometimes a lot of the ideas are more prevalent than others.  Although I may forget them because I prioritize some more than others, the thought of White House spending continues to prevail in my thought process just as much as the universe.  Being a political thinker must come from my last name, Kennedy.  Although I may not be directly related to JFK, I have done extensive research on the Kennedy and Mannion clan, and we all come from the same place in Ireland.  My scientific mindset comes from my Czech and German background coming from my father's maternal woman who is first generation German immigrant who came before to America to escape the tyrannical grips of Nazi German.  My mother's father was an engineer for GM in Detroit when Detroit was a booming industrial economy, so that is where I get my visions for designing.  So how do I rationalize excessive government spending, and what should be done about it?

The average American has a daily, monthly, and yearly budget that has to fit the means of which they can afford.  If they spend more than they make, then the said family goes broke, and in turn, builds excessive debt.  In my opinion, this should apply to the White House.  Our president and vice president go on trips that exceed millions of dollars that we as Americans pay considering our tax dollars help pay for this excessive lifestyle.  Obama preaches that he comes from a modest family, yet he goes on vacations and trips where he spends millions by bringing 100’s of people along.  Allen Iverson went broke because he paid for his entire entourage while he was in the NBA.  I just read that VP Biden spent a $500,000 on a trip to France that lasted but a few days.  This excessive spending is absolutely ridiculous considering our country is extremely broke or so it appears to be. 

Using tax payer money to help pay for your lavish lifestyle is just immoral and unethical.  The White House should be given a yearly budget for which they can spend accordingly.  I understand as the President you must spend a lot of money to handle your job because jet fuel and certain accommodations are not cheap, but you need to take a more conservative mindset to your private fiscal policy as President and Vice President.  The tax payer's money is not your private piggy bank, and you need to learn that you cannot act like a kid in a candy store with your use to it.  I bet you wouldn't act so freely with your own money, which is probably how you became such a rich man to begin with.  The key to business is to make more money than one spends, so please see your White House budget as such, and since the last time I read the Constitution, your job isn't to make money or spend money, but to perform a task that is to maintain order and maintain a solid foreign policy to promote peace and prosperity domestically and internationally.  I will give it to you; you’re doing a good job maintaining diplomatic relations throughout the world to prevent all out war besides your use of drones.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Facebook Taking Your Pictures/Thoughts and Calling Them Their Property: Why FaceBook's Actions Are Justified

This afternoon my father and I had a chat about private property, and companies using your property for their business.  Although, my dad does not have Facebook, and has never been on the website, he made a lot of sense to me today.  I initiated the conversation by saying how I did not feel as though Facebook should be able to say that my pictures and thoughts should not be considered their property.  He began his rebuttal by telling me that Facebook is a company, and anything you put on their page belongs to them since your putting property within their company.  I came back by saying, well Dad your absolutely right, but shouldn't the property be of mutual ownership since the individual took the pictures or words, and physically put the property on the social network of Facebook.  He agreed to an extent that your pictures and words are yours, but the individual knowing puts the information on the company's website with the knowledge that they are a legitimate company who makes money off of your usage of their site.  My father completely changed my personal perception on Facebook's laws, but whether they should have gone public is a matter of opinion of each and every one of us.  Zuckerberg's revolutionary idea and hard work are certainly worth the billions he has now made as a result of years of labor.

I've come to the realization that if one does not like the fact that Facebook is a company, and anything you put on their site is now their property, than simply do not put your thoughts and pictures on the website.  We are all given the choice to put things on the social network, and in my opinion, so if you do not want your pictures and thoughts to have mutual ownership between the company and yourself than simply do not put them on the site and they won't be. 

This does not mean that Facebook and its shareholders should use your information for evil because if you did not know the FBI uses Facebook pictures for their new facial recognition system, which they've spent billions to be able to spy on you.  What gives them the right to do that by invading your privacy?  The only way they can do that is if the U.S. government owns a part of Facebook, and being that our economy is capitalistic in nature, that would mean that the government owns part of the means of production, which in turn, means we are both a socialist and democratic republic.  This leads me to think that if this is the case, we are being lied to because in a capitalist society, we believe in a laissez faire economy where the government plays a hands off role to business.  The government only intervenes in the economy where they see fit, and plays a blind eye where they want which is absolutely absurd.  If the executive branch uses their implied powers to rationalize this decision, then I’d say see you in the Supreme Court, but Obama has packed the Court with judges he’s appointed so once again I’ll say GOODLUCK to myself and the American Public.

The Naked Truth About The Drink Company NAKED

For much of my adult life I have tried to keep on a healthy diet by consuming mainly lean meat, natural sugars, and of course carbohydrates that will help me sustain a healthy amount of energy throughout my daily life.  I am a firm believer that a strong body promotes a strong mind, and  strong mind promotes a strong body.  I have taken a liking to fruit smoothies since my days at La Salle University.  At the University Union building, they offered a smoothie station where one could order from dozens of different types of combinations.  The ingredients used were fresh fruit, so you knew what you were getting since they made it right in front of you.  My all-time favorite even to this day is the Strawberry Banana smoothie.  Every day, either before or after class I would gulp down a large Strawberry Banana smoothie because not only did it taste absolutely delicious, it made me feel good physically and mentally.  Since the life of a college athlete was extremely draining at some points, the small things such as a drink such as a smoothie can really help you get over the hump of a physically draining day. 

Although I do not play baseball anymore at that level, I still work out every day and my taste buds have not changed in regards to my appeal of this fruity delight.  I used to purchase my smoothies from WAWA, but come to find out when I looked up the nutritional value on the computer, a 16 oz. Strawberry Banana smoothie has over 100 grams of sugar, and the strawberry is not real strawberry, but simply artificial syrup that tastes like strawberry. My love for the flavor was right away taken over by the sugar count, so I rationalized in brain that I needed to find something new.

I was in BJ's Wholesale a couple weeks ago, and I came across the drink and company NAKED.  I saw that it had all natural sugars, no GMO's, and no artificial flavors right on the label.  I instantly grabbed the Strawberry Banana flavored smoothie bottle.  A friend of mine posted something on his Facebook this past week about foods and beverages that promote this type of healthy diet, and as a result I referred this product.  What I found out will frighten you:

The company NAKED is owned by PEPSICO(soft drink company we all know and love), and has been sued multiple times over false labels.  Experts have found traces of the products that they blatantly said were not in the smoothie such as GMO’s and artificial sugars.  If you do not believe me, look it up.  The FDA is such a giant bureaucracy in this country, and yet they let things like this slide, but they will deny the use of new cancer treatments or other things that can truly help people.  THIS NEEDS TO STOP!  Your job as a government is to promote the well-being of the people you serve, not lie to them about things.  The Founding Fathers all agreed that government should not be a part of business, you are simply there to protect the people.   As far as I know, money stopped living when you cut down the tree from which it came from.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let There Be Light

Growing up we all were taught about the light bulb going off in our head when we get an idea, but very few understand the true meaning behind it.  Just as I talked about in my blog about quantum computers, electrons exchange a virtual photon from a particle of a higher state to a particle of a lower state when they interact with one another.  This applies to the idea of conservation of energy and conservation of momentum, for the energy is never created nor destroyed it is just transferred through electromagnetism or light from one particle to the next.  When two neurons are communicating with one another, this is exactly what happens.  When two neurons wish to communicate they do so via synapses by means of electromagnetism.  This transmission is guided by the balance of potassium and sodium ions that help enhance the transmission of information via photons.  Information is only shared when the action potential of the receiver is at the highest point, also known as a gamma wave, so the receiver can fully receive the information in a manner that will lead to optimal storage and processing to further the transmission of information to other neurons and eventually your speech or whichever sense the human being wishes to use to express themself.  The better one concentrates on a certain subject, the better the subject will remember the stimuli, as well as the processing power of the local system of the brain of which is stimulated by the subject's stimuli.(Desimone, Robert, MIT)  This principle is also equivalent to that of computers, transistors of a circuit are in direct coordination with one another, and will only send information across transistors when the next can handle the transmission of the previous transistor. 

When the light bulb goes off inside your head, light is actually going off in your head which allows the subject to have conscience thought.  When this concept came to me, I was teaching my 7th grade class about the nervous system for their research paper on whether, "Headphones are a major contributing factor to hearing loss?", and a light bulb went off in my head about the light bulb going off in my head, and I laughed out loud while a picture appeared in my brain. My students asked me why I all of a sudden laughed, so I drew pictures on the board on what I was thinking because if I talked to 7th graders about electrodynamics they would be zone out almost instantly, so I broke it down in terms of pictures and it really made them excited to learn more, and that 2 minute lecture really made my entire day because my happiness comes from others finding happiness.  This concept of neural synchrony and selective attention portrayed by the professor of neuroscience at MIT, made me realize why people excel at one subject while they fall behind in others.  If a subject or person is less interested in a subject, they are more likely to do poorly in the subject because the neurons in your brain react more efficiently to stimuli that interest the subject rather than a subject matter that bores them.  This leads to the idea that constructive conditioning is a great thing for human beings, more specifically children and teenagers.  Young humans are more likely to concentrate on subject matter, and truly reach neural synchrony if the teacher offers a reward for good work such as food, stickers, or prizes.  As adults, these prizes are replaced by money and material worth, but it gets tricky when we discuss what constitutes what the terms of a proper work and reward system is in an economic system, but we will not address that because I’d like to stay on task for this blog.  I hope you enjoyed this blog, please tune in next time for the next blog. 



Desimone, Robert. "Neural Synchrony and Selective Attention." 25 February 2013. 5 April 2010.

The Relativity of Reality

As a sit here on this cool, Saturday night of March 23, 2013, I think about life and the experiences of all the people around me even those I do not know.  I think about the people and experiences that have shaped them into the child, teen, or adult of which they have become.  At the same time, I am thinking about my thesis paper which is, "How did Einstein's life experiences influence his positions on politics, society, and science?"  As I dive into his writings on the matter, I also get side tracked into his scientific work.  I can imagine how the people of his time saw him as a heretic, or crazy, for his theory of relativity leaves the reader in mind-twist thinking about it.  Its elegance, in my opinion, is quite fundamental and easy to understand, for all one needs to know that other than light, things move in a relative velocity to one another which are controlled by the observer or frame of reference, and that the faster an object goes, the slower it moves through time because space is bent in a way that two points in space are closer together in time.  This matter of relatively can be compared to life in general from each of our perspectives. Here's my story:

The observer, you and I, play a significant role in our formation of reality.  I have thought for some time that reality is but an illusion of the human brain computation of light and sound from the observer’s frame of reference. Each of our brains store information in the form of light/electronic information that is processed, stored, and projected out by the way of the eyes through the brain, and each part of the brain has a role in that computation and storage of information much like a computer hard drive.  If we all live in one reality, how can each person’s view on this reality be different than the next?  Let’s look at a relationship between two partners fighting. A couple in a relationship is feuding over the fact that the man held a conversation with an ex at a high school reunion.  From the perspective of the man, he was simply being nice by holding a conversation with this said ex-girlfriend that he shared experiences in life with.  From the girlfriend's perspective, the man is flirting with the woman that he shared past experiences, and it’s obvious because they both are smiling with a positive atmosphere around the two.  Neither the girlfriend or boyfriend is wrong because their version of reality is relative to the world through their eyes, so they both have reason to hold to their beliefs unless of course the past experiences of the girl has made her feel threatened by this social interaction between the boyfriend and any person of the female gender.  This can also be said by the male about the female if she has no grounds to feel that way because he has been nothing but faithful.  In this case, I call this view of reality an altered perception because one's brain rationalizes a situation in a way that contradicts the real truth in the world or of the matter.  

This idea leads me to think about politics.  How can we let a group of rich aristocrats whose version of reality deviates from the average person makes the decisions for those of lesser classes?  We need a balance of people in politics whose reality is comparable to that of the social classes in which are prevalent in society, or just rid the world of social classes’ altogether.  Materialism always caused me to revert back to primitive emotions for the human race has an infatuation with high fashion, material worth, and money when mankind should be judged not by their outward appearance for it grows old over time in terms of physical belongings or physical appearance, but simply by the content of their character and their contribution to the whole in terms of labor and intellect. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

The Challenges of Life: Stepping Up To The Plate & Not Giving Up

Many people in this world fall victim to complacency within their lives, and within their place in society.  They simply fall victim to their own mindset, and societies view on them.  Every once in a while someone walks into their lives and shows them that they really know very little at all about themselves and the things they once thought they knew.  This happened to me yesterday when a friend of mine, who is a junior physics major at a university close to my home in South Jersey, came to my house to hang out and just talk with a white board infront of us.  We both took turns showing each other what we've been working on and thinking about though he has more physical and academic results than I do for he has credibility in this world and i do not.  We worked together through an internship this summer at our fathers' job at the Millville Airport, more specifically a company called Dallas AirMotive.  My father is a Jet Engine Mechanic who works on corporate aircraft such as SPEY's, TAY's, PT-6'S, JT-15's, and so on while my friend's father run's the business side of the equation, but once was a mechanic himself.  We spent day's working on different upgrade projects throughout the plant, but we had plenty of time to discuss life, philosophy, and of course physics.  He has a very mathematical and hands on mindset, while I see more pictures and concepts from reading books and I have the ability to learn things once and never forget them(people are envious of me for this gift, and sometimes I wish I never had it).  The information I get from reading is turned into pictures and concepts in my brain which lead onto other ideas, while he dives into his math and physics courses.  We sat down yesterday, and chatted for a few hours on topics in physics and philosophy, he made things very clear to me as some people do, my mind is wondering off further than my mathematical background has progressed.  Here is my story that i've learned:

My mathematical career started off great, i had gotten all A's and B's in mathematics until 10th grade when I took Geometry.  While going to public school, you learn that not all people in school actually care about learning, which was quite the shock for me.  Even though I loved socializing I always knew that an education was the only way to get anywhere in life.  Geometry for the most part was pretty fundamental and easy, but certain things were a little difficult to understand, and if the teacher knew enough and understood the math enough, they could easily explain it someone and anyone.  My teacher was just like her students, and would rather gossip with students than teach.  In certain situations an concepts, I would challenge her authority, and say "please show that again, you’re not making any sense."  She took that as blatant criticism, while I was just being honest with the woman that I could not understand the way she was teaching the concepts and principles.  A good teacher from my experiences as a substitute, is one that can break things down in a variety of different ways, so that each student can learn the material in a way that complements them as an individual.  This takes a serious amount of patience which not all people have, but if one is to teach in such an environment, one must learn to have a patient mindset.  As the year went on, she started making fun of me just as the other students had done because she just thought I was just some punk who was trying to be funny, but I seriously just wanted help(her perception of me was wrong).  I was called Harry Potter for I wore glasses and had long hair, and was a bit delinquent in my physical development.  The teacher also spent more time selling her daughter's Girl Scout cookies than teaching mathematics.  This immaturity of my classmates and the teacher drove me to hate math, and life in general.  As a result, I gave up on the subject, and really life in general after sophomore year because of the cruelty and immaturity of people.  The next year i went back to Algebra 2 which was extremely easy for me, but once again most of the class could care less about the subject.  The teacher always asked me why I don't try harder because you’re so smart Sean, you actually get it while no one else does.  I simply would lie and say why does any of this matter? But, in my head pictures of sophomore Year kept on popping up in my head.

 Nowadays, I am 23 years old, spending day and night learning all the math I missed out in high school because of the fact that people are so cruel and immature.  My ideas are way above the mathematics in which I know.  I am on a slow, strenous process towards learning complex mathematics due to my teenage years of being beaten down because of others immaturity.  Sometimes my mind fights itself all the time on whether to give up on a dream that makes me so happy to chase, or to become that complacent individual who just fits in like 1 piece of the 7 billion piece puzzle we call mankind.  Can I be the digital and analogous piece all at the same time.  All I know is, I never again will give up on something I care so deeply about, and that is life, the universe, and my role as a human being in the whole scheme of things even if I am the only person that will listen to my own thoughts.  If you do not believe in yourself, who else will believe in you? 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Religion and Forgiveness

Throughout history, religion has caused great turmoil between people, countries, and cultures, but has also brought all walks of life to come together under one belief, and that is the belief in the all-mighty. In my opinion, I believe all human beings are free to practice and believe in whatever their minds rationalize as their all-mighty.  Nowadays, people and governments tried to indoctrinate everyone to believe that certain religions are evil in nature, but that’s far from the truth.  Our founding fathers wrote our Constitution with the ideology that each citizen of this great country is free to practice any religion that one choices.  That principle is one of the most important ideologies that the Bill of Rights has to offer, one can express themselves in whatever way they please. 

I see my mind as a sponge, and i try to soak everything that i can take in no matter how farfetched the ideas may be because i enjoy listening to people’s thoughts and experiences that have shaped them into the person they have become.  There is this Indian gentlemen that owns a thrift shop down the street from me, and every once in a while I’ll drive down the street to pick his brain about his life and his beliefs and usually buy something in the proccess.  He is a practicing Hindu, and even though I do not practice Hinduism, I still go into every situation with an open mind because I feel as though i can learn from anyone and everyone.  One day we started talking about his religion, and the fact that he was upset that my visits to his shop have been few and infrequent.  I apologized for my lack of visits, but soon turned the conversation back to his religion.  He preached to me that Hinduism is based on the principles of non-violent action and lifestyle.  He indicated to me that his religion believed that life is precious, and anything that has life should be treated with respect.  He even went on to say that even life as small as an ant should be treated with the same respect as one's family.  This ideology really made me open my eyes to the way I approached things in my own life.  Do I show that same respect for life no matter the size, intelligence, or relationship to me?  In the end, I take what I learn, and replace it with my old beliefs that I have rendered obsolete. 

This past weekend, I met a group of individuals from Saudi Arabia in University City in Philadelphia.  When I go to the bar, I'd rather socialize with interesting people than get drunk.  They are all studying the English language.  Each of them is in their first semester here in America, and they told me they love it here for the most part.  The conversation began with me asking why they were in the United States because they were all either engineers or architects.  They all indicated that they were eager to learn our language which really inspired me considering they were speaking fluent English after only starting to learn it 2 months prior.  It made me realize that hard work and dedication to a goal can really do wonders for one's ambition.  I then went on to discuss with a chemical engineer about the power of water as an energy source, and we both had a lot to offer one another because I really am not too good with my hands, but I will give everything my best effort and over a period of time I succeed.  As the conversation progressed, I heard a few people in the group discussing something in another language, so i asked the chemical engineer if the language they were speaking was Arabic.  He nodded yes, and i went on to say that the language and accent really had me mesmerized because it gets old listening to the same accents and dialects everyday here in America.  We went on to talk about oil, and how it is truly a productive and efficient energy source due to the energy you get per volume of content, but agreed it was unhealthy at the same time.  As the conversation progressed, I asked him if it’s true that Saudi oil was really the purest in the world, and he answered by saying no, it’s second to the oil of Syria.  I went on to say hmmm, that’s very interesting since we are now giving aide in Syria and now I know why.  I also asked if Saudi's oil reserves were really the biggest in the world, but once again I was wrong.  He indicated to me that I was misinformed, and that America had to the largest oil deposits on Earth.  After this thought, we moved onto religion and politics.  We both agreed that ignorance of others cultures leads to misconceptions of the truth.  We as human beings are all the same, even though we are taught to believe otherwise.  I went on to talk about a game that we played as young children.  We would play a game where the teacher would give one person a sentence to say, and the statement had to make its way by word of mouth around the room.  By the time it got to the end, the original statement changed completely.  I connected this idea with religion by saying that when you try to preserve ideologies and lessons portrayed in any religious book have it be the Koran, the Torah, or the Bible, time, humans, and language translation can simply change religious writings over thousands of year.  Regardless of this, religion has one goal: to give its followers life lessons to help live a virtuous life free of sin, but as humans we all sin in life regardless of how virtuous one may be.

These conversations lead me to my own Christian faith that I was raised on.  Christianity preaches that the key to overcoming your sins is to confess them to the Lord, and in turn, he shall forgive them.  My aunt is extremely religious, but she does not follow by this Christian principle of forgiveness.  She dwells on the past faults of others; instead of forgiving them for their action the past cannot be changed.  Even though this is an extreme case, and not everyone lives like that it got me thinking nonetheless.  People tend to dwell on the wrongdoings of others for days, months, or even years, rather than forgiving them, and moving on.  Life is too short to dwell on the sins that others committed in the past, so why do people live their life with resentment of others, when the main teaching of the Christian faith is forgiveness?

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Implications of Quantum Computing

Over the past half century, computers have significantly revolutionized the world around us.  Computers were originally linked to mathematicians who spent hours, days, months, or even years calculating information.  Since their only job was to compute numbers for a living, they were subsequently referred to as "computers."  The definition of a modern computer is simply this: a machine that can take a set of instructions through a variety of different systems of coding, and process the computations based upon the user’s instructions.  Computer technology began with huge rooms full of computers found in places like NASA that had significantly less computational power than your modern day PlayStation 3.  Nowadays, as most know, we find computers embedded in our daily lives from the smart phones we all treasure, to devices such as GPS units and ATM machines.  Each takes a set of instructions through a user interface which dictates data entry and display, and through an operating system that coordinates hardware, which deals with memory and computational power, and software which are programs that have a set of instructions that tell the user what to do, spits out a solution to the function you wish to perform.  At an ATM, the function you wish to perform is capital withdrawal, capital deposit, and even just simply receiving a statement that indicates your account balance.  Smart phones and laptops are a little more complex in which the user gives the computer a set of instructions, and one by one the computer spits out solutions that reflect the set of instructions that the user wishes to receive. 

Over the past 50 years, the computational power of computers has since exploded.  Moore's law, named after Intel co-founder Gordon E. Moore, indicates that computational power of computers doubles roughly every 2 years or so, or as some refer to it as "the 18th months law."  He proposed this idea back in a 1965 paper on computer technology and computational power.  The law refers to the amount of memory, processing power, and speed at which a computer can operate.  It is also an indication of the amount of pixels a digital picture can have which we can visualize when we look at the progression of our televisions in terms of the brightness and clear picture we see through our high definition televisions.  In the end, the race was on to see how many transistors one could fit on a single circuit to increase the overall power of a system have it be a cell phone, laptop, or tablet.  I read last year that a silicon transistor was made that was 1 electron across measuring at about 1.5 nanometers.  According to leading experts in computer technology though, the doubling power of computational power and memory will soon slowdown in 2013, and computer power will only double every 3 years or so in classical computing.

Now we move onto the future of computational technology in terms of quantum processing.  Quantum computers are measured in what is referred to as qubits.  Binary code, the code used to write commands for hardware is a system of 1's and 0's, meaning that the information in there or it is not there.  Computer engineers use complex algorithms to write code that goes into making commands for our classical computational devices.  The theory of quantum computing states that bits of information can be found in both x=|1>and x=|0>, and both x=|1>,|0> at the same time, or it’s in spin up and spin down simultaneously.  X refers to the qubits of information within binary code.  Physicists use the term bits to describe information on a quantum scale.  Quantum computing uses super positioned qubits that are in the same quantum state: either the angular momentum or (p) is in spin up and spin down in a wave function.  The goal of a quantum information system is to entangle qubits in a closed and bounded system, so that information is sent instantaneously across qubits.  It is quite difficult to maintain such a system due to thermal interference, therefore many experimental quantum computers are kept underground using super-conductors at low temperatures near or close to absolute zero or 0 degrees kelvin.  Experimenters use super-cooled helium as a medium to help resolve the thermal interference, or what is referred to as decoherence.  In quantum electrodynamics, when electrons or any quantum particle for that matter come in close contact with one another, the two particles or collection of particles exchange a virtual photon with one another, and the state of  each particle goes from a higher state of energy(excited) to one of a lower state of energy determined by which particle gives of the photon, and vice-versa.  This is referred to as a probabilistic wave function, which is how a classic computer works by determining the probability that bits of information will be exchanged from one atom to the next using transistors within a given circuit. Since one can only look at an object or particle using light which takes time to view, quantum processing says that the particles in a close and bounded system share information instantly, but because the observer must use light to see the exchange take place, the wave function is probabilistic from an outside observer looking in on the system rather than it being instantly occurring.  As of last week, I read an article in some scientific journal or magazine(the name is not as important as the advances the experimenters made in quantum processing) that a group of scientists were able to make a successful application of quantum entanglement at room temperature with over a billion particles being in the same state for 1 second before the states of each particle collapsed into unlike states, which caused the quantum process to fall apart.  This was such a remarkable achievement, and I truly applaud them for such advancement in the field.

So what are the implications of such processing power for the future?  First and for most, once companies and governments are able to harness the full potential of such computational power and memory, a single quantum computer will be able to process the entire amount of information on the Internet almost instantly.  This means that a single computer will be able to process and spit out every bit of information about everyone and everything on the planet almost instantly.  The only type of computer that breaks a complex algorithm of a quantum computer is another quantum computer with equal or great computational power.  This leaves the average person completely exposed to anyone with this type of computer.  All your personal information will be instantly obtained and embedded within the memory of the quantum processor for anyone with access to the computer to see and use.  At the same time, we will be able to keep our nation's power grids, Internet capabilities, and satellite operations essentially safe from external hackers as long as we are one step of their quantum processor.  THE RACE IS ON TO A COMPUTER DOMINATED WORLD, where 500 qubits of information is equal to 2^500 power of bits of information which absolutely absurd to think about it in terms of memory and processing power.  This calculation is due to the logarithm 2^n which is 2 the power of the amount of bits of information in a closed system. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Altered States of Consciousness: My Journey Through a Black Hole

Meditation is a key part of my life nowadays.  My life has been very busy these days, so it leaves my brain all over the place throughout the day.  I use meditation to help focus my mind on specific topics especially when pondering the world of Astronomy and Physics.  I am able to truly reach a meditated state when I work out and when I am lying in bed at night when I am able to focus my mind on one thing, and my mind works in a way that scares me and excites me simultaneously.  Every time I am able to reach this meditated state I find that my mind diverges on one thing.  The location in time and space leaves my body entering a black hole, and so the journey begins.

Reaching this state of altered consciousness can be very difficult, and if I wish to reach such a state I truly have to erase every thought that enters my brain.  Once I reach such a state, I can finally begin leaving my reality on Earth, and find myself converging on a black hole.  As I approach the black hole, my body starts to move faster and faster around the black hole as I inch closer and closer to the event horizon or circumference/perimeter of the black hole.  This is often referred to as the point of no return.  As I become deeper and deeper in thought, the picture in my mind becomes more and more vivid and detailed.  Finally, after a few moments in real time which could be many, many years in my dreams, I finally reach the event horizon, and things become very bizarre.  As I enter the black hole, my body starts to become stretched which is referred to is spaghettification.  Basically, as an object is pulled by the infinite force of gravity at the singularity, the object is ripped apart as a result.  The part of the object (my body) that is closer to the singularity (point of infinite density and gravity at the bottom of the black hole) begins to be pulled harder that the object that is farthest away from the singularity (my head).  As my body is ripped apart atom by atom, I start to see my body not like it was before, but I start seeing a serious of numbers that rush by through my mental picture.  The series of numbers I see are 1's and 0's, which in the computer world is known as binary code.  I start to see my body not as it was, but as information in a quantum state.  My mind is now consumed by the thought of finally reaching the bottom, and finally knowing what is at the end of the road. 

I finally reach the bottom.  As the density of the concentrated bits of energy increases in the Planck scale at the singularity, my mind waits in excitement for what happens next.  You'll find out in my next blog.  See you next time for the rest of the story. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Presidential Position Through My Eyes

When one engages anyone on the topic of politics, one will always get a variety of different thoughts, reactions, and opinions based upon another person’s life experience, personality, and what they are fed from other people both on television or everyday life.  Most of their opinions are quite selfish considering one is simply one of 300 million people that our government, in particular, our president must consider when he constructs a plan to move our country from the present time into the future.  My whole life I’ve pondered what it would be like to be the President of the United States, but I grew up a very shy and timid child due to my general personality as well as a few childhood events that made me that way, but I was always taught by my parents that with hard work, a good education, and upholding good morals throughout everything you do in life will bring great success to me in whatever I shall do in my life.  As the president of the United States, If I did anything for the people of the United States, It would be to try to the best of my abilities to instill these principles back into our society, for those were the principles that made this country the greatest country on Earth.  Over the last generation, these ideas have put on the backburner, but they have not been lost forever.  We as human beings are inherently born with the pre-disposition to know right from wrong.  If you put a baby in front of a TV and you show someone hurting another person, then the baby will show signs of emotion that dictate that the action is wrong because the baby shows signs of emotion that dictate that.  The same applies when a baby is shown something good such as a person helping another person, the baby will show positive emotion.  These concept show that all people, or all human beings, are born knowing right from wrong, but it is simply their experiences through life that condition their behavior as they move through their life.  As president of the United States, I will return the principles of this great nation to what they once were: a nation that raises people to work hard, have a good education, and provide all with the opportunity to succeed in life.  This task will not be easy, for there are people in this world or even in this nation that do not wish for this to happen, but I have learned this in my 23 years on this great Earth: when someone tells you to give up or that you are not good enough, you tell them that you will prove them wrong.  Simply put, if you put your mind to any task and see it through until the end, you can accomplish any goal that you want to. 

                Education of our youth is the most important concept in the entire world.  Starting from the parents, pre-school, elementary school, junior high, high school, and even college, children must be pushed to their limits and motivated to achieve success to the best of their abilities regardless of their intelligence.  I continually say this to people that I meet, everyone is put on this earth for a purpose, everyone has a role to play in society and regardless of what that role is you will always be successful if you work hard.  Hard work is not something that is talked about.  Hard work is putting words into action to show the world, your friends, your family, your “haters” that you will succeed regardless of what anyone in your life says.  With a free, public education that provides students of all walks of life the opportunity from a young age to be able to learn as much as they can handle.  At the same time, we need to provide our youth with as many different opportunities as possible which include extra-curricular activities; so that our youth can experiment with different hobbies until they find something that they enjoy doing.  When our youth find something that they are good at, it surely will take their mind off the negativity that surrounds each and every one of us.  I understand that everything costs money, but to build a foundation for our countries future you must start in the present to ensure that our youth have a bright and successful future.  Success starts at home.  The parents of this great nation need to start taking more initiative with their children’s educational success.  As parents, one must push your children to their limits for if you just do enough to get by, we will just be a society of people who just do enough to get by rather a society of over-achievers.  No matter the social status of people in this country, we as human beings are born with the greatest tool in this world, and that is the human brain, so fill it with as much information as it can handle.

                A healthy diet can lead to a healthy, life.  One must see the body as a machine and food as the oil that makes the machine work.  If you do not give the machine the proper energy source to maintain at a high-efficiency, it will eventually never work properly.  In my opinion, this applies to people and their diet.  We must change this lifestyle in America where we are all addicted to food that only hurts our body.  Starting in schools, we must get rid of all the food choices that can hurt our youth.  I will never tell anyone what they should or should not eat outside of school, but if you do not start somewhere, than change and progress will never occur.  We need to get rid of all processed food in our public school systems, and implement a menu that caters to the fundamental necessities that build a strong mind.  With a strong mind, each student will have the tools necessary to build a strong body.  For instance, schools need to provide students with 100% real meat with no additives, for when I was in school, I would eat chicken patties that would have bones in them or random colors that absolutely frightened me.  In my opinion, this is unacceptable.  We also need to encourage our youth at a young age to drink water.  Our bodies are made of mostly water, so we really should only drink water, but schools should provide other healthy beverages because this is a free country where we are free to do as we please, but there is nothing wrong with a little encouragement from parents, guardians, and role models in society.  In the end, be the change in yourself that you wish to instill in society.

                College is becoming way too expensive.  Our countries debt is concentrated on college loans. Universities have no incentive to make tuition cheaper simply because our student loans are paid for by the government, then we pay back the government for the rest of our lives.  In this day and age, it is almost impossible to get a better paying job without a college education unless of course one is looking to go into a trade.  We as a country need to devise a plan to help lower the cost of college, so that our citizens and our nation do not live their entire life consumed by debt because we wish to better ourselves with higher education.  Nationalizing college education is an extreme measure, but it will certainly lower the cost of college because it will turn college into a right rather than a privilege for everyone.  Society evolves overtime, and so should educational opportunity.  Fifty years ago, an individual did not need a college education to get a good job, but in reality, today’s world requires almost everyone to have a college education.  Education should not be seen as a business, but a right for every single person on this Earth.  Some people wish to keep society un-educated for an un-educated person is more likely to be complacent which will allow others to control their thoughts and opinions.  I wish to live in a society that encourages free-thinking because we need more thinkers.  Thinking is the most important thing for your brain, for if we do not think we will never evolve as a society. 

                A countries national defense is a very important part of keeping the people of our country safe from any threat.  My issue with our countries national defense is this: people think simply because we create new weapons technology that we must use them to justify their creation.  This is not necessary for simply knowing we have them will bring comfort to our citizens.  Killing people just to show our might is simply barbaric, and shows a primitive mindset.  We do not need to go around the world beating our chest by blowing up everything and everyone that talk against us for everyone has a right to an opinion.  Look at North Korea for example.  The leader of that nation looks like a fool for wanting to blow people up just to show the world he can, not because anyone ever did everything to the nation.  He’d rather build nuclear bombs than feed his people.  I would never want to do that to the people of the United States.  We are taught as children that violence only leads to more violence, so why do adults in this country believe war will stop war from happening.  We as people are born with the ability to think logically, and we are born with the ability to communicate to solve our issues, so why do we feel the need to use death, fear, and destruction to make change in the world.  Once again, be the change you wish to see in society.  By the way our national defense budget is more than most continents which is really upsetting to think about.  We do not need war to help build a larger economy.

                I understand politics can be a ruthless game in the eyes of the citizens of the United States, but without the people the politicians would never be in office.  This country has stopped listening to the cries of its people, but has focused solely on the all-mighty dollar sign.  Money is what makes the world go round, but it is not what defines each and every one of us as a person.  What defines you as a person is your character.  Each one of us should look in the mirror and ask ourselves, are we truly living up to our fullest potential?  When my mother got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in 2011, it was the hardest moment of my entire life.  My best friend, my mother, and my rock was now sick with a disease that could potentially take her life.  At the moment, I told myself to look in the mirror and to ask myself, “What are you going to do if she dies?  She’s not going to be here forever Sean, so what are you going to do to make sure that you’re ready to survive on your own? I took that experience, that dark hour in my life, and said to myself, “You must take this opportunity to take your life to the next level, and to show the world your true potential.”  I am living proof that if you set your mind to anything, no matter how crazy or farfetched it could be in the eyes of others, anything is possible.  Thank you for your time.


Sean Kennedy


Thursday, March 7, 2013

ObamaCare Aims at Penalizing Smokers

         Growing up, we are all taught that smoking is one of the most detrimental things for our health.  As some people mature, they begin smoking simply because they like the feeling, or they think it is the “cool” thing to do.  As smokers continue to smoke at a young age, they begin to build an addiction to this cancer stick all at the same time they know that it can lead to health issues, and even death depending on your frequency and longevity of use, as well as their genes.  According to Michio Kaku’s book “Physics of the Future”, he indicated that one gene mutates every 10 cigarettes you smoke.  Subsequently, it may take thousands of cigarettes in one’s lifetime to cause enough genetic mutations to cause cigarette - related cancer.  This does not include second hand smoke, which according to experts is even worse for a human than actually smoking a cigarette.  So, what is going on with ObamaCare and cigarettes?  According to a variety of sources, ObamaCare is trying to get people to quit smoking by fining or penalizing smokers over the age 55 at least $4000 a year if they are known to be a smoker.  

The topic of charging individuals who smoke a penalty for their addiction has both its negatives and positives.  Let’s begin by discussing the negatives of the idea of penalizing individuals who smoke.  First of all, if you are to implement such a statute, one must simply make cigarettes illegal altogether, or create even higher taxes on companies who make, distribute, and sell tobacco.  Secondly, we are all given the right to freedom of choice, and the government should not try to get into our private affairs, and tell us what we can and cannot do especially after tobacco has been legal and widely used for a long-period of time.  If the government is going to keep cigarettes legal and penalize users, don’t you think they should penalize those who are in the supply chain from business-to-consumer.  Does the penalty apply to the government because new laws such as this have a recurring theme which is that the government is exempt from things that the citizens are not which is against the U.S. Constitution.

Although there are a variety of negative affects to this bill, there are some positives to the bill.  First of all, if you create a penalty on cigarettes, it may entice smokers to quit their deadly habit.  It will provide our nation with cleaner air to breathe which will decrease the amount of second hand smoke although the Earth rotates which cause air to flow with it, we may still get smoke from other parts of the world.   In addition, if people stop smoking, the cardiovascular and respiratory health of this nation would improve as a result, leading to less health issues which will in turn make our country in less debt for our self-inflicted health problems and healthcare costs. 

In the end, if this penalty is to go into law, the American citizens should not be the only one’s affected by the stipulations.  Eventually, cigarettes should become illegal, and the multi-billion dollar business that makes cancer in a white stick should be eliminated from the U.S, but this is the U.S. government we’re talking about here so the people are probably the only individuals who will be affected.  Never BIG BUSINESS.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

War Mongering is More Important Than The Education Of Our Youth according to President Obama and his Cronies


Over my lifetime I have been taught that American is the greatest country on Earth due the freedoms that we possess as citizens because of the Constitution that our founders worked hard to create.  We are born with inalienable rights as human beings to live free and prosper with hard work, and a good education.  Our founding fathers passed the Bill of Rights to make sure that no citizen's rights shall be infringed upon, so long as they shall live and breathe in this country.  As I have grown into a young adult, my view of this country has gone from an innocent boy who believed that my government was truly the best in the world, to a man who's ideology has changed.  As a boy, I was naive to what the television and our government has told us.  Our government is simply a war mongering group that uses our freedom to endeavor in every countries business that we feel we need to change.  While they tell us we are fighting these wars for our freedom, they are taking our money and creating a perpetual war machine that is trying to take over the world while at the same time feeding its people lies along the way.  The average person does not know how much money that our government and big business has made in precious natural resources over in Afghanistan, yet our government is in debt to China for trillions of dollars.  We are hindering on the rights of people all over the world, making innocent human beings fear for their lives through cowardly drone attacks, now American citizens must fear for their lives if Obama passes a law permitting the use of DRONE ATTACKS ON AMERICAN CITIZENS.  On top of that, they give billions of dollars in subsidies to investment banks whose sole purpose in this world is to make money, so why do they need money from our government to survive. Why, because they bet the whole ranch on risky investments knowing that if they fail they will still get free money from the government.  While our government spends more and more money on advanced technological weapons and to BIG BANKS and CORPORATIONS who do not need it (we are a capitalist economy are we not? It's survival of the fittest in business) they are cutting funding for the most important thing in the entire world, education of our youth.  So why may I ask you Mr. Obama, do you feel the need to cut funding from our youth's education, yet continue to give billions of dollars to create things whose sole purpose is to take the lives of other people, while getting rid of appropriations that go towards enriching the lives of our youth, the most innocent and precious thing in the entire world.  Ohh yeah I forget, giving someone a free public education does not make you any money in the near future, so why not cut it? I guess he does not care about the youth of this country; he'd rather pass laws allowing him to kill anyone that speaks against him, and his cronies.When you came into office you criticized Bush for his war mongering actions, yet you have taken it a step further with your own.     YOU ARE TRYING TO TAKE AWAY EVERYTHING THAT HAS MADE THIS COUNTRY GREAT.  YOU HAD ME FOOLED MR. PRESIDENT, but you cannot hide behind that ability to talk any longer.  Every human being on this earth deserves the inalienable right to live a free life without worry of their government trying to tighten its grip on society.  Why don't you come on television, and explain to us why you feel the need to pass a law that allows you to kill at will any AMERICAN CITIZEN you feel is a threat to your power without due process of law?  YET YOU COME ON TELEVISION TO DISCUSS GUN CONTROL OF YOUR CITZENS WHILE YOU’RE TRYING TO PASS A LAW THAT ALLOWS YOU TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE. IF YOU PASS THIS LAW, YOU WILL BE JUST LIKE THOSE HORRIBLE PEOPLE WHO TOOK THE LIVES OF THOSE INNOCENT MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN IN THE PAST YEAR IN COLORADO, CONNECTICUT, AND ANY OTHER INCIDENT WHERE AN INNOCENT LIFE HAS BEEN TAKEN, BUT DID NOT MAKE IT TO THE HEADLINE NEWS BECAUSE IT WASN'T IN YOUR BEST INTEREST TO DO SO.  My generation is onto the US government's ruthless war mongering actions that are hidden behind the thought of making this world more safe from terrorists when you are the one's this world needs to worry about.  War and terror will never fix anything, and it obviously hasn't if you look at the past or know anything about it.  Instead of focusing on inflicting fear into the lives of people all over the world, why not try to enrich the world with free education, instead of cutting money from the most important thing in the entire world, FILLING EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING'S BRAIN WILL INFORMATION THAT WILL BE USEFUL FOR THEIR SUCCESS IN LIFE WHILE THEIR ON THIS GREAT EARTH.